Why Is Azek So Expensive

Most builds are dominated by one champion, and only one type of build. When there is only one build that is hard to tell if it is good or not, because everyone has a different loadout that works for them.

When it comes to leagues, there are specific levels where builds start to matter. In Challenger, for example, a champion at the level of Trundle or Gragas can still get their money back by playing Azek. At this level, having a difference in price is enough to influence who plays Azek and who doesn’t.

In high elo, cost does not matter as much as in challenger because people know people who play cheaper champions. At this level, you can say that cost doesn’t matter anymore!

This article will talk about why Azek is so expensive and how to make the most out of him in high elo genres such as assassin or support.


It’s hard to make

Most bronze gears are cheaper than azek. For instance, the gold-plated steel bar that makes up the majority of bronze gears is called zenith bar. It is sold for around $0.50 per yard!

Zenith bar isn’t the only less expensive material to make bronze gears. There are also two types of copper that can be made into bronze Gears. The second type of copper is called cuproselenium, or CBG for short.

Cuproselenium doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade from zenith bar, but it does have some benefits! The biggest benefit to CBG over zenith bar is that it holds its shape better on the forging process.

Limited supply

why is azek so expensive

As mentioned before, Azek is a very valuable cryptocurrency. There are many things that require Azek, but it is very expensive!

Most people who use Azek must have it stored in an exchange or can buy it on an exchange. Because of this, the supply of Azek is limited!

If there were ever a demand for Azek, someone would have to create and distribute enough units of the cryptocurrency for everyone to want to invest in it.

That person would then have to find ways to make money with it, which could be tricky because it is so expensive.

Demand exceeds supply

why is azek so expensive

At this point, you might be wondering why Azek is so expensive. After all, there are tons of cheaper alternatives.

Well, we have a answer for that!

There are too many players looking to make a profit by selling Azek and other items on the auction house. Since it is such a popular item, it sells quickly!

Because there are so many Azeks out there, demand is high for old ones as well as new ones. Most people who acquire an Azek through auctioning do so to use it as a decoration or just because it is expensive. Either way, they waste some money!

Demand exceeds supply . That is what is going on with Azeks and people’s acquisition of them. They are very popular but since people are making lots of money off of them being expensive, we will keep seeing them at high prices.

Other reasons?

why is azek so expensive

Another major reason is that Azek is a pretty rare breed. He costs more than medium priced dogs.

Azek is a limited edition dog, so there are only a few in the world. This makes him more expensive than other dogs on the market that are common.

Since he is rare, people will want to win him by going extremely high end with his cost. A luxury dog like Azek can cost almost $1500!

Since he is very specific and smart, many people buy Azeks as therapy dogs. When you add in the special occasion cost, the total cost can get very high.

If you have a hard to keep dog, do not get them a steelkae as they may develop problems with health and possibly injury due to excessive cost.

What can you do about it?

why is azek so expensive

If you are a fan of Azerothian die-hards, you may be interested to know that Blizzard has announced plans to release a limited edition figure of Azek.

This new figure will be released in conjunction with the upcoming re-release of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. It will cost you a pretty penny, however, at over $150!

Why is this important? Because this figure is going to be an extremely high demand item and if you can get one early on in the run, you will be able to charge higher prices for it.

If you can not afford the $150 USD Azek but still want him or get some enjoyment out of him, then we suggest looking into buying one of the cheaper figures.

Use plastic instead

why is azek so expensive

Instead of using a knife to chop up your avocado, you could use a handheld waffle iron. Instead of hairdryers, you could use the oven to warm your hair.

Instead of handbags and purses, you could use the dryer. You can easily buy two or three of them for about $5-7 per bag.

These tools will save you a lot of time and effort, and help you stay healthy in the process. Remember, this is not a sacrifice; this is helping yourself get what you want quicker!

When trying these out, be sure to take your time to put the correct amount of belongings into the bag! This will help prevent unnecessary weight loss or weight gain caused by only wearing what fits best.

Get a cheaper railing material

why is azek so expensive

Azek is a very expensive material. While you can buy it in the $40 to $60 range, that is very rare! Most retailers offer it for around $60 or more.

What is Azek?

Azek is a wood-look material used to construct railing and structuring products. It is resistant to moisture and stains, which makes it great for construction sites.

Because it is more expensive, most manufacturers use a lower quality of Azek to create their products. These less costly materials may not last as long as an expensive Azek product might.

Ask for a different type of railing

why is azek so expensive

Many railings are made with a single solid piece of material called a support. These support-only railings are known as “single point” or “pointless” railings.

These type of railings are very popular due to their low cost. However, when it comes to asking for a different type of railing, it can be difficult to understand the difference in order to ask for a different style of railing.

There are several ways to ask for a different type of railing. One way is to use an organizational term such as “U-turn” or “roundabout” instead of just “ramp” or “ileum.” Another is to use an adjective such as “upstair” or “downstair’ in order to specify which direction they want the ramp or ileum is.

Requesting a different style of railing does not mean that all other styles are lower in quality, however.

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