What To Wear To Your Gender Reveal Party

While a short dress or skirt is the recommended dress pattern for your gender reveal party, a long and flowing dress is also a good choice. A long and simple dress can be patterned in many ways, so there is no wrong one to use.

Suitably length dresses are also very easy to return for alterations. Longer dresses may require more than one size adjustment in shirts, bodysuits, and other clothing. This may be taken into account when choosing the length of the dress.

A long and flowing dress may not be the best choice if you are going to be hot or warm enough for an hour or two of dancing or fancy dancing. A summer dress or jacket would work better here instead of a heavy winter coat.

Dress pattern for gender reveal party

While not the most important piece for your gender reveal party, a little bit of dress code can be fun. Luckily, we have some nice tips for you to check out!

Dress in a color that is close to your skin tone and undertones. If you want to get more conservative, pick colors like khaki or medium gray. If you want moreSexy, pick colors that are soft and warm such as Azure or Pinks.

If you are having a medical gender reveal party such as when your baby is born or when someone comes out of the woodwork, then this does not matter much as people will just say what they feel like saying.

The main reason to dress in patterned or neutral colors is so people can look good and light on their feet for about five minutes before and after the event.

Choose a location for your gender reveal party

what to wear to your gender reveal party

You do not want to surprise your husband or boyfriend or father-in-law or family member with your pregnancy at a specific time that they are out of town or attending a party, because then it is a reality check!

While most people would prefer someone else to reveal their gender, you want to make sure that you have plenty of condoms and sperm for your gender reveal party. Sperm is cost effective as well, as only one person needs to participate in the sex act for it to happen.

Make sure that the location has been checked for viruses and predators, as there may be people who try to exploit this location for selfish motives. Lastly, make sure that it is safe for children to attend this event, as there may be some inappropriate behavior occurring.

If you are having a baby without being pregnant, do not worry about hosting a gender reveal party.

Decide on a theme for your gender reveal party

what to wear to your gender reveal party

Having a theme for your gender reveal party depends on what the audience is looking for. Some parties are more fun than others!

Some people prefer a more relaxing atmosphere, where they can just get away from busyness and stress and enjoy each other’s company. Others like a more fun atmosphere, where they can be both nervous and excited.

Whatever the theme, have enough supplies of food and/or food items to make enough food for four people. This way, you will not be worried about running out of anything!

Having four people is important for enjoying the event. You need to be generous with food or your party guests will feel hungry/sick/etc. having plenty of food available.

Pick your props for your gender reveal party

what to wear to your gender reveal party

While not necessary, a little preparation can help you create fun and memorable props for your party. These may include seating charts, party games, and content from the pregnancy announcement site or baby announcement site.

Partygoers can pick one or two props to use at the event to designate their gender. A few ideas include a male/female table, a bed sheet designated as baby clothing, and a stack of books marked as prenatal educational material.

In order for people to know what materials are what gender, you need to give them something else to wear! A few easy solutions are white pants, a sleeveless shirt, and a diaper cake.

Find out what everyone is planning to do in the event of an emergency and plan accordingly before the actual event to make sure everyone is prepared.

What should I serve?

what to wear to your gender reveal party

When hosting a gender reveal party, there is some important food and drink material you should have on hand. Some people will request certain foods and/or drinks, while others do not. If you do not have some of these items, then make sure to stock up!

Some people may request food that is close to the person’s body temperature, such as cold steel plates or cold steel utensils. Another person might prefer warmer foods, so choose warm-weather foods such as hot cookies or warm parties drinks such as tea or coffee.

Whatever your preferences are, have enough to go around! Having too much food and/or drink may cause digestive issues or overindulgence, which does not feel good if you want something warm and comfortable.

Gender reveal parties are a great way to gather people together.

Does my venue need a theme?

what to wear to your gender reveal party

Not necessarily! Most people find a field or lawn is the best place to reveal your baby. They are also known as venue of choice because you can really make it one that you are familiar with and loves!

Some people choose to create a theme for their party such as women’s wear or guys clothing. An example of a typical party attire would be mostly white and gray with some color or fun touches.

Partygoers can go in both full and half-tucks so there is no need for special dress shirts. A soft, plush shirt or sweater is better than a leather jacket or dress shirt.

General safety rules to have in place include making sure there is enough alcohol, having an eye on drinking levels, and having someone responsible for children who can watch them safely.

Guest attire for a gender reveal party

what to wear to your gender reveal party

There is a pretty broad range of guest attire for a gender reveal party. You can go all-out fashion-forward, casual, or just down the route of your husband or partner’s favorite clothes!

Some things to consider when determining what guest attire you should have for your gender reveal party.

Your guests should be able to find some sort of clothing appropriate for the event. This may include long pants or shorts, a shirt, and possibly shoes.

What should I serve?

what to wear to your gender reveal party

Your guests will be eating, drinking, and dancing to music selected by the event coordinators. So, they will want to provide them with nice, diverse foods and drinks.

By having different foods and/or styles of food or drinks offered, this helps create a larger overall experience for the guests. It is also fun to have a drink or food that is a same flavor as the party theme.

Many people are concerned about running out of food and/or drinks. Fortunately, these things are not that expensive!

Since this is an event where people show off their bodies, we recommend using large size alcohol and protein sources to ensure guests do not run out of stuff or waste.