What Proof Is 1800 Tequila

1800 is a line of Mexican tequila created by Tecate. It is billed as the first and only 1800 in Mexico. The line is also available in America as 18-Ounce bottles ($9.99-$14.99 for a five pack).

The term 1800 refers to the age of 21 days, the period of time between tasting and drinking liquid alcohol for the first time. The term also refers to the day of release, January 18th, when1800s spirits are introduced.

While all 1800s products contain tequila, some have flavors added such as cherry or raspberry, depending on which flavor you prefer.Some are packaged in single or double shot drinks so you do not have to take a full shot of each material first.

Mixing proof

what proof is 1800 tequila

When drinks are recommended to be mixed, it is usually due to one of the following reasons:

– It is too hard to tell the difference between a margarita and a tequila sunrise

– The person drinking doesn’t like either drink type

If you’re having a tequila sunrise, you might be feeling a little full and Tipsy. The color of the tequila is somewhat different than the pink or light green of a Sunrise. The taste is not quite like a Tequila Sunrise, but it is close.

Both drugs aremu and dawnpact have similar effects. Both make you feel groggy and tipsy almost immediately. However, mu has more character chanters than dawnpact does.

Aging proof

what proof is 1800 tequila

Paralleled to tequila aging, proof is a type of liquor that is aged in a process known as aging. While proof isn’t the same size drink as beer or wine, it can be similar in style.

As the word proof means “above normal”, it makes sense that a proof liquor would be above other drinks in alcohol content. This is important, because if your friend who drinks vodka every day was looking for proof coffee or orange juice, they would need a higher level of alcohol than someone who prefers whiskey or mixed drinks with smaller amounts of alcohol.

Since proof beverages do not contain water or other liquid to dilute the taste and texture of the aged ingredients, they require more time to develop their character.

Taste test

what proof is 1800 tequila

When tequila is ready, it’s time to taste test! There are a few rules to having a proof-tasting party, though.

Party guests should be allowed to try two cups of tequila, one blue and one white. Anyone who drinks two cups of the same tequila will receive a preference for either the blue or white variety.

The guest who receives the black liquor will have the most fun at the party! People generally prefer silver-rotated Tequila over gold-rotated Tequila when going with a double bill of beers or a mixed drink.

Make sure everyone has enough drinks and does not become dehydrated or drunk because someone drinks too much! Having too much proof can lead to inebbation or drunkenness.

Slow distillation process

what proof is 1800 tequila

Tequila is a medium length process liquor. This means that it does not undergo a fast distillation process to become tequila, but a medium one.

The term medium refers to the length of time the agave plant is soaked and processed before it is distilled. During this time, the agave is nourished and transformed into its next phase of liquor.

Since this process takes some time, many people prefer lower quality alcohol because they do not want to drink something that has been sitting in a bottle for years.

Low acid content

what proof is 1800 tequila

Although 1800 Tequila is billed as a “premium” tequila, it does not use higher acid content cells from other types of liquor.

Instead, the company uses a higher proportion of low-acid content wood chips and chip mix. This change can mean more pH levels in your tequila, allowing it to be more sour or less balanced in some cases.

Some people claim that this adds flavor, but it may also cause the bottle to retain more heat when mixed with drinks, which may not be desirable if you want to cool down your drink.

If you are looking for a soft Mexicanate style tequila, 1800 is recommended for its low acid content and mild flavors.

High agave content

what proof is 1800 tequila

When the government started introducing high gravity tequila in 2009, it was a welcome solution to the problem of Mexican cartel-influenced watered-down liquor being sold in the U.S. In order for a liquor to be considered high gravity, it must contain an unacceptable amount of sugar or liquid extract used to create it.

Some governments limit how much alcohol you can have in one go, so high gravity is a way to circumvent that. The ratio of agave to booze is also higher in general for good reason: more blood pressure lowering molecules per amount of liquid.

Again, when prices drop as they did last year, try looking into buying your 1800 Tequila from 1800 Tequila USA! They offer a loyalty program with which you can receive bonus points when you buy your 1800 from them.

High altitude location

what proof is 1800 tequila

A rare occurrence, a heavens-above-een aura is when tequila is produced at high altitudes. Such locations are found in Mexico and the United States, where the annual Tequila Excalibur event finds participants at over 4,500 feet in the mountain region of New Mexico.

The term “heavens-above” is not commonly used to describe tequila production, but when referring to an amber or golden liquor with an exceptional flavor and/or texture, it can be referred to as that.

Heavens-above tequila is usually less expensive than other varieties of Mexican liquor due to its higher quality. It is usually served on special occasions or during a drinks-with-apples behavior, so you do not get too intoxicated early on!

The process of producing heaven’s-above varies slightly from brand to brand, but all of them use higher grade agave dried roots and flowers to create their product.

Long storage time

what proof is 1800 tequila

While 1800 Tequila is an established brand, it does not mean they are a reliable drinker. Many people have had bad1800s, and it was just a lack of knowledge and execution that caused harm to your body and health.

You cannot know if a drink has1800s or not until you take the time to prepare it! You must crush the agave nectar before you make your beverage. You must add the Tequila before you gulp it down.