Why Is Durian So Expensive

durian is a tropical tree fruit that is high in sugar and fat content. It is also called the cream apple fruit due to its oily texture and sweet taste.

Durians are usually red in color, with yellower fat content and sweeter flavor. They are noted for their rich, caramelized sugar content that surfaces when sliced.

Sliced durians are typically around five to seven inches in length, one inch in width, and have a smooth, creamy texture. These creatures are noted for their slight spongy feel when squeezed, which is due to the presence of some denser syrup inside.

Kisses and other soft foods may be prepared with cut-up durians instead of raw ones to reduce the chance of dryness or irritation. This is notable as kiss foods may be sensitive to these conditions.

Very smelly

Although durian is not very flavourful, it does have a distinctive smell. When ripe, the durian smells like wet paper.

Durian is also rather sweet, so when buying a durian, you should take into account how sweet it is. If you do not like the taste of the durian, you can remove some of it!

Some people find that they enjoy eating durians right away while others have had them for years and people just buy them now because they are expensive! Durians can be expensive depending on where you buy them from.

You may be able to purchase a cheaper durian if you are willing to pay more for shipping.

Popularity growing

Today, there are nearly 30,000 durian farms worldwide, with Malaysia alone having over 6,000 of them. This number is growing by about 10,000 per year!

This popularity is growing by people learning about how delicious and expensive durians can be. Now that they know what to plant, they can start breeding their Durians.

Since they are now breeding their Durians, they are also expanding the regions where you can have a durian for the first time.

Limited supply

While durian is in season roughly from November through January, it is not a fruit that can be grown. Durian trees must remain on standby to produce ripe fruit, so they are highly invested in their health.

To grow a durian tree, you must wait for fall harvest and then go into hibernation until springtime when new growth begins. The tree must also stay healthy by having adequate rainfall and adequate fertilization to keep the root system nourished.

Because of these factors, only a very small amount of trees can sit atop the hillside and start producing fruits during the rainy season! It takes years to be able to buy enough durians, so year-long residents have to stick with local availability or importing from overseas.

Local residents will often barter or sell theirs at certain events or through online sellers.

Cost of living increase

While most people think cost of living increases when the weather is hot, it does not always feel that way.

Durian seeds are sold

Most supermarkets sell aDurian fruit in plastic bags of around 30 pieces. These are essential for the planning and creation of your own durian dessert, so get yourself some!

Some supermarkets also sell sheets of durian flesh called satay. These are not suitable to eat as they are, as they contain toxic compounds found in cashew nuts and other nut meats.

Because durians grow in Southeast Asia, their seeds remain whole. Durianshire sauce is made from these intact seeds which have been powderised.

During the early stages of growth, the duriananutrients such as potassium and vitamin C are available to the plant. As it matures and receives sufficient water and sunshine, these nutrients disappear and we get our current thick colouring from them.

This is a natural process where something new requires time to develop before they can be used by us.

Famous chefs using it

A rare and expensive ingredient is avocados. Only the pits of Central America and the Islas Vídeo have them, so if you want one, you have to go out of your ordinary way to find one.

Avocados are often mixed with other things, such as meats or vegetables. This is a trend right now as people get more educated about their diets and want more of everything.

The most common avocado used in cooking is the greenish-yellow variety. They are usually not very expensive, being around $1 per avocado. However, an avocado that is white instead of green can be nearly twice the price!

An important part of having an educated diet is finding ways to buy food that has less impact on our wallets. When there are critical nutrients that we do not have in our diet, we must purchase food that has these nutrients taken into account.

Popularity among consumers

popularity can be a mixed blessing! Most people would appreciate a $20 bill, but if you were selling a $10 bill, people would flock to you!

There are several reasons why durian is so popular. One is that it is economical. Another is that it is an iconic food item.

Durian has been called the avocado of foods. It goes perfect with everything, and yet, people rarely have it on their own. It is usually consumed in restaurants, or maybe even at a fruit bar.

People tend to overprice durians because of this popularity. If you had one durian, you would feel like you were rich! People think that because it cost so much money that it must be good, but in reality, the durian does not even taste good.

Hard to cut dry the fruit properly

While most people enjoy the flavor of durian, it can be tough to cut down on the sugar and texture levels in them. This is due to the popularity of this fruit in Southeast Asia, where it is costly and scarce.

Sugary foods are not good for your health and budget! Most people cannot afford full-sized fruits, so they buy smalls or half-sizes. This is not good because you get less of what you want or need in your food.

Your body does not get enough vitamin C or K from these foods to help fight cold or flu symptoms. People who have weak immune systems do not enjoy eating these fruits because they are hard and dry.