Why Is Pandora So Expensive

Pandora is a very popular music streaming service right now. Like other major music services, you can purchase Pandora credits through the app which can be used to listen to music for free.

However, unlike the rest of the big music services, you cannot buy Pandora Gold or Premier accounts because those offer full access to all of the features offered by the app.

Instead, you must use your regular account as a start. Once you have created an account, linked it to your phone number, and bought some Pandora credits through the app you will be able to finally listen to music!

This article will go over why is is so expensive to subscribe to Pandora and how it can be costed easily.

Premium content

why is pandora so expensive

Premium content is an increasingly prominent theme in music streaming. Most premium content is audio, with a few mp3s or ebooks.

Paid services will often offer some kind of premium content for free, but it will be limited. For example, a free full length album may come with some kind of bonus material like a music video or remix.

Some material is even restricted to certain platforms such as vinyl or digital downloads. As soon as the new platform launches, the paid version will be released too!

When it comes to music, there are some things you should avoid.

Small audience

If you look at popularity statistics for music apps, Pandora appears to be very popular. However, if you go to the Apple or Google Play Store it seems that only a few thousand people have it installed.

This is noticeable when looking up data on the app using your phone’s built in app store. Once installed, the app appears to be very popular as there are many who have it!

This is not true power leveling for the app as it does not power up without your input, however, this can be a marketing tactic to get you to download and use the app.

If you want more music or want a better Pandora experience, there are many other apps for sale that have more data.


why is pandora so expensive

You can disable ads in Pandora by going to your Account Settings, clicking onprivacy and confidentiality, and choosing not to allow advertising.

This is a difficult setting to find and change, so if you choose not to allow advertising, be sure to check out the next paragraph for an alternative cost savings tool.

When you turn off advertising, another company named Pandora will take over your account. This company will charge you more money and generate more revenue than the one we just eliminated the ad support from.

Limited device support

why is pandora so expensive

If you want to listen to Pandora on your television, you’ll need a special set of speakers or headphones. You can’t just turn your headphones on and off to change songs, either!

You can only have one Pandora account on your device. So, if you want to add another Pandora account as a companion app on your device, you’ll have to transfer the app from your computer to your device.

This is limited compared to apps like Spotify, where you can add additional accounts directly from the app. Having two Pandora accounts is cost prohibitive for most of us!

Another limitation is that only Windows-based devices support Pandora.

Difficult to use

why is pandora so expensive

There are many ways to listen to Pandora. You can either download the app for iOS or Android, or you can actually connect your Pandora account to your Spotify account. Either way, you will need to set up an account first.

When you do this, it will ask if you want to manage your preferences. If you do not usePandora very often, then you can turn off the auto-update feature.

This is how people who operate their own Pandora accounts manage their preferences.

Skips are ads

why is pandora so expensive

If you’re a listener of Pandora, you probably listen to the channel by sliding a disc or playing a song off an album. That is why it is called Pandora! You listen to it on your computer, on your phone, or in your headphones.

You are paying for this service by buying the song or disc you want to listen to. You can buy them online, in stores, or even over the internet.

But there is a catch: They are only sold as singles and not together as albums. This is because they consider one single too expensive compared to the rest of the set.

If you buy an album with all of its songs on it, it would be too expensive in comparison to just buying one song per item.

Poor audio quality

why is pandora so expensive

Though the audio quality is great on Pandora, there are some things you should know about. If you are a sound quality fan, you will love Pandora because of the crisp and clear audio.

However, if you are not a fan of the sound quality, you may want to look away due to the high cost. Because of the high cost, many people choose to leave Pandora off their phones unless they have a really good connection.

You can buy a Bluetooth earbud that gives you poor audio if you want, but then you have to buy a new earbud which is another purchase. Or you can buy an app called Goodband Connect that gives you good audio without having to connect it to your phone or device.

Device crashes

why is pandora so expensive

While playing Pandora, you might find yourself wishing that there was a way to disable the music or have less noise-making devices blocked.

The music app doesn’t work with phones that are running Android 4.0 or below. Many newer phones do not support the app because of a bug or incompatibility.

Since 2014, the app has been available for iPhone and iPad versions, but only through the Apple App Store. These versions do not have access to Pandora’s online music database, which is why they cost more than mobile phone apps.

Because of this, iPhone and iPad users who spend a lot may want to look at buying a Pandora Premium Membership as opposed to just the single music app.