What Word Means To Turn Away

Turning away is a phrase that refers to the action of walking away from a situation, event, or person. When we choose to walk away from a situation, event, or person, our body and mind prepare to avoid the situation and/or the person or thing.

It’s important to know what words mean when they are paired with a similar-looking word like stop or escape. For instance, stop connotes something that should be avoided entirely. In this case, escape means a solution that relieves the pressure of never being able to escape the situation and its people.

escape describes a way of responding when we feel uncomfortable or stressful. We can stop what we are doing and take a step back if we feel this is necessary. This is called anteceding before an action something else can mean changing how you act before things happen.

We can also use the term self-compassion to describe how we try to respond to ourselves during challenging situations.

Examples of turning away

what word means to turn away

In a haste or need, people can put something in their mouths that is harmful or inappropriate. This happens most often in restaurants, at the cafe or coffee shop, and even at the grocery store.

Some products are too good to refuse! Some snacks are so good you cannot help but eat them. So, when choosing foods, pay attention to whether or not they are healthy and/or nutritious.

When purchasing pre-made foods, make sure they are sealed well. If they are openable, see if there is a label stating what condition the food is in or if it is safe to eat.

Finally, when shopping for products, look for the best price vs quality tradeoff.

Turning away from God

what word means to turn away

When we feel powerless to change our circumstances, we can lose hope. We can start to believe that our actions are the only thing we have left to survive, and that is why we run from God.

This is a very dangerous place to be. When you give up on God, you are also giving up on yourself. You might begin to believe that your failures are your fault, and that if you just tried harder, you’d be successful. You might begin to think that what’s happening is good because I’m not using my resources well and it’s easy.

You may believe that what happens to you doesn’t mean anything, because you don’t think God would let something like this happen to him or her.

Examples of turning away from God

what word means to turn away

Many things are wrong. For example, people drink alcoholic beverages but God does not allow people to consume alcohol. We should be aware of this!

Another example is the use of cell phones but again, we should be aware of this. We should avoid using cell phones while we are sleeping, taking a bath, or just keeping a phone nearby is against us.

Using the internet even though we are not sure if there is Jesus or not is also against us. Keeping a Bible nearby is important for us to know about God and his rules.

Being separated from others because of our faith is another thing that turns awayophealth. Many times, people feel like they have to hide or ridicule others for being religious because of our words and actions. However, that only makes them care less and make Godless individuals like us look like fools.

Turn Away: What It Means

what word means to turn away

A turn away is a very neutral word that means no, stop, or the opposite of. For example, a turn down can mean no to a sexual offer, an invitation to dinner, or the opposite of an invitation to stay at their home.

A stop means an abrupt halt, a time when something is changed into another thing. A stay applies until a time change is made, or another change comes along.

Stay applies when you say yes or no to a proposition, meeting, or event. A change comes along when you say yes to someone else than who originally asked you out.

These apply when there is a difference in how people feel and how things make them feel.

Reasons people turn away from God

what word means to turn away

Being unworthy of God can be a word like nowhere else on earth. Because you cannot see him, you fear him. Because he is amazing, you trust in him.

Because he saves no one but his elect, you think he would not want to know you. You judge yourself for not being perfect and for thinking that God would not choose you. You question whether or not you are good enough to deserve His love.

But when someone who looks like you and acts like He does arrives in your life, it is as if your entire world shatters and new ones begin to fill the holes. You realize that nothing and no one else can bring You into their lives the way He does.

You realize that whoever or whatever it was that sent them away was not good enough for You.

Ways people can turn back to God

what word means to turn away

There are a few things that people can do to return to God. These things include not buying into the media, not going to parties or gatherings, and avoiding all forms of sin.

However, although these things may put you back in touch with God, they will not keep you from suffering from sin. When you avoid sin, you are not necessarily returning to God but rather escaping him.

You cannot stay away from sin completely because it is part of who we are now and what we have been doing in our lives up to this point. However, you can stop being a sinner and return to God by turning to the Lord!

The best way to turn away from sin is by using the word Bible on every step. The more often you use the word Bible, the more time you will save in turning away from what is wrong.

What happens when you turn away from God?

what word means to turn away

When someone sins, they are leaving God’s grace. We can choose to leave God or He can choose to reject us. Either way, it is a sin!

When someone falls into sin, they are no longer in the hands of God. They are sinners who deserve a good or bad (no pun intended) encounter with the divine. They must rely on themselves to maintain their faith and repentance.

If someone is very guilty of sin, it may be difficult for the divine to manifest Himself or her in any way. If only one area of your life is poor “healtheft”, then the divine may feel that He or She cannot afford to have such a weak individual in Heaven and on Earth.

The more severe their sins, the more likely the individual is to turn away from God. The more severe their sin, the less likely they are to return to God.

Who Should Turn Back to God?

what word means to turn away

Turning away or desiring something else is not a bad thing. We all have moments where we think about other people, things, or places less than God, and He can use those to reach out and invite Him into our lives.

However, we must remember that God is always first in our lives. When we think about God rather than about something else, He will meet us where we are headed.

We can’t return to God once we’re lost in life. Our only hope is to turn back to Him by thinking about what He has done for us and how much He loves us.

This includes turning to family, friends, religious leaders, and the medical community to find help for our problems. Even though they may not know Me personally, each of them has an understanding of what kind of person I am and what my goals are.