What Terminal Is Hawaiian Airlines At Jfk

Hawaiian Airlines is a major player in the airlines industry. Since its founding, the airline has focused on providing loyal customer service and affordable tickets. Today, they are one of the largest airlines in North America with flights to 26 destinations across North and South America, Asia, and Oceania.

Their headquarters is located in Honolulu, Hawaii which makes it an important hub for the airline. They also have flight centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Auckland, New Zealand. This variety of locations makes Hawaiian Airlines unique compared to other airlines that only have one location for the company.

This article will focus on what terminal is Hawaiian at John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York City).

Terminal 7

what terminal is hawaiian airlines at jfk

Terminal 7 is a large terminal located just east of the main airport building. It offers flights to most major cities in the United Asiatic region as well as many smaller cities in North and South America.

It was recently renovated and expanded to include more space for passengers. This makes it more convenient and expansive flight schedule wise. Plus, it is always fun to visit a new airport so you can enjoy the experience of moving into a new place!

There are several hotels near Terminal 7 as well as several airline lounges and restaurants. There are also transportation links to take you back and forth between the two terminals as well as between the different parts of the airport.

Terminal 1

what terminal is hawaiian airlines at jfk

Terminal 1 is a large terminal that serves as a central hub for most Hawaiian airlines. It also serves as a drop off point for other airlines in the area.

The terminal has several main areas, including the Arrivals area, the Departures area, and the Backpack Area. Each of these areas has its own designated section for finding your flight, checking in your baggage, and entering your flight information.

In addition to these sections, Terminal 1 has an extensive network of floor-level concierges to help you with everything from finding a hotel to dealing with entertainment and shopping requests.

Terminal 2

what terminal is hawaiian airlines at jfk

Terminal 2 is the main terminal for Hawaiian at John F. Kennedy International Airport. It also serves as the hub for All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines (JL).

All Nippon Airways has its headquarters in Terminal 2 and operates a small number of flights out of it. It also serves as the main terminal for All Nippon Airways’ flights to Tokyo, Japan and Osaka, Japan.

Terminal 2 also houses New York Air, which provides airline tickets to Hawaii, Los Angeles, and San Francisco via Honolulu. Hawaiian provides gates at Terminal 2 to New York Air so that passengers can transfer to their flight from there.

Terminal 2 also houses Virgin America, which offers nonstop flights from many major airports across North America. The airport has a gate in front of Virgin America’s terminal 1 so that passengers do not have to walk such a long distance to catch their flight.

Terminal 6

what terminal is hawaiian airlines at jfk

Terminal 6 is a small airport, only having three terminals. One main terminal and two parking structures make up this large airport.

It is Located Just North Of New York City, On The East River So It Is Always Cool To Name A Terminal After You!

Many airline partners have their headquarters or main office here so it makes for a large network of associates. This makes Terminal 6 very busy at times, which is why it is important to stay organized.

There are three ways to get to and from Terminal 6: shuttle, ferry, and subway. All three options require some planning and looking up information before you decide to take them!

The shuttle takes about an hour to get back and forth from the terminals, so plan ahead and use it if you can.

Where is Hawaiian Airlines at JFK?

what terminal is hawaiian airlines at jfk

At present, Hawaiian is located at the American Airlines terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport. This is very close to the Terminal 7 entrance where you can catch the AAdvantage frequent flyer program.

There are no signs or announcements for Hawaiian at JFK, and there is no terminals division on the airport’s website. However, most mainland airports have a dedicated website where you can find all of your airport’s services.

Terminal 7 is the main airport terminal and serves all flights arriving and departing from New York City and Washington, D.C.. It also serves some flights arriving in New York City or Washington that do not go directly to their final destination.

Terminal 5 serves all flights arriving in Boston and Philadelphia, as well as all flights departing out of those cities. It also serves some flights travelling between these two cities.

Find your airline at JFK

what terminal is hawaiian airlines at jfk

If you are flying Hawaiian Airlines at John F. Kennedy International Airport, you have a few ways to find your airline.

The easiest is to go to the Terminal 5 information desk and ask for the Hawaiian Airlines terminal. They will point you in the right direction.

The other two are to call the airline’s website and request the terminal be brought to your location, or to go through a travel agent and request the terminal be sent to your location.

If you choose the second, be prepared for a wait! Most airlines require at least one travel agent within close proximity of their terminal to receive their passengers.

Know your location at JFK

what terminal is hawaiian airlines at jfk

When you board your flight, you will present your airline boarding pass. This is your location on the aircraft and the order in which you must go through security and onto the plane.

You will then need to confirm your seat location on the aircraft by putting a small mark next to it and confirming it is seated next to you.

If your seat is a premium seat, then make sure that it is seated next to someone because those cost more expensive seats have to be used if there are no extra seats available.

If a economy class seats are available, make those same people sit down so that there are no empty seats ahead of them. This will save some passengers from having to pay more for their ticket than needed.

How to get to the terminals at JFK

what terminal is hawaiian airlines at jfk

There are two ways to get to the terminals at JFK. You can take a taxi, or you can use the JFK terminals bus system.

The JFK terminals bus system is called LINK and it allows you to connect between different buses and routes throughout the city. Most of the stops are a short walk away and can be found in eitherGreenpoint or Cobble Hill neighborhoods.

LINK also has its own taxis that run via their app, but we recommend using the LINK buses as they are always on schedule and reliable. They also have free apps for your cell phone and home phone that you can use to call them if needed.