What To Bring On An Official College Visit

Doing a college visit is a lot of fun, but it can be stressful too! If you are already planning your visit, make sure to let yourself and your group of visitors know what kinds of things they should be expecting.

Whether it is checking out the artwork, taking in the views or hearing some great feedback about your school so far. These things may help make your visit more enjoyable and create excitement for what you will see and do on your tour.

If you are looking into these things, make sure that they are good quality materials and that they fit the needs of the group. An important part of this process is listening to what others have to say!

Having enough makeup, (Check out the bullet point for this below!) meeting expectations for age, allergies and costumes are also very important on the day of your visit.


Having enough money to spend on the visit is key. You do not want to be spending all of your visit money because you have to later!

During the visit, your counselor will ask you to pay for things. During lunch or dinner, at the dorms or in the student services area of the school, and in addition to doing your academic work, this helps find a good fit for both schools.

Many colleges charge a per-person fee to visit a campus; this can be as much as an hour-and-a-half tour time onsite or an overnight trip. Total cost may be more than just buying a tour package at another school, so having some money left over can help test out different areas of the school before you decide where to send you.

On top of that, some colleges have “charity” days where everyone is required to go.

Phone charger

what to bring on an official college visit

Your phone may be dying if you do not keep it charged. Your visit may be short enough that you do not need your phone yet, but it is always good to be prepared.

A plan may be suggested at each school you visit, so that your phone can stay connected to the network during your visit. At some schools, a personal email address is provided for you to send letters and emails about the school.

Some schools even have a Facebook account designated for you to connect with the campus community. If a cable/satellite TV is included in the price of attendance, then staying plugged in and watching television or playing some kind of computer game or online game may be done.


what to bring on an official college visit

Doing makeup is a great way to exercise yourself. You can also learn some new techniques while on a college visit!

Some fun things to do during a visit is to go to the bathroom or wardrobe store. Both of these places can give you free samples of products so you can try them out.

At the wardrobed store, you can pick out what products you would like to use and put them on yourself. The bathroom-visit-to-get-an-appointment type of stuff works too!

You can also go back to the store and buy all of the products you used at the shop, or maybe even try some new ones on yourself.


what to bring on an official college visit

Having an official visit can be helpful for a college visit. Since they are greeted at the door with your picture, they know you by name.

So, if you do not make an impression, you can blame your host for not being friendly or helpful. It also can help with picking a school as there is always someone around to meet you and help you make a decision!

Some colleges even have transfer weekend where some schools will let certain students transfer in order to get a better sense of the school and community. A lot of times this happens during freshman year because people are new to campus and adjusting to life on and off campus is difficult.

Male students: If you are female and going on an official visit, then bring some underwear and/or Spanx to ensure nothing rubs against anything else during playtime or in case something rough was needed.

Cash or card for food

what to bring on an official college visit

You can bring cash or credit or debit card for food on an official visit. If you have no funds available, you can purchase some groceries at a store and pack those in your bag.

It is nice to have some money saved up for college visits, so consider buying yourself a gift before the visit is over!

There are several foods you should have with your visit. Packages such as chips and dip, fruit, and vegetables can be eaten immediately after being delivered to the student’s room. Dining halls usually provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, so there is always something to eat.

Some students even bring snacks and/or meals every day to keep up with the schedule.

Journal or notebook

what to bring on an official college visit

Your trip does not end with your arrival at the student housing. You must stay in touch with your new friends and community members after you arrive as well. Your visit is only a few days, so make the most of it!

Your visit is an important part of your college experience. You are here to learn and grow, and your family and friends will be a great source of encouragement along the way.

It is good to have some things ready to share about your visit when you arrive, such as a story or pictures to send home with you. By sharing these things early on, people can plan their schedule around them!

Try arranging some local meetups or something kind- Educational Events where you can be helped- These are great ways to connect with other students to learn about campus and how they work there.

Pen or pencil

what to bring on an official college visit

Having a pen and some paper or a smartphone with the right apps can help you meet your visited’s needs on an official visit.

It is recommended that you give your visited a quick overview of your campus via your phone or laptop, to get them acclimated to the campus and what they should expect to see.

Some apps that can be used for this include Google Maps, Yelp, and Campus Nav. All of these can help map out potential hangouts and places you would find interesting on your visit.

A website you can use is called An Event Lined Upheit. This website contains all of the necessary information for hosting an event such as hosting a party or putting up posters. You can also ask around the community about possible event hosts.

Pack light!

what to bring on an official college visit

It is very important to pack a few things that can be picked up fast. These include:

Visiting an official college visit can take a little bit of time and energy, so it is important to be prepared. You do not want to be out visiting the campus and have nothing!

Some students may not allow you to bring a phone or computer when you are on campus, so be sure to bring those too. You can always go without them if you don’t need them!

It is also helpful to have some extra clothes if the student does not wear anything during the visit or if they are undressable in your dorms or housing. Having these things will help cover any losses should they not return home successful.