What It Takes To Be 1 Vince Lombardi On Leadership

‘What It takes to be 5’ is a series of leadership seminars designed to help you learn what it takes to be an effective leader. The series was created by 5 time US president and businessman, Vince Lombardi.

The term ‘leader’ has many definitions, but one of the key ones is that of a ‘maestro’ or ‘master artist’ who can inspire and motivate others.

As a leader, your job is to get others inspired and motivated to take action. This may seem hard at first, but with some hard work and practice, you will get better at it.

Take action every day

what it takes to be 1 vince lombardi on leadership

Even if you don’t feel like it right now, taking action is a key to being more like Lombardi. At the end of every day, look back and see what you did. Was there a lot of discussion or planning ahead?

If not, then go back to making decisions on whether to get out of bed, how to prepare your breakfast, and how to get ready for the day.

Lombardi called this the decision to be comfortable or not to get ready in the morning. He called it the least important part of his daily routine, but he was wrong. It was one of the most influential parts of his life: He prepared for success by not getting ready in the morning.

He didn’t wake up and say, “I’m going to work and I’m going to do some things about my business,” he said.

Be disciplined

what it takes to be 1 vince lombardi on leadership

Be disciplined
Laime dictatorially is the key word, softly and gently guide your team, yourself, and others through the maze of life. This can be tough when things get tough, but we all have a choice to make a difference in our personal and professional lives.

We all have our seasons in life, and as humans we move at different times to accommodate things. When you are young you’re more likely to be disciplined, but as you grow older things change and you need to take a break.

As we get older we don’t always remember how important discipline was in our youth, so it is important to still practice what we were taught as young people. The keys to being disciplinary in today’s world are being organized and being patient.

Learn from the greats

what it takes to be 1 vince lombardi on leadership

The most important part of being a leader is learning from the leaderships before him or her. If you are not a leader, you can learn from the people around you about how to lead.

As a leader, you have to learn from the mistakes other leaders make. Even the smallest mistakes can add up to a huge burden for your team.

When I was first hired as a coach, I had to learn how to lead by watching former coaches work out at the gym and on TV. Their mistakes made me more prepared when I took the job seriously and started practicing what I was saying and doing.

The same goes for new leaders. If you are taking on a big leadership role, watch some past leaders to get something to go right and wrong right away.

Keep learning

what it takes to be 1 vince lombardi on leadership

As mentioned earlier, being able to learn is a key component to being an enlightened leader. You cannot lead if you do not know what your members are doing or have never done the same thing before.

However, reading and learning are not the only things you need to offer your members. You must continue to learn as well. This can be hard when you’re already busy leading and teaching, but you have to do it.

You can’t just read things and lead, because that would be leading without learning, and you wouldn’t lead if you didn’t feel prepared to answer questions or comment. Reading and learning are key parts of leadership, so work on both!

When you get ready to learn something new, take some time to really think about it and how it may apply to your members.

Find a mentor

what it takes to be 1 vince lombardi on leadership

After you find your way in the world, the next step is to find a mentor. A mentor is a person who gets you out of your own head and down to where you need to be.

A mentor isn’t going to help you achieve everything you want, but he or she can help you get where you want to go. Find a buddy who can help you through life’s challenges.

Find a teacher who can teach you what it means to be successful in the world. Look for a trainer who can help You get stronger and more confident in your abilities.

Look for a role model that believes in what they are saying so much that they can help You get stronger and more confident in your abilities. These people could be athletes, entertainers, or any other person who Makes an impact on people’s lives.

Surround yourself with good people

what it takes to be 1 vince lombardi on leadership

Even at the highest levels of leadership, there are always going to be new people asking questions, following instructions, and taking orders. You can be the kind of leader who surrounds himself or herself with great people, or you can be the kind of leader that disciples follow.

What you do as a leader determines what your people want to do as subordinates and individuals. What they want from you depends on their level of competence and how much they value your work.

If you are a hard-working person who wants to grow professionally but doesn’t have much influence at work, you may try to lead by trying to bring people around you into jobs and places they want to work. You will go out of your way to find competent people and bring them into your company, but this will take time and effort that others must spend with you being peripherally involved.

Always be learning

what it takes to be 1 vince lombardi on leadership

Being a leader is not just about being in charge. It is about being willing to learn, to be open to new ideas, and to be active in promoting your team, your organization, and yourself.

As the old saying goes, when there’s a will, there’s a way. That’s what leaders have in abundance and what makes them powerful things.

Asking others to learn from you is a sign of trust. You cannot expect to be able to teach others if you do not trust yourself enough to learn from your own mistakes. People cannot afford to be treated with kid gloves when they are going up against a hard-to-handle opponent.

So how do you give yourself the opportunity to learn from yourself? Here are some habits that can help you do that.

Break down big goals into small steps

When we’re trying to achieve a goal, we can sometimes focus too heavily on the next step. This can lead to unnecessary pressure and difficulty in succeeding down the path.

This is called failureMode.lyance.

We need to realize that our lives are a series of small steps, and that failure is not the end of our journey, but a new step that will guide us forward.

In order to continue moving forward, we must take smaller steps that don’t require an overwhelming amount of effort. This is where the small steps concept comes from.

In order to take one step forward, we need to take two small steps backward.