Why Is Maui So Expensive

Maui is a large, beautiful island in the South Pacific. It’s known for its top notch white sandy beaches, warm waters, and tropical nature.

On Maui, you can spend your days in the surf or in the trees! There are two main ways to travel to Maui, both of which are expensive. You can fly into Maui International Airport (MAA) and take a taxi or car ride to your hotel or destination location, or you can fly into Kapalua Airport (HIL) and take a taxi or car ride to your destination location.

The second method is the more cost-effective way to travel. The total journey time is slightly longer with the second method, but it is definitely safer with pre-made flights available.


High cost of living

Maui is very expensive compared to the rest of the US. This is mainly due to its large population of wealthy residents.

Maui has several high cost areas such as major hotels, shopping, and other community centers. Because these areas are expensive, there are a lot of people on Maui.

There are also a lot of luxury properties on Maui that are not affordable for the majority of people. This is why there are so many upscale resorts and neighborhoods on Maui because there is not enough people to make them profitable.

Many factors go into determining what price point an item or service belongs in on Maui because it is expensive or hard to afford alike.

Tourism boom

Maui is an up-and-coming island destination that is growing at an incredible rate. With every passing year, Maui gets more beautiful and enticing to visit. This tourism boom has created a demand for luxury resorts and makes a stay in a luxury Maui Resort very desirable.

In recent years, the number of luxury resort stays on Maui has grown even faster than the population. This growth is due in part to the popularity of Hawaii as a vacation destination, but it also reflects increasing demands from affluent travelers who want the best amenities and service available on Maui.

Today, there are over 20 high-end resorts on Maui with over 6,000 residents living near them.

Not enough housing

In Maui, there is a lack of housing for the wealthy. Most properties are in the middle class and wealthy levels. This causes a shortage of high end housing in Maui.

Due to this shortage, prices for luxury homes are high. A two-story house with a large pool and beautiful views can cost $US2 million ($2.3 million). That is expensive money!

However, two-story houses are not the only thing that costly. A one or a two-story house with a large pool and beautiful views can cost $US1 million ($1.5 million) if you do not want anything special.

This is why there has been such an increase in Two Story Houses on Two Acre Farms and other large lots on Maui.

Expensive real estate

Maui is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the U.S., Europe, and all around the world. There are over 20,000 Maui homes, apartments, and condos, making it one of the most populated islands in Hawaii.

But is it too expensive? In this article, we will talk about some cost trends that people are seeing and sharing across social media everyday. These include real estate listings, luxury rental properties, and high-end shopping malls.

Luxury real estate listings are hard to find these days due to high demand. Even with $1 million dollar houses listed for $10 million dollars or more, you still have to be patient!

The same goes for luxury apartment buildings because people want to live in them but don’t want to spend that kind of money.

Famous beaches

While Maui is not an extremely popular destination, there are several famous beaches on the island. Some are even labeled beaches!

The famous south shore is one of these, located about an hour away by car. There are also north, northeast, and northwest shores where you can find these beach communities.

Many travelers choose one of these than the more-publicly-known North Shore. These two coasts look almost identical from the water, so it can be hard to tell which is which.

However, if you asked which coast has the most restaurants and resorts, you would answer with North! They say that this large city with a small island has a reputation for being expensive, but it does not have to be expensive on Maui.

Weather is nice most the time

Maui is a gorgeous island. There are beautiful scenery everywhere and dense forest everywhere.

When you look at Maui from the air, you would think it was always thick forest with few open spaces. This is because there is so much water that trees grow in large amounts.

There are thousands of them! Most are coconut trees, but there are also Palawa kava trees, Hawaiian papaw trees, and red cedar logs.

These varying tree species create some interesting patterns and textures in the landscape, like leaf-covered hills covered in lush tropical foliage.

These tree shapes also create some interesting geology within the land, like sinkholes and volcanic outcrops. These have been affected by weather over time, creating beautiful formations.

Dollar is weak

As you can probably tell by the big names mentioned in this article, Maui is a very expensive destination. Since it is such a prestigious vacation location, it usually comes with a high price tag.

This is not to say that Maui is expensive normally, though. When you look at the top-rated resorts on Maui, prices are very reasonable. Some are even cheap!

If you are looking for more affordable vacations, consider going to the mainland or lower islands. There are also some travel companies that offer two-location vacations and have cheaper prices for you to buy from both locations.

Another thing that can help lower your cost of a trip to Maui is finding ones in different cities. Many people travel to Maui just to see the resorts and surroundings, so having another city where you get to see them would save some money.

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