What Toys Do Chinchillas Like

Chinchillas are small brown or brownish black mice with funny shaped chests. They are nicknamed Chinese Chins because of their long, narrow chests.

These animals come in several variations, including the European Chinchilla, the American Chinchilla, and the Chinese Chinchilla. All of them have a short dense coat that is grayish to black with some white and features such as a long chin and wide chest.

Chinese chins are often used in high-end pet stores as they are more expensive but more trusted. They make great family pets because they are lively and enjoy socialization.

This article will talk about some toys that meet the term toy properly. When looking for a toy, it is important to find one that meets your needs.


what toys do chinchillas like

If you have a chinchilla that does not like treats, you can change up your routine. Changing up your routine can make all the difference in keeping your chinchilla occupied and happy.

One of the most popular ways to keep a chinchilla engaged is to give them food. You can buy shavings or pellets, or even try giving mix-type foods such as oatmeal or chopped nuts. All of these work great!

Another way to keep a chinchilla busy is by giving them toys. You can buy fancy ones or cheap ones that look the same. Whatever you choose, make sure they are safe for your chinchilla to use.

Suitable chew toys

what toys do chinchillas like

A toy is called a chew toy if the chinchilla can get a good hold on it. For example, a small piece of cheese could be used as a chew toy.

To find out if a cheese board is suitable as a chew toy, look for how long it takes to break it up, whether it is chubby or skinny and whether it is colourful or thin. A thick cut piece of chocolate would not be suitable as the chinchilla would not have a chance to roll it up in itself.

There are many different kinds of toys available for your chinchilla. Some are made from metal, cardboard or grain bound material and are shaped or shaped like something you can put on top of another thing so that it doesn’t get lost.

Wood chips

what toys do chinchillas like

Choosing a toy is important for your chinchilla’s health and for your chinchilla’s enjoyment. The right toy can make a difference in how your chinchilla goes and performs.

Tracking/performing exercises with the toy is also important. If the toy is not being used, it may be discarded, as it may be breaking down which is not good for the animal.

It is recommended that you start out with a smaller toy to determine if this type of performance is what your Choatch needs. Towards the end of its life, such a small Toy may become too large to move or break down, which ends up being ineffective.

Look for toys that are hard, smooth, and stable.

For fun

what toys do chinchillas like

For fitness
Bullet point: Chinchilla training is a fun way to get your chinchillas into a circle and/or walking for the first time. By working in short, progressive sessions, you will help them gain confidence in their bodies and in training.

Short, progressive training sessions work well if your chinchilla is not yet accustomed to being handled. Short, gentle workouts in a social environment help build self-confidence and prevent stress on your animal.

In addition to building their confidence, short workouts help improve their overall health by raising their intensity of exercise. Being able to see and be touched by your Chinchilla at all stages of training is comforting and motivating.

Chinchilla dust bath mix

A chinchilla’s favorite treat is a little bit of chinchilla dust bath mix. You can make your own or you can buy it at a pet store.

If you make the mix yourself, you can add some licorice to it or use a thickening agent like xanthan gum to create a powdery texture. If you buy it, look for a mix that has lanolin in it to help protect your chinchilla from herself.

Some mixes have flavors added so your chinchilla can enjoy her bath and some do not.

Small rocks

what toys do chinchillas like

When looking for new toys to add to your chinchilla’s home, you should be aware of their size needs. While most birds will enjoy a small rock, some birds may need a larger one.

Chinchillas are known to like small rocks, so if you have a chinchilla that enjoys hiding things, this is a good toy to buy. They would most likely love a small rock that they could roll around in, or one that was easy to grip.

Some rocks are harder than others for your chinchilla to get his or her fingers on. If your bird cannot manage the softer rocks easily, then get them something that is easier to hold such as a smooth stone or quartzite.

Lastly, make sure your bird does not get stressed out by having too many toys and objects. When someone is confronted with too many things, they can become overbearing and demanding.

Carpet fuzzes

what toys do chinchillas like

When a chinchilla is young, its mom or dad will spend a lot of time training it. This includes teaching it how to use its front feet, climb, and/or handling.

After this, you will need to handle it when it is still learning things like sitting, walking, and taking naps. At this point, you can put small toys in its mouth and walk away!

Later on in life, you will need to handle it while it is at play. Touched areas will bleed if not handled properly, so at this point you should buy a handler device. These are devices that are designed to prevent your chinchilla from escaping while playing.

When handling your chinchilla, make sure to always have a safety net. If the chinchilla gets hurt, or something stops them from doing something funny or exciting, then they will be more likely to stay calm and safe.

Plant leaves

what toys do chinchillas like

Building with your chinchilla is a great way to exercise her arms and legs. He or she will love getting into all of the plants and trying to get out of them, just like we do.

Unfortunately, some plants are more difficult for your chinchilla to climb out of. Some are quite large and require two hands to be carried. However, regardless of whether it is a plant or a toy, you must provide something for it to hunt on.

On the surface, plant leaves look easy enough to climb out of. However, like any skill, you need to practice your climber before you rock out on the leaves.

When your chinchilla gets enough experience at climbing trees and stuffy leaves they are ready for the next level of tree hunting.