What To Wear To Indy Car Race

Indy car races are very spectator-friendly. You can watch them for free on television, or you can buy a package that includes a race ticket and access to the track for pre-race festivities.

For those who do not have access to the track, you still can learn some valuable tips about how to wear color codes and/or shades for looks. Many companies offer online fashion streams, where users can try on clothes and see how they look.

There are many ways to try on clothing, such as using a floorless pj suit or a long shirt with no bra underneath. Just make sure you check your size!

This article will discuss what colors and colors of clothes are ideal for being at an Indy car race.

White suits

what to wear to indy car race

If you are going to the race in white, this is the outfit for you. There are a couple of reasons for wearing this color.

First, it is very flattering on all body types. It can look more formal or more casual depending on which piece you are wearing together.

Second, it is easy to change up the look with accessories and/or shoes. You can add a solid belt under the suit or pair of leather Christian Louboutin shoes. A silk blouse would also fit into the look.

Christian Louboutin is one of the best known brands in fashiontoday is known for their high-quality leather products.

White pants

what to wear to indy car race

If you are going to the race in white pants, be prepared to change into some new pants. You will need to get a new pair of pants to go with the racing gear.

Indy Car races in natural grass, so there is a need for clean, fresh pants nearly every minute of the event. The event requires attendees to wear black or gray athletic pant legs, so getting some white or cream colored pant legs is a must.

As mentioned earlier, white shoes are the norm at this event. If you are going with leather shoes, get something soft and plush like silk or wool. If you are going with artificial leather shoes, get ones that are hard and durable.

Button down shirts

what to wear to indy car race

These are the star of the show! If you are looking to greater your driving skills, look into driving in traffic or attending a race event, then this is the ideal shirt for you.

You will be able to keep your hands and arms warm and cozy with this shirt, due to the cut of the top. The open-neck design allows some heat to escape, providing you with more comfort.

The durability of this shirt is also worth consideration. If you are driving in poor weather conditions, it will last you a long time! If attending a race event or watching in person, please keep silent rules in mind.

Patterned sweaters

what to wear to indy car race

A pair of lightweight, soft-looking sweater that have a pattern on them. These are very popular due to their easy-going look.

These is a great way to start your day off looking put-together! They are also a nice way to feel warm without being engulfed by thick sweaters.

One of the most common patterns used is ones with shapes or patterns together. This makes it easy to find a matching pair for yourself.

Another good tip is to get some cardigans or warm fuzzy blankets! These will help cover up any hot spots or cold spots in your clothing. Together, they will help keep you warmer during the event.

Though not recommended, these items can be worn hooded up! It allows you more coverage under the hoods.

Leather jackets

what to wear to indy car race

This is by far the most popular look in indy car fashion right now. A leather jacket or a leather soft-suit? That is the question!

If you are going for the soft-suit look, then this is the article for you. The leathers in these garments are extremely durable and will last you years. If you are going for a leather jacket, go big. A large will likely fit fine, but a large leather jacket will be huge!

If you are going for a leather jacket, go small. A small will not be enough to protect your body from the heat and direct sunlight will likely break it down.


what to wear to indy car race

If you are looking to look elegant and stylish, a simple black skirt is a great way to start. In this race, only one color is allowed on the track, so do not worry about that!

The other key to a successful dress is in the shoes. You do not want to be too flashy with high heels or boots because of the long race length. A tight fitting dress can help hold up better, making white or cream colored shoes ideal.

In this race, you will be walking around in your cell phones and pagers going into and out of your car so it does not matter much. If you have to have a bit more flair, then invest in some sandals or flashy shoes.

Neutral colors

what to wear to indy car race

Some people like to go for a color blind alley way, like never being able to tell the difference between a black car and a red car. This is very rare, but if you like doing it, then welcome!

Indy Car races are all about color. The cars look different enough to put a little thought into which one you want to look forward to seeing.

If you are looking forward to the race in red, then this is the right article! Red is a classic color, and it entices people. If you are looking for some great fashions or buys that are specific to the race weekend, keep reading.

Complementary accents

what to wear to indy car race

When attending an open-wheel race such as the Indy 500, you will often see celebrities and normal people alike wearing very casual attire. Since this is more of a fashion street style rather than a fashion dress street style, most people are happy to invert the level of investment in the fashion market they are looking to purchase their clothes in.

The majority of people attending open-wheel races in INDYCAR are Fanatiqune-type fans who just like to watch other people play sports and enjoy some fashion while doing so. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to wear something that looks nice and costed like you would at a fan event or race.

Some people choose to wear team uniforms or gear for special events so that they can have some form of recognition for wearing what they want to be dressed in. Other individuals just go with plain clothes but with some accentiveness applied to them.