What To Do In Hong Kong In 1 Day

Hong Kong is a vibrant city with many activities to keep you busy. There’s never a shortage of things to do, and they are all within close proximity to each other.

Many travel destinations offer tours that include visiting the marketplace, temples, markets, and film studios. It will depend on the location, but most of them are worth a visit.

The markets are where you can find everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to luxury goods. Many items are sold long before they reach the grocery store or supermarket.


what to do in hong kong in 1 day

Central, located at the centre of the city, is known for its high-rise buildings and famous shopping street, Nathan Road.

The area is also where government offices and large businesses congregate. As a result, Central is filled with people and noise.

However, this can be helpful as it gives you a base to start from, as you can shop and dine your way through. Central also hosts some of Hong Kong’s tallest buildings including the Rease Yee Building, which stands at 633 m or 185 stories!

As there are not many tourism-related sights in Central, you can simply spend your day there getting some work or shopping while you wait for breakfast or lunch to arrive.

Hong Kong Museum of History

If you have time, visit the Hong Kong Museum of History. It’s only a day, but it will cost you!

This museum is located right in the middle of Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. It’s small, so you can fit into it in a few minutes.

The main focus of the museum is history, with many displays focused on different countries and periods. There are even exhibits on families!

Many interesting things happen in this historical building. You can find things like live re-enactments, demonstrations, and experiments on display.

Do not expect too much at the museum – it is very dry and academic.

Hong Kong Science Museum

what to do in hong kong in 1 day

Start your day by visiting the Hong Kong Science Museum. It has an underground theme park that immerses you in science and technology.

Inside, you can explore a replica of the human brain with your thoughts being transferred to a screen to learn more about the mind and machine brains such as artificial intelligence.

Look for clues such as hidden compartments or surprises throughout the museum, all of which challenge your brain and self-control. You will also learn something new about science every time you do it.

After visiting the museum, go around Central to see some of its popular sights such as The Ritz- Carlton Hotel, Victoria Harbour District, or Olympic Park.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

what to do in hong kong in 1 day

Tsim Sha Tsui is a large streetside public promenade in the city. It connects Tsim Sha Tsui Railway Station to the nearby Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station.

The area is home to many businesses and local residents, making it a busy place all the time. Fun fact: This is also the location for Hong Kong’s first movie theater!

Tsim Sha Tauat was built in 1938 and became a movie theater in 1939. It was later replaced by a cinema in 1963, then again as now it is a promenade.

It has been vacant since 2008, but luckily someone took care of it until now.

Star Ferry to Central Pier

what to do in hong kong in 1 day

Start your day by traveling the Star Ferry to Central Pier, where you can hop into a ferry and ride to Central. It will take you about an hour to arrive by boat and fifteen minutes to walk from there.

Once on Central, you have a few options. You can go shopping, see an exhibition, or even dine! There are also plenty of nightlife options on Central.

If you are looking for some action, try one of the bars or nightclubs on Central. They usually have fun promotions and great music so you will not be bored.

Rush Hour at Times Square

what to do in hong kong in 1 day

Hong Kong is nicknamed the city of curves. That is due to the abundance of wheelchairs, curvy streets, and places that require a certain level of physical ability.

This can make going around town in a day easy! There are many places to see and experiences you would not get in another way. So, what should you do in Hong Kong on a day like this?

For starters, find one or more Times Squares and enjoy some slow-paced life-simulation. If you have mobility issues, check out the Rush Hour at Times Square program. If you have no issues, go ahead and enjoy the entertainment district!

While there are many things to do on a given day in Hong Kong, there are also many things that can be done on a weekend or special event date.

Mid-Levels Escaline Road

what to do in hong kong in 1 day

Hong Kong is full of adventure, and with just a day to explore the city, you can have a lot of fun!

Start your day by taking a stroll through Kowloon Walled City, where you will see several luxury apartments built inside old seaworld structures. These are popular among wealthy Hong Kong residents as they receive quality service and at an affordable price.

After breakfast, head to one of the many parks in Hong Kong to enjoy your morning coffee or lunch. One of the most visited parks is Central Park, where you will find plenty of coffee shops and restaurants.

Then, visit one of the Victoria Harbour view bridge or go hiking! Both are amazing views that you will not get at home.

Island West District Shopping Mall

what to do in hong kong in 1 day

If you are looking for a quick and easy day trip, visit Hong Kong Island’s Island West district. The area is known for its upscale shopping malls and is only a short taxi ride or public bus ride away.

Located just east of Central, this district has three major districts: West Kowloon, Choiting, and Yuenping. Together, they comprise the most expensive area in Hong Kong and offer high-quality goods and services.

The Choiting District contains two notable shopping centers: Choiying and Sogo. Both are large complexes with many branch stores that sell clothing, cosmetics, and beauty products. Sogo also has a bookstore-like section where you can buy nonfiction books on subjects such as cooking or fashion.