What Makes A House A Home

What Makes a Home A Home? When asked what makes a home, the answer is very different for every person. Some see it as being comfortable and safe, others enjoy being able to control their environment and what happens in it.

Some enjoy learning about how their house was designed, others prefer not to know about that aspect of their home. Some like the appearance of their home, while others prefer more modern styles.

Regardless of why someone likes a certain aspect of their home, it is important that they gain confidence in this decision to make this kind of house a home. Luckily, there are many ways to do this on your own!

This article will talk about some ways to build a home confidence by explaining the features that make a house a home.


Fragrant candles

A house or a home is a sanctuary where you feel safe. You can call it a home if you feel comfortable in your surroundings.

If not, then at least you can say it is a nice place to spend time with your family and friends. A house is also considered a safe place to sleep.

For most people, having a bed, a dresser, and a fridge are enough to feel like home. However, for some, more distinct things like an entertainment center or a fireplace make their home more livable.

The way you make your home livable determines whether people want to come or not. For instance, if there is no exit or stairs that lead up, then definitely people will not want to come because they will be stressed out!

A house is something that you build with your own hands.


As the last point, let’s talk about what kind of artwork your home should have. This is mostly dependent on where you live, where you are located in the world, and what kind of home you want.

There are many reasons to decorate a house. You can choose to add decoration to your property to make it more comfortable or interesting. You can also invest in high-quality furniture and decorations to enhance your space!

For instance, a good room decorator would likely put nice things around their home such as flowers in a room they would like to see and people who they feel comfortable with.

A good example of how not to design a room is when someone lies on one side and sleeps on one side of the bed and then they cover up that side because they feel like that is overdoing it.


Another important thing to define as a home is what plants are in your house. This is very important because plants can gather moisture and create space to breathe.

Many places require no more than one plant per area, and some even recommend two per area to ensure adequate water and space. You can also find places that have a strict noplant rule, which is more optimal!

While it is best to have at least two plants in your home, there are certain places where only one will do you good. For example, if you have a balcony, only one plant will send enough water and sunlight to the outside, but if you have a small balcony with only one room on it, then only one plant will not suffice enough light and water!

It is important to know what types of plants are compatible with each other, so that you do not lose any of these benefits.

Soft furniture

There are several reasons why a house without any furniture is not a home. The first one is that it is a lot colder when you’re alone. When you’re surrounded by things that you need to be safe, comfortable, and secure, you’ll spend more time inside being protected.

The second reason why a home without furniture is not a home is that it shows how little money people have. If people were truly comfortable in their own homes, then they would invest in some nice furniture to make the place feel more full.

The last one is that it shows how little space people have. When people live at or near their homes, they don’t see the need to have enough room to move around in.

Warm colors

Your home should be in the warmer colors of orange, red, and warm gray. These colors denote warmth and signify a place to relax.

While these colors are not necessarily popularly accepted as signs of home, they are very nice to behold. Each color shows up as a nice contrast in the décor of your home.

A red or orange house pops clearly, while a warm gray house may not be as apparent. When looking at these colors side by side, the gray appears less blackened and deeper.

These colors also signify peace and seclusion, qualities you will want into your home. As we discussed earlier, more money = better quality furniture, decorations, and services. So when you have a great deal of furniture but no one loves it, you lose this perk!

Lastly, choosing appropriate sizes for your furniture is key in creating an equally sized space.

Lighting lamps instead of using hard electric light

Lighting lamps is a pretty universal way to spend your time. Most people start by placing a small gas or oil lamp in the center of the floor and one in each corner of the room.

From there, you can add on the ability to turn on both lamps and light bulbs at all times. This allows for morning prayers or night conversations, two major parts of daily life.

While this may seem complicated at first, it becomes second nature after a short time. The only time you need to turn on the light bulb is when you want to make sure that it is working correctly and that you have enough energy flowing through it to create light.

How much space you have will determine how many lights you need! You can also hang curtains between the two sides of the room to further enhance your privacy.

Having interesting books around

Having a bunch of books around a house or in a book collection is another way to make a home interesting. Reading can be fun and give you inspiration for the house and its occupants.

By reading, you are providing them with knowledge and telling them that you value what they read as important information. Having many books on hand can also be a sign of luxury.

One way to invest in new books is to purchase them through your library. You can also purchase at discount from online sellers or from book fairs and events.

While acquiring new books may seem like an expensive habit, it will pay off in the long run because you will be learning something new every time you open the pages of your home. You are also helping the environment by using old books as fuel.


A house is not a home unless the people inside love and care for its interior design. This includes choosing neutral areas in which people find relaxation, as well as choosing relaxing sounds that make someone or something feel safe.

It is also important to have enough space for one’s needs. If you need more room to move around or enjoy more activities or fun stuff to keep your interest high. A home with a lot of space can enjoy more things such as furniture, decorations, and stuff.

Last but not least, a house should be safe. You want something that you can tell if something goes wrong in, because they know it is protected. You do not want something that is vulnerable but lets someone into your home if needed.