What Size Pointe Shoe Do I Need?

Pointe shoes are typically taller and more elaborate than a normal ballet shoe. They are used in dance, performance, and rehearsals. Point shoes are also more elaborate than standard ballet shoes.

Point shoes have small platforms or boxes placed inside them for the foot to fit in. These boxes change in width as the pointe shoe is worn, making it more elaborate every time. The most notable box on a point shoe is the one that holds the toe of the shoe together.

When choosing a point shoe, there are some basic rules that must be followed.

Measure your feet

what size pointe shoe do i need

When planning your pointe shoe size, know how large your feet are. Many people who wear street shoes every day may not realize how large their street shoes must be.

Normal street shoes have a thick, cushioning footbed that allow them to hold their shape. This footbed is designed to keep the shoe’s shape even after being put on and removed from the shoe dozens of times.

Because of this, some people may need a smaller size than expected. When buying a new size, make sure you have enough room for the new size to be inserted easily into the shoe. Once they are on, that is what matters!

If you spend a lot of time walking in open-toed shoes or if you do not like having little toes showing, then these shoes should not be too big.

Go to a dance shop and try on shoes

what size pointe shoe do i need

There are many ways to find a size eight pointe shoe. First, you can go to a dance shop and ask for a size eight pointe shoe. Or you can go to www.sizeships.com and find the best fit for your foot size.

The sashes at dance shops are large, so if you do not have enough room in your foot, the shoes may not be snug enough. If you have some narrow feet, the shoes may be too small around the ankle and feet may be short.

If you have wide feet or long toes, the shoes may be too big around them because of how short they must be on your foot. Go with someone who knows how to pointe if this is you!

Finally, try www.sizeships.com to find the best fit for your foot size and shape.

Have your parents take you to the dance shop

what size pointe shoe do i need

When you’re a young child, you don’t really know what size pointe shoe you need until you need them. Some children start wearing shoes that are too small until they learn how to place their foot in the shoe.

Once they learn how to place their foot in the shoe, they can buy a larger size! Same with children. Some adults do not like small shoes, but if your feet do not fit too well in regular sized shoes, this may be better.

Have no fear! There are many ways to find your size. Pointe shoes are big news around the world of Dance, so there are plenty of sites where you can order something that fits you.

Know the types of pointe shoes

what size pointe shoe do i need

There are two main categories of pointe shoes. There are pointe shoes that are designed to be worn on the toe and ones that are designed to be placed on the foot. While both can be worn on the toe, the narrow width of the shoe on the foot can make it noticeable when stepped on.

Pointe shoes are usually classified by their sole length (the length of the pointe shoe between the toes and seat) and their footprint (the width of the pointe shoe across the foot). The typical length is about one and a half times the width.

The short sole height often results in very long feet, which is why so many people end up with short feet when they buy a pointe shoe. A short foot can remedy this by buying a longer heel unit, which brings up more ground. If you have long feet, it is important to buy a long enough heel unit to allow room for long toes to spread and extend.

Knowingly buying a shorter lengthpoint shoe will require some work in order to correct it.

Try on both sizes of pointe shoes

what size pointe shoe do i need

It’s the best way to determine which size point shoe you need. Most manufacturers offer this as an add-on.

If you have a hard time finding your fit, then try the smaller size on on. If that does not work, then buy a larger shoe.

Either way, you get the point of trying both on to find your perfect fit!

If you could not find your size in the previous section, try these same tips with a different brand of Pointe Shoe. If that does not work, try another brand of Pointe Shoes.

Feel the grip of the pointe shoe

what size pointe shoe do i need

When you walk on pointe, your feet make a loud sound called foot strike. If you are new to pointe, you may need a softer foot strike to get started. This is okay! You can work at it until you find your feel!

The pointe shoe makes a difference in the way your feet feel when walking. There are four different sizes of pointes, with smaller points being more narrow. The larger points may be wider and stronger, making the small size of the pointe shoe more useful.

When you get into CFU Productions for tutoring, you will meet other new dancers who want to learn but do not have a pointe shoe nor do they want to buy one because they do not feel it enough to need it.

Watch other dancers on pointe shoes

what size pointe shoe do i need

When you are ready to buy a new pointe shoe, it is important to watch other dancers in your community on how they use and wear their shoes.

Many coaches will let you try their new shoe for a few days before they give you their approval, so why not you?

Some coaches will only approve the new shoe when it is totally broken in and has been trained on the feet of someone with experience with it. This is a good rule of thumb for getting your new pointe shoe.

If you do not have a coach or if your new pointe shoes does not look too professional or look thick and puffy, then get them looking good immediately! A quick sweep with tissue paper or nail polish remover should do the trick.

It is also important to know how to care for your new shoes.

Ask your classmates about their shoes

what size pointe shoe do i need

Most size-large pointe shoes are 15 to 16 inches broad. A small pointe shoe can be 13 to 14 inches long. These shoes are a medium height dancer.

Size-large pointe shoes can be from 15 to 17 inches long and 14 to 16 inches wide. A small pointe shoe can be 11 to 13 inches long and 4 to 6 inches wide. Both sizes are possible with this style of shoe.

Most professional dancers use a size-medium because it is the perfect balance ofsize and qualityof feel. Some users have noted that the larger size is a little hardier than the smaller one, which may be an issue for some users.

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