Why Is Montana So Expensive

Missoula, Montana is a city of around 60,000 people located in the beautiful but expensive region of the Big Sky highlands in northwest Montana.

It’s home to several big name companies including Broadway Broadband, Casino Montcalm, Eastman Kodak, and Verizon Wireless. With so many companies and such a tall Comcast Cable Tower in the middle of town, it can be hard to tell what you’ll be paying for.

But let’s not talk about that right now! Back to our present topic of money!

Why Is Montana So Expensive?

The biggest reason why Missoula is expensive is because of how rural it is. Most people who move to Missoula aren’t looking for a quiet life where you don’t see or hear anything for hours on end. They are looking for the excitement of higher prices, more diversity in prices, and more exclusive neighborhoods.

These people need to open their eyes—they are very isolated with their choices until they move out-of-state or farther away in order to find someone more affordable.

Population, population, population

the most important fact about population data is that it’s not population data. It’s money data! Population numbers mean money.


Tourism is a large driver of cost in many areas of the world. In many cases, tourism is expensive! Many destinations are taking advantage of people with little or no travel experience and selling them expensive experiences.

Many places have eye-watering prices for things like transportation, lodging, and dining. This can be appealing as it gives you more opportunity to save money and find quality quality of life items you may not find at your local store.

However, they need to be careful about how much they advertise these things. You should never be ashamed to say that you are vacationing in that place because it is good food!

If you were planning a high-traveled destination visit, make sure you are able to afford your trip.

Natural beauty

There’s something beautiful about a large mountain range bustling with life. Surrounded by wilderness, you can enjoy hiking, skiing, and riding the outdoorsy lifestyle.

However, if you’re looking to live in a more affordable region, then you’re in luck because Montana is a fantastic state to reside in. From the high mountains to the lowlands, there are many things to see and do.

One of the biggest reasons why Montana is so expensive is because of all of the things that people want to buy there. From new cars to houses, there is a lot out there for people to purchase.

This has led to some ridiculous prices when it comes to things like food, clothing, and housing. People are buying places at a fast pace though and out of their hands before they even get around to opening them.


Despite its small size, Montana is home to some amazing things. There are so many sights and experiences to experience in this state, that it is a challenge just to categorized them all!

For example, you cannot help but notice the abundance of waterfalls and mountains throughout the state. Or how abundant nature is in every corner of your community.

Some people even call Montana The Grand Canyon Of The Rockies, because of all the beautiful features that reside here.

Besides all the natural features, there are also many cultural ones that people visit and admire in this state. From beautiful vistas like the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore to more subtle features like rivers and forests that line the landscape.

There are many things to see and experience in Montana, whether it be within a city or large metropolitan area. This can make it hard to decide on where to go for vacation.

Cost of land

As mentioned earlier, land is very expensive in Montana. This is mainly due to the high cost of private land and the low cost of public land.

Public land can be costly to purchase as it can be a long time to wait for a map and charge to determine where you can use it. While there are some locations listed, you still have to pay for it!

Private land can also be expensive depending on where you look. Some places such as Yellowstone National Park are considered national land which means there is more cost involved.

As we mentioned before, more wilderness areas are being created nationwide so if you are looking at wilderness areas, they may not be very affordable considering the size of the property you need.

Cost of construction

Construction is a costlier way to go. Even though the construction industry is growing, the cost of construction is rising due to increasing technology and materials.

In order for a site plan to be used in construction, it must be approved by a national or international agency. This means that there are quality checks made before a site plan is used in construction.

Because of the higher technology required in construction, the salaries are higher than in other fields.

Cost of labor

Another big reason why Montana is so expensive is because of the cost of labor. As mentioned above, the cost of a new vehicle is high. The cost of car repairs, gas expenses, and insurance charges make the price feel more serious than it really is.

As a result, fewer people buy cars and vehicles and invest in their personal finances. Fortunately, with more affordable car prices, you can make up for some of the less efficient spending.

Another reason why car prices are expensive is because there are many new cars being sold. When people buy cars as a way to getting expensive features on a vehicle, they have to pay for them previously.

This can be problematic because you may live with the person until you get some payment down or because the seller doesn’t want you anymore. If they’re taking out loans for new vehicles to acquire these features, this may also be affecting their quality when it comes to paying for them.

Government taxes and fees

As mentioned earlier, Montana is expensive. Some of these taxes and fees are chargeable to all residents, so if you are not wealthy, you should take some of these measures seriously.

We discuss this in more detail in the next bullet point.

However, there are certain government charges and taxes that are exclusively charged to those with high incomes or large businesses. This is a shame as it diminishes the value of the other citizens in Montana, who must pay for this additional expense for only a limited time.

Government charges and taxes can be confusing to understand. Some people even take a couple of times to watch television or read a book on them before they realize what they are paying for.

This article will discuss some of the charges and taxes that affect everyday citizens, as well as give some tips on how to keep track of them.