What To See In Auckland In 3 Days

A weekend in Auckland will never matter if you don’t visit the city’s sights. There are many things to see in the city, and they’re located within a short car ride or short time frame.

Auckland is a large city, which makes it difficult to get a full understanding of everything that’s to see. That is why it is important to spend some time exploring the city on your own.

Many of the sights in Auckland are free, making them a nice way to explore the city. There are also a few high-end attractions that people can visit if they have enough money. However, while these may be nice to experience on your own, you can save yourself some money if you take care of yourself before visiting.

The Sky Tower

what to see in auckland in 3 days

If you are lucky enough to visit during the winter months, you will want to check out the Sky Tower.

Located in downtown Auckland, this 52-meter-high (168-ft-) steel structure allows you a bird’s eye view of the city. It is also home to an observation deck that offers a stunning 360-degree view of the city and its surroundings.

During summer months, many enjoy strolling around the surrounding streets and skyline looking up. If you are planning on visiting during summer season, make sure to pack a water bottle as there is no access to the sky tower itself for drinking!

The observation deck does not have much information available in English, but do not let that stop you from checking it out! You can even hire individuals to help you out if there is no availability for yourself.

Art Gallery of New Zealand

what to see in auckland in 3 days

A cultural tapestry, the art gallery offers a diverse range of exhibitions, from traditional Maori to modern.

Auckland’s most celebrated artist is Janet Esterhouse, who has been creating public art works for years. She is well known for her Frogs and Other Famous Figures, which she paints on metal panels and then adds fabric acclivity them up. They are displayed in the Auckland Council’s Frogman Trail, which links interesting places around Auckland.

Esterhouse also created the Frogman Plaque at Waitangarama Beach, where local people often put information about the person who painted it. The plaque reads:

“Janet Esterhouse was a local woman who loved frogs and designed this piece to represent her love of frogology. When she died her family asked local children to maintain it so it continues to be respected.

St Paul’s Cathedral

what to see in auckland in 3 days

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of New Zealand’s major tourist destinations. It’s famous Christchurch domes make a stunning backdrop to any sightseeing trip.

Located just off Queen Street, St Paul’s Cathedral is a large building that can get very crowded. That aside, it is a beautiful place to visit and take some time to explore.

The interior has been renovated several times, making it different each time. There are many hidden rooms and staircases you can climb that lead to higher levels of the building.

While you are there, make sure to check out its crypt where you can view the cathedral from below or up above.

Bucket list items for Auckland visitors

what to see in auckland in 3 days

As mentioned earlier, Guguk is a popular place to visit in Auckland. It’s a large theme park that bills itself as everything from amusement park to adventure park to educational experience.

Its signature ride is the Carousel, which is an old-fashioned wooden roller-coaster. These usually have previews and test runs at smaller parks, but at Guguk it’s actually integrated into the layout of the resort.

Another interesting ride you can encounter is the Trainset, an interactive display that allows visitors to interact with a train set. This is typically used in museums as an engaging way for visitors to learn about a specific subject.

Visitors can also look around the Sculpture Park, where sculptures are placed around the grounds for visitors to admire.

What to eat in Auckland?

what to see in auckland in 3 days

As the largest city in the North Island, Auckland is definitely worth a visit. Whether you are looking for a cultural experience or a culinary one, you will find something to love in Auckland.

Auckland has been known for its great food for years, and there’s no reason to change that. There are so many street vendors and fastfood chains everywhere, and every neighborhood has its own favorite vendor.

Many of the vendors offer table service, making it an attractive option if you do not want to eat your food yourself. You can also choose to have your food cooked to your specifications!

If you are looking for unique eating experiences, check out some of the universities or parks where students often congregate to socialize and eat. They may have places that are affordable but high quality food.

Shops in Ponsonby

what to see in auckland in 3 days

Ponsonby is a lively, vibrant neighbourhood with shops, bars, and restaurants. If you are looking to explore as well as sightsee in 3 days, then Ponsonby is the place to be.

Blink and you will miss two of the main streets in Ponsonby: Queen Street and Vanstone Street. Queen Street is home to many upscale stores and pubs while Vanstone Street is home to some fast-paced restaurants.

If you are looking for a piece of New Zealand culture, visit Queen St Goods at 307 Queen St N/A if you want to buy or sell anything!

The Parque Commercial Centre at 178-184 Vanstone St has become the centre of business activity in Ponsonby.

Shopping malls in Auckland

what to see in auckland in 3 days

For starters, you can spend a day or two going shopping in Auckland. There are many high-tech and shopping malls across the city, making it the perfect place to spend your money!

Some of these malls include One Europe Square, Vector, and Te Papa. Each have their own unique layout and features for shopping. For example, one may have discount stores and traditional retailers alongside large electronics shops.

On top of the mall site, there is more information about what products are popular and what companies dominate the area. This helps people know what products they need to buy when visiting Auckland.

Take a boat tour on the harbor

what to see in auckland in 3 days

If you like boats, you’re in luck. There are a lot of boat tours available in Auckland. Many are city-based, but there are also some remote ones.

Many offer return trips which makes it a great way to see the city from multiple perspectives. All give you a good look at the city and its surrounding area, but not all do it in the same style as the harbor tour.

The harbor tour is very focused and gives you a good look at the city. The boat tour does not have that kind of focus and layout, making it less interactive than the other two cities sights.