What To Wear For A Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir photography is a stylized, intimate portrait style shoot that focuses on the client’s body and its significance in the story. It is typically done for personal or business reasons, but a boudoir photo shoot for fun only does if the client is in it.

The term boudoir refers to an office or religious room where private thoughts are considered shameful and/or secret and should be kept that way. This is true of both body parts and things that happen in private.

For example, think of all the ways you have tried to conceal your sex life with your family and friends. Neither group would necessarily want to reveal what they were asked to do, how they were photographed, or what was photographed.

These are some of the elements of a boudoir photo shoot that can make a person nervous, as they focus on just one area (the physical) heavily.


Polka dot dress

what to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

A classic dress that is easy to modify is a polka-dot dress. These dresses are always easy to change up and create the shot you want with this style.

While not recommended for a boudoir photo shoot, a low cut, tight fit dress can also be enhanced with jewelry or a jacket or jacket added on. Add some long boots to complete the look!

Another great way to accessorize a polka dot dress is by wearing some lightweight jewelry and bright lipstick or glosses to enhance the figure and look of the dress.

Then, choose a material that is soft and comfortable to wear, like linen or fleece-type fabrics, so you do not have to worry about hot weather causing damage to the material.

Short skirt with a t-shirt

what to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

Some sleeveless shirtshire about your upper body, allowing some skin to show. A tight, short skirt adds some shape to the area around the rear.

A tight, short skirt adds some shape to the area around the rear. The taller you are, the more slits you can wear in your shirt to enhance yourLine of cleavage. A Boudoir photo shoot is a good way to experience this.

The right shoes can make or break the effect of this. If you are very practical-minded, opt for canvas shoes with a hard sole so you do not have to worry about softening the line of cleavage. If you like cute but sturdy materials such as leather or canvas, buy them where they are expensive and durable so that they cost!

Lastly, don’t forget about the ring! A wedding band should always be used for boudoir photography because it shows off one’s ring size and therefore emphasizes certain details in the photos.

Long velvet robe

what to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

A long, velvet robe is one of the most ideal clothing textures for a photo shoot. It provides some degree of privacy and allows you to move freely. This is also one of the few ways where a white dress does not look too professional.

For the shoot, you will enter a studio and be photographed in your bare skin. The velvet robe will protect you from photographers coming in contact with you as you move, which is why it is such an ideal clothing texture for a photo shoot.

Once the photo shoot is complete, the photographer may offer to frame and sell the gown or give it away, either way, you are beautiful enough to wear it!

Other possible outfits for a boudoir photo shoot are tight-fitting leather pants or skirts, soft flounes or fishnets, neutral colored shirts or dresses, and even casual shoes.

Leather corset with a mini skirt

what to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

A leather corset can be a nice way to show off your sexy side. They are easy to wear and put little pressure on your body.

How You Look On Camera matters a lot for this look. If you would like to look more professional, go for dress pants, a button down shirt, and a coat or sweater. If you would like to look more fun and flirty, choose cute dresses with puffy sleeves and ruffles around the neck.

The key is finding a balance between flirting and being business-like. In order to look stylish, wear dark or high-powered eye makeup, use nice jewelry, and take them off before the photo shoot starts so they do not get wrinkled in the proofs.

This mode of fashion is called backstage fashion because people change into different clothes before the photo shoot begins.

Rose petal dress

what to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

A rose petal dress is another classic look that will instantly put you at ease. This dress is soft and flowing making it a nice fit-for-fest.

In this look, you can play with some jewelry and/or a jacket to add some depth to the dress. An over-the-top tip is to wear a high heels- bring them down a notch when we get to the studio!

The benefit of a more soft, flowy style is that it can help hide any stubborn cellulite. A simple moisturizing lotion and/or oil can be worn before the photo shoot to help protect the skin from heat and digital processing.

A septum ring or neck tattoo can also be done at this point, helping hide any skin discolorations or tattoos.

Velvet robe with fur trim

what to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

A boudoir photoshoot should be planned around what is most appropriate for the photographer and subject. The person wearing the least amount of clothes is usually a good choice for photoshoots like this one where you are being intimate in public.

The person dressed in tight, sexy clothing (like leather or silk pants, a black top, and shoes) is choosing to emphasize their sexuality by being presentable for the photo shoot. The velvet robe with fur trim adds another layer of portrayal to this.

Dress up photos are always fun to shoot, so don’t be afraid to try some new silhouettes and sets. Looking forward to shooting these photos will help get them done faster!

The person dressed in loose-fitting apparel (like sweats or lounge wear) is choosing how they want to be portrayed on the photographic canvas. This person would prefer not to be photographed in any sort of fashion-fronted photos, which is why this look is recommended for a boudoir photoshoot.

Striped t-shirt and shorts set

what to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

A relaxed, fun way to prepare for a photo shoot is to wear a colorful, comfortable pair of shorts or an oversized, soft top. You can also save some money by being in the nude or casual layer.

For the shot, you want to look and feel sexy but not vain. So, a striped t-shirt or tank top with low cut sides and a modest neckline is perfect. You want it also to be easy to remove so you do not have to worry about wearing too much and causing Photos of You to burn into you.

To create some drama in the photo, either take off one or both shoes or put something on just before taking the photo so that you are kicking off one piece of clothing before the next comes on. Or use different colored shoes to show up the line between feet and legs.

Gold sequin dress

what to wear for a boudoir photo shoot

A very prominent feature of this look is the sequin dress. Though not recommended due to being very delicate, this dress can be worn in a non-revealing way.!

The sequin can be removed or modified if needed. They are easy to find, purchase, and wear.!

The leather or rubberized material that is used to create the shape of the dress is said to hold its shape well. This may be due to the fact that it is lined with foam padding.

The waistband can also be modified if needed.

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