Why Is Manga So Expensive

Man, are times a Beasts, hatching a plan to make sure you never have to wonder if your ride is coming or not!

Times are a beasts, people. People need time, and they need it now. There is no way around it- people will demand time if people have it.

There’s a reason that people will pay almost $20 for an hour of their own time- they value the experience highly. They want to spend time with the content, not type printed pages or an eBook format.

Luckily for us, we have control over when we give our time to others. We can choose how early and how late we want to schedule things. We can make scheduling things easy or hard depending on who you are.

Anime sells DVDs and Blu-rays

Not only is anime available on both regular and streaming services, it’s sold on DVD and Blu-ray.

But the appeal of anime is not just television or movies. People buy anime merchandise and tickets to live shows to enjoy it on the floor of a theater or to watch later.

And with so many people now having smart phones and other digital devices that can access online channels and subscription services, buying individual episodes or seasons of an episode channel is a cost effective way to enjoy it.

So why are they so expensive? Because they are made in large batches and sold by companies that need to make a profit off of them.

Licensing foreign manga

While many Westerners enjoy reading manga, many find it to be expensive and complicated.

There are numerous companies that offer their products and services via manga! As of now, most of these companies are ¥1000 ($14) a piece!

Many people are surprised by this price, as traditional novels and books are usually sold for around $10-$15 off Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. This is because they believe readers will want to take the time to read it!

However, with modern technology being so advanced, readers want things that are easy to use and understand. Manga allow you to expand your vocabulary quickly, so its worth the investment in modern technology!

When buying Japanese products, look for sellers that have good feedback. You do not need the best equipment or materials to deal with them! Buy from people who have been fair and honest in the past.


Piracy is the biggest threat to manga right now, mainly because of low sales. Most people are unwilling to pay attention to the news or market trends and will just purchase any book at a bookstore or order them online because they look interesting.

Unfortunately, this goes against the grain of people who are investing in hearingthly books. Due to increased popularity and cost, manga has fallen out of style. People are reluctant to buy it due to high fees and poor customer service.

Thankfully, times have changed and people understand how important proper delivery is, so nowadays most companies follow tip number two: use an email address instead of a phone number when ordering.

Manga has a high quality standard

While most comic books and manga are of very low quality, there is a difference between good quality manga and great quality manga. The latter are much more expensive.

There are several factors that contribute to the cost of a book or e-nal. First, new books are cheaper than the older ones, due to changes in algorithms that update pricing on a regular basis.

Old books that have been sitting in your book collection for years may be worth more due to sentimental value than new books. New books can come out at any time with new algorithms making them cost more or less money based on current trends.

Old books that you would like to sell or give away may be worth less since they have been collecting dust (and/or zombies) for years! Newer ones with newer trends take up less space so they cost less.

The Japanese yen has weakened

Since late 2013, the Japanese yen has been valued at less than 1$ per $1 previously. This happened due to two things: increased demand for Japanese goods in Europe and Asia, and the decreasing value of the yen.

This increase in the value of the yen is known as an Yen devaluation. Many times, dealers will charge more for a product if it has a higher quality touch to it. This is why many people buy luxury items instead of cheap ones.

That being said, there are ways to manage your finances while investing in manga. buying manga is not a cost-effective way to save money, though.

Americans like to collect items

There is a market for everything now a days. Even though most items are mass produced, there is still a market for them.

Americans have been moving into the hobby of collecting items since recently. Companies are eager to join in the trend and offer items at affordable prices to consumers.

Manga is no exception to this rule. People buy manga for fun as well as financial donations and sponsorship deals between companies.

For starters, what exactly does manga contain? For starters, it can range from food products to medical devices! There are even companies that sell soft copy paper that is meant to be used as manga paper due to its health benefits.

Americans are greedy

This is a very common trait across the globe. We are very focused on now and how much we will be paid for our work.

This comes with work and life, since most people do not consider finances when choosing work or hiring professionals. People rely on others to advise them on how much they should be paid, but this should be left to the professionals themselves to decide.

Many jobs do not require a lot of money upfront, especially if you are looking for something more of a contract type deal. But, once you have your job and lifestyle established, then money naturally starts to come in force!

Americans are particularly greedy, which can back up the cost of living in Asia. There are large families in every country, so everyone gets involved in the market-regulation. This has caused some trouble though- Americans have been taking business too seriously and overproducing units has led to cost issues.

Japan is an island nation

Although Japan is a small, island nation, it’s got a big economyeqn. As shown in the bullet point above, Japan is also known for its high-tech industries.

Manga is one of these technological ideals. Since it is so expensive, people buy it in bulk to save money!

Many companies manufacture manga sale packs, so buying multiple copies at once can be done for a cheap price. Plus, people can go to the same store twice and receive the same copy two separate times!

These companies probably charge upwards of $20 for a sale pack, which is why people sometimes bank on just one copy to save money.