What To Do While Waiting On God For A Husband

Waiting on God for a Husband is a short, 12-week program that teaches you how to wait on God for your husband. During this period of time, you will explore what steps you can take to encourage your husband in his faith. You will learn how to praise and thank the Holy Spirit for His work in your life. You will also learn how to interact with other people at church and in your life, including your parents.

This course was created by couples who have been together for a long time but have not lived together yet. They were waiting until they were married and had kids before they moved in together, which is the average arrangement during the early years of marriage.

This course was developed to help couples who have never met or talked with one another find ways to encourage each other during this period of time between getting married and living together.

Work on your career

what to do while waiting on god for a husband

While God is preparing your husband for you, you should be pursuing your career tactically. You can call upon your networks, experience data to make educated decisions, and stay informed of new developments tinted by your role in the world.

Your husband will not be working and will be home often while you are busy pursuing your careers. This is perfect! You need to develop a strong work-life balance in order to maintain mental health and physical health.

Work-life balance requires planning, but also having the confidence to leave the hard work to the next person after they demonstrate what they know can work. It takes practice, but it is worth it in the end.

A key part of work-life balance is being able to take a break when needed. Taking breaks from work allows you to re-evaluate how you are spending your time and gives you room to move forward.

Pursue hobbies

what to do while waiting on god for a husband

Even though you are waiting on God for your marriage to grow, you still need to find time for yourself. While your husband is working and spending time with his job and his lifestyle, you can continue to pursue hobbies and interests by yourself or with a friend.

Many people find that while waiting for the right man, they can still be productive members of the community. Building community organizations or groups is a great way to work while also having fun.

If you feel like your life has gone from being full of ministry to being just about yourself, then we suggest pursuing some hobbies and interests because God knows when He’s ready He’ll get that “right person” who will complete him!

When our ministry founder wrote her article on what to do while waiting on God for a husband, she mentioned starting a journaling or diarying journal group with her husband. This is a great way to keep tabs on what you are doing in the community and also meet other people who are going through the same thing.

Build healthy friendships

what to do while waiting on god for a husband

God is faithful. He loves you and will return you to him. Continue to build your relationship with people who know and trust him.

Friends can be a great source of encouragement and validation. They can help you see the good in people and places, and they can be an invaluable resource as you move forward in life.

But they must be used with caution. A friend may not be a friend anymore, and a friendship may turn into a relationship when it shouldn’t have begun in the first place.

As with all relationships, there must be clear boundaries set for friends, how close they should get, and what they should not do together. Even though these things may seem hard or impossible to adhere to for friends of God, it is important to find them before it’s too late.

Keep doing what you’re doing and keep praying

what to do while waiting on god for a husband

After your husband passes, keep doing what you’re doing and prayingressof. You’re going to need the grace of God to carry you through this time when you’re lost and alone.

Keep attending church, praying, and keeping an eye out for God. Keep participating in the community that supports your life story and works towards your goals.

While you wait for God to return, do what you are already passionate about in your life.

Trust God with the timing

While most people think of Marriage as a legal agreement that binds two people together for life, it is really a set of rules and standards that couple together to live their lives.

Marriage was created for partners who are committed to each other and to who have done what they asked in love toward one another.

While this level of commitment can be difficult to measure in the world today, it is still important to have some guidelines for your married life.

One important thing people can do while waiting on God for a husband is trust He. Have faith that He will bring you a husband when He will, and try not to worry about how long it will take or if you will be alone when it will happen.

Having a faith-based attitude towards Marriage can help you stay calm when things take a long time or happen against the odds.

Believe that God is working things out for your good

what to do while waiting on god for a husband

As soon as a man finds a good woman, he should be patient enough to wait on her in faith. This is a trusted relationship that God is establishing between them.

He should believe that she will emerge as the best wife and mother possible. He can start to look forward to her arriving every morning and evening, and spending time with her and their children.

He can start to feel excited about the future together. He will look forward to developing strong relationships with other people and institutions, and meeting their children and parents.

When she brings her kids into the husband’s home, she should be careful enough to keep them occupied enough so that they do not become disruptive or lose their personality traits. She may also need help with those tasks, such as teaching them basic skills such as counting or learning letters and words.

Be happy for your friends who are married

what to do while waiting on god for a husband

No one wants to see friends get married or be married. So, when they are ready to make a life together, celebrate with them!

When a couple gets married, they usually decides on a date and time to meet as husband and wife. Since this happens often, you should have plans to celebrate their marriage.

If you’re happy for them, give them a gift and try your best to hide the fact that you are sorry but also happy for them. You do not have to say anything else since it looks like they were happy with their gift.

Celebrate single life

what to do while waiting on god for a husband

While waiting for your life to begin, celebrate being alone in the world. Reading good books, meeting new people, and making plans are all great ways to spend your time.

You will also be learning about yourself and what you want out of life when you continue to live as if you have a family (and possibly a home) already established.

Your current level of expectation for marriage, relationships, and health will be lower than when you are single. This will help you accept God’s timing more gracefully.

Also, continue to pray for your future husband or husbands in God and for each other. Your trusted friends and family may not make the transition to husband very well if they are not prepared themselves.

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