What To Expect After Kybella

Kybella is an injectable procedure designed to reduce or even eliminate the size of your breasts through a process called augmentation. Kybella is a version of boob jobs, which involves paying for surgery to increase the size of your breasts.

Kybella is not for people with small breasts because it requires more surgery to achieve its effect. It requires Creating A Breast Augmentation Procedure Surgeries on both sides of your breast where the Kybella will be placed, and some temporary sterilization medication to prevent any scarring.

The effect is that your breasts look slightly bigger and feel a little more sturdy. Because it takes more than one treatment, this procedure can take up to four months to achieve!

After the first treatment, you may experience some bruising or discomfort from the needle placement technique.

Softening of the fat

what to expect after kybella

After undergoing the Kybella process, most people notice a decrease in firmness and increase in elasticity of the fat on their bodies. This is due to the effects of Kybella.

Some people notice a small change in firmness, while others notice a bigger change. Most people feel that their body feels softer and more comfortable, but some may not realize what happened.

This is because the effects of Kybella are gradual and sometimes disappear completely. Some people even noticed some minor weight loss, but most lost weight safely and comfortably without feeling hungry or regretting it.

Tightening of the skin

what to expect after kybella

After surgery, your doctor will recommend a period of rest and healing. This may include not wearing shirts or pants for a week or two.

Don’t worry about doing anything else during this time, you will still be able to leave the house and go to the grocery store and such. Your doctor will advise you about what is safe for you during this time.

Once healed, your doctor can start discussing tightening techniques. Some doctors use laser therapy, cryotherapy, or chemical peels as treatment. All of these methods work in different ways, so ask your doctor which one works best for you.

Once on treatment, the doctors keep checking in with you via phone or email to make sure everything is working.

Possible bruising

what to expect after kybella

There is a chance that your nose will turn red, brown, or even red and black after surgery. This is due to the anesthetic that was used. Anesthesia can cause some tissue to break down, bruise, or even turn brown.

This is called postoperative bruising. During surgery, some of the dye was transferred to your skin. While in the doctor’s office for evaluation and treatment, you were asked if anything felt different when you touched it. If so, this was a sign of postoperative bruising.

Some people feel different things such as lightheadedness or dizziness after surgery. These are usually temporary effects of the anesthetic that took away some sensation in certain areas of the body.

If you are concerned about these effects, you can go to a hospital or surgeon for care.


what to expect after kybella

After undergoing a boobransuret naissance, your boobs will look and feel differently. They will continue to grow and increase in size until they reach a new size, which is the perky, bigger look you see in photographs.

This growth can be noticeable when they are very big or when they decrease in size, it depends on your lady friend’s self-confidence.

This is normal! Most people feel happier with a little bit of firmer breasts that were beginning to look droopy. Perky breasts are usually more popular styles so people are more likely to ask for them.

Perky breasts can sometimes become top heavy, which is a slight curveting of the top of the breast towards the outside. This is something that may require some care and maintenance as it could happen because of fat cellsitting up.


After undergoing a Kybella procedure, your body will need to heal itself after the operation. This can be a little uncomfortable or even scary!

There may be some swelling or bruises that will last for several weeks or even months. You may also feel tired, have trouble getting up and sitting without aid and/or be conscious.

These symptoms are normal and will pass in time, however, if you feel anxious or have any other mental issues this may increase your recovery time. You must learn to trust the surgeons and hospital staff to keep you safe during this time so it is important to have strong support systems ready.

You will also need to adhere to a very regular schedule of rehab sessions to get back on your feet. Trust in the surgeons and hospital staff that you are healed enough for you to return to normal activities.

Difficulties eating for a few days

what to expect after kybella

Most people notice a change in appetite after Kybella. You may feel more hungry or you may notice that you eat less or less than you did before.

This is normal! When Kybella treatments are introduced into your diet, your body has to adjust to them. Some people find it difficult to eat enough or to put enough into their mouths.

This is normal and nobody else should be concerned. You are still beautiful and worth being hungry or eat enough! This is a safe way to adjust to new food tastes or regulations around what you can and cannot eat.

Possible headaches

what to expect after kybella

There is a chance that you can have a hard time finding anything or anyone who does not find your facial structure and/or smile to be beautiful. This is called aesthetic surgery and it does not replace natural beauty!

Many people find it to be perfect enough right away, so they do not get into the habit of changing it often. Others are more comfortable doing that, as well as possible with modern technology!

Being able to have a hard time on the other hand can be expensive, so most people who have done this get it done at the same time as their face-lift.

Some people cannot handle the idea of getting rid of some tissue around their mouth and face, so they go with liposuction or plastic surgery on other parts of their body that needs it. Kybella uses radio frequency to treat kybella patients, so they can still feel the cosmetic results.

Tightness of the throat

what to expect after kybella

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