Where Do You Get Pvp Gear In Legion

Player versus Player combat is a big part of World of Warcraft. It’s where you show off your skills and where you forges your name as a duelist. There are many ways to get pvp gear in legion, where you can get some extra currency through transmog, through trading with other players, or even buying it in the auction house.

The best way to get any kind of transmog gear is through transmog bags. A transmog bag is a special item that contains different pieces of armor & weapons captured via World of Warcraft’s transmog process.

You can make one yourself by using the transmog process if you have enough time and patience, or you can buy them from the market if you are less patient.

Look for battleground quests

If you’re looking for battleground quests, there are a couple different places you can go. We will discuss the easternmost of these two places, but all of them can help you get some decent gear fast.

The westernmost is to find them in game. These are called GW quests and are found through player-run or -organized events such as guild nights or world events.

These may be hard to find at first since they seem so random, but once you do, they are very helpful in getting you good gear quick. Many offer free trials so that you can try before you buy!

Many people use transmog sites to get pvp gear where they sell it to them eBay or Amazon just for sale rights taken away.

Buy an item if it is sold

If an item is not sold on the market, you can try buying it from another player. It is good to be prepared before every battle though!

Most times when you try to buy gear from another player, they say that they do not have this item and would send a message if they did. If they do send a message, then you can trust them.

If they do not send a message, then you can go to their shop and purchase it. The key here is trust. If someone has sent a trustworthy message that the item was okay to purchase, then you can trust them to bring it up and buy it.

If someone does not send a trustworthy message that the item was okay to purchase, then you can go to their shop and purchase it.

Talk to an NPC for more information about battlegrounds

While playing, you will encounter battlegrounds in-game. A battleground is a large-scale version of an ordinary location with lots of danger and obstacles to overcome.

To enter a battleground, you must first determine which faction is the dominant in that area. This is determined by size of buildings and numbers of players.

Battlegrounds are a way to test your PvP skills as well as meet other players. Most people find it enjoyable and fun to duo off against another player until they realize how hard they are and then they can take them down!

There are five different types of battlegrounds: Ruins, Failsafe, Battlefield, Temple Trial, and Conflict. Each one has a different feel to them and how dangerous they can be.

Join a guild that participates in battlegrounds

If you want to get some good-quality gear in Legion, joining a good guild is a great way to do it.

Many guilds offer PVP gear, and they are a great way to buy gear because you work together with other players to obtain it. Many professional guilds offer members bonus exp and gold when first joining, making it very easy to acquire quality gear quickly!

Although not recommended, trying joining a few different guilds is also an excellent way to get quality gear. You can give and receive Gear Chat messages while joining these groups too – this helps build your confidence!

As mentioned before, the best way to acquire quality PVP gear is by working with other players.

Get good ratings to get better rewards

While there are some good gear sets available in tandem with high PVP ratings, you will need to work for your rewards. Having a high rating in PVP is not enough to get good gear.

Many times, gear sets are replaced by credits which can be earned through playing the game. Sometimes, these credits can be hard to acquire as you must complete certain quests and storylines which is something you will have to deal with while playing the game.

When you acquire these credits, go to the store and buy what you want but do not just rush out and buy them. You will need to earn enough credits to purchase them so that they can be received when they are needed.

Use armor kits to upgrade your gear

Once your character has received the level 5 quest to upgrade to elite gear, you can use a kit to enhance your armor. Armor kits are found in the blue and red color schemes, and cost varying amounts of gold to purchase.

Once opened, a kit will have seven sections: gold, armor part, slot, upgrade part, 1934 piece, and lastly an interactive chart that shows the current and expected stats of the upgrades.

Interactive charts like this one show what each section gains in return for what you spend in your kit. However, it is hard to tell which upgrades will gain any values from what because they all cost different amounts of gold.

Obtain epic items and weapons from bosses

Since the launch of World of Warcraft, enthusiasts have been able to acquire very high quality gear. There are several ways to get epic gear in legion, including through bosses and reward chests.

Many times rewards chests and boss fights are re-runs with minor changes such as a new set of pants or a new helm. However, these changes can be significant and worth spending the gold for.

As you collect better gear, you will start to notice a difference in your character. Once you get enough good gear, you can switch vendor recipes to obtain higher quality items so your new pieces look good on you.

Bosses also contain great places for getting decent gear.

Use war stamps to boost your rating

Using war stamps is an easy way to get gear in PVP. War stamps are rewarded for playing versus other players on the gear grid.

There are six grades of armor and weapons, each with a different number of war stamps needed to upgrade them. The more battle stamps you have, the higher the grade of armor or weapon you want to purchase.

You can buy any grade of armor or weapon once you have enough war stamps, but there is a cost associated with each piece. Some costs may be insignificant at first, but over time they can add up very quickly.

Just like in regular gameplay, being outnumbered will lead to defeat, so playing smart may help prevent too many losses vs. players with less player progression gear.