What Middle School Did Beyonce Go To


Heritage Middle School

what middle school did beyonce go to

When you think of middle school, did Beyonce Go to Heritage Middle School? If so, you’re in luck, because the school is closing soon and it was one of the best middle schools in the Tampa Bay area!

Heritage Middle School was open from 1991 to 1999 and then from 1999 to 2014. It was closed for a few months in 2005 due to construction, but it reopened the next year.

During its time as a high school, students went to college level coursework and earned college credits at an accelerated pace. At grade school, they learned things like ancient languages, American history, fundamentals of science including physics and chemistry, modern science including physics and biology with an emphasis on technology-based courses like Computer Science or English with an emphasis on composition and storytelling.

Coldwater Middle School

what middle school did beyonce go to

Middle schoolers are known for a lot of things. They are known for playing video games, hanging out with friends, and being active members in the community. Unfortunately, they can also be very competitive.

This middle schooler was preoccupied with how he looked. He would spend a lot of time trying to perfect his look by going to the hair and makeup station or buying one at the store. He also wanted to be a part of the cool gang so he would dress up always.

He was also very interested in fashion trends so he would buy fashion tips and try them out on himself. He kept a Fashion Friday box sent through his phone every week so he could receive tips straight from experts.

Delta Middle School

what middle school did beyonce go to

Delta Middle School is located in the heart of Harlem. Built in 2006, this school was the first middle school in New York to be completed and open for students to use in mid-2007.

Since then, it has been a staple in the community as a high school. It has had many notable graduates such as Cardi B, JAY-Z, and Chance The Rapper.

This middle school is known for its diverse population and quality education. Its rigorous curriculum is fit for any student, including those who are African American or Mexican American.

Being a minority student at this middle school can be difficult. There are expectations from your peers, from faculty members, and from government officials.

Centennial Middle School

what middle school did beyonce go to

While most people know middle school as a time for socializing, learning, and getting acquainted with each other, there is more to middle school than that.

Middle school years are also when people start having sex, getting laid. While some people say it happens during this age, it definitely happens later. Luckily, middle school girls are still innocent enough to go out with guys their age, so you do not have to worry about being too mature for her.

Some people begin dating in middle school, which can be awkward at times.

Mira Monte High School

what middle school did beyonce go to

Mira Monte High School is a school that does not have an official website, however, you can find information about the school by looking up Mira Monte on YouPorn.

The school offers several programs for its students, including athletic teams, cultural organizations, musical groups, and academic groups. Many of these groups have partnership with other schools to offer combined experiences.

Part of the reason why this school offers so many experiences is because it is very small. Only about a hundred students attend each day, making the opportunities very special.

Some of the events offered by the students are theater productions, dance performances, musicals, and organized events like fashion shows or competitions.

Wyland Middle School

what middle school did beyonce go to

Wyland middle school, located in suburban St. Louis, was built to house more students after the 2000s middle school graduation flood. It currently holds around 530 students, making it the largest middle school in St. Louis County and Missouri.

For years, Wyland middle had one main entrance on Forest Avenue, making it easy for students to get to their classrooms and away from the rest of the school. After several years of adding classrooms and a cafeteria expansion, Wyland now has nine separate classrooms and a full cafeteria.

The old entrance is still there, but now there is a door behind it that leads to an additional classroom and a kitchen area. This new layout makes nine new rooms at Wyland, which adds more space for class schedules and needs.

Because of this new space, seven new teachers were hired this year to take advantage of all these new spaces.

Audrie P. Torres Middle School

what middle school did beyonce go to

Audrie P. Torres Middle School was named one of Parents+’ top schools in America in 2013 and 2014 for its innovative curriculum, strong academics, and community involvement.

The school focuses on providing an interactive learning environment in which students develop both confidence and skills to solve problems and accomplish tasks. They also focus on developing self-confidence and skills to withstand pressure which helps them as a person and school member.

Their unique curriculum is based on real world experiences and includes: science, technology, engineering, and the social sciences. This is combined with an emphasis on reading/writing/span across the academic spectrum. This combines into one strong foundation for all three areas of learning.

As stated before, this school focuses on promoting reading/writing/span across the academic spectrum. This includes having students write stories about events they were involved in and post it their span at school.

Bell Creek Middle School

what middle school did beyonce go to

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter went to Bell Creek Middle School in Phoenix, Arizona before she went to college. She graduated from Plant Escheperation University with a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance.

Known as the school that gave Nicki Minaj her first hit single, it also produced future governor Jane Kazie and U.S. senator Mike Enzi.

While she did not graduate, she stayed in town and performed at a restaurant along Pima Road before getting an opportunity to perform at The Concerts at Talking Rock in Scottsdale.

She returned again this year for her concert series finale, which was a big success with ticket holders coming back for more. If you were unable to make it out, don’t worry! You can watch the concert online through i tunes or online through their website bellcreekmiddleschool.