Why Is Chrono Trigger Ds So Expensive

Chrono Trigger is a Japanese role-playing game franchise that dates back to 1994. The games are set in a time-traveling world where players choose a character and battle through multiple timelines.

The games are very intricate, requiring you to know the exact details of every fight scenario. This is not for the weak of stomach either, as some of the scenarios are gruesome.

While not everyone can play these, fans can purchase special reworked versions called Chronobreaks that do add some new features. These normally cost $9/$19 but are offering them as part of a introductory sale for $4/£3 until Monday morning at 6am ET / 9am PT.

This review is going to be looking at the standard release version of this card game which is called Zeitgeist which is played in an open or closed formation.

Popular game

why is chrono trigger ds so expensive

While many people first experience Chrono Trigger as a video game, the franchise has continued to thrive as a series of games. There have been three main sequels to the original game, one remake, and two spin-offs.

The sequels were all popular enough to stand alone, so if you don’t play them you can still enjoy the franchise. The remakes were more focused on story than gameplay, which is nice because players can choose whether or not they want to play that part.

The spin-offs give players an opportunity to learn more about other parts of the world and Chrono Empire. They also give newer players an opportunity to start with something easy so they do not get frustrated when playing against them.

These games are popular enough that they are costuming events or just around the house fun.

Chrono Trigger is a classic game

why is chrono trigger ds so expensive

Chrono Trigger is a classic game that everyone should play. It was released back in 1994, making it one of the older games on this list. However, it still holds up today!

Its story is fantastic and sets up the rest of the game well. You play as a kid named Vincent who travels back in time to save his mom from being murdered by an evil sorcerer.

On your journey, you meet many different people and all join forces to destroy the sorcerer and prevent another wizard from appearing. This wizard would be bad news, because if he reappears, his powers make his mom go bad again.

This is a beautiful story that you will not forget. You will probably start playing it at night so you can hear the sound of the sorcerer destroying the world through time.

Not available in stores

why is chrono trigger ds so expensive

In case you haven’t noticed, Chrono Trigger is a very popular game right now. People are buying them in bulk at online retailers like Amazon, and even stores that specialize in collectible games like Target and Best Buy.

While it is pretty affordable for the collectors out there, the standard version of the game is more expensive than the deluxe version due to the added content. The first disc of this version costs $19 while the second costs $14.

The reason the standard version is more expensive is due to the additional content. In the original game, you acquire a few new items such as a controller device and a diary which you can read when you reach an area with instructions.

You can also access new dungeons and stuff which you would have missed with just reading the areas instructions.

Difficult to find or download

why is chrono trigger ds so expensive

While Chronoforce is a very popular game these days, many people are not aware of it due to how difficult it is to find or download.

Because of its popularity, it is very hard to find. Most stores and shops only have one or two copies of the game in stock, which makes it more difficult to purchase.

Furthermore, since this game is hard to download, many do not know if they can get it on their phone or computer. It requires a special app called a launcher which most do not have installed.

So if you are looking for this game but cannot find it, try going online and looking for sellers that have the two major aspects of the game missing: Difficultness and Importance.

Prices vary depending on condition

why is chrono trigger ds so expensive

While most don’t notice it, Chrono Trigger can get old fast. Over time, you’ll need to replace your supply of healer computer parts and fans to keep your unit working.

This is true even if you never play the game! You’ll still need new parts and fans because they wear out. Many times, this is due to fan speed winding down as time goes on.

If you play on hard mode or higher settings, then you’ll need higher-quality parts and fans too! This is why it pays to buy in bulk if you want to buy in quality materials like copper or plastic.

Consoles can get very expensive

why is chrono trigger ds so expensive

If you are a fan of big, epic games, then you know how special consoles are financially. Heed the warning!

Many high-profile game releases come out annually, so purchasing one every year is cost prohibitive. Luckily, you can play them on your computer or mobile device, but to get one in physical form you must purchase it at a retailerships or online.

Online retailers have very strict policies about buying from fake accounts or real people and owning property. Because of this hardening policy, many online sellers have loosened their grip on ownership.

This problem has become more prevalent as people have more access to computers and phones to buy from! It is important that we take care of our consoles to keep up with the latest games and software!

Wealthy individuals purchase consoles yearly to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest games.

Valuable Nintendo games are pricey

why is chrono trigger ds so expensive

People spend a lot of money on Nintendo games due to the timeless nature of many of them. You never need to buy these games again once you have access to them through Switch!

Tradition is a powerful thing, and when it comes to Nintendo games, people hold on to prestige very firmly. With such AAA levels of quality attached, people are hesitant to purchase them cheaply.

However, this is not the only reason games are expensive. They are highly respected titles that people know they must have if they want to play them quickly. This takes away from their value as investments in the game-play and customer experience-wise.

Of course, there are cheaper games too, but there is something about having an advanced level of game-play with these kinds of titles that makes them expensive compared to others.