What Is Volvo Drive E

Drive E, or Drive as some call it, is a new technology that lets you control your car without ever getting out. It’s called drive tech for a reason!

Drive E was introduced as a feature on new Volvo cars in 2018 and has been expanding to other models as of late. The feature was added to make driver distraction less of an issue while driving, allowing the user to focus more on the road and their surroundings.

Drive Tech is the term used to describe how a vehicle uses its wheels to manipulate the car’s chassis. This includes everything from changing gears and suspension settings, to adding custom effects and rides.

This article will be going over what Drive Tech is and how it can benefit you as a driver.

History of Volvo Drive E

what is volvo drive e

The term drive e is fairly new, having been introduced only in 2018. Before then, people had to choose between a standard engine or an electric powertrain such as an electric motor or battery.

Prior to 2018, people had to choose between a five- or seven-speed automatic transmission. Today, however, five and seven-speeder transmissions are available!

The presence of drive e in Volvo Cars naming conventions is fairly recent. Previously, the term used was electric power steering system. The previous system was an electrically powered rack and pinion setup that guided the steering wheel movement.

Much like how newer models have new names and names are being dropped from cars, older models are moving into the Drive E category.

How it works

what is volvo drive e

When a driver needs to go from low to high gear, his or she simply tells the car how much force is needed to move the wheels.

When driving at a slow speed, the car will need less force to move the wheels. When driving at a higher speed, the car can require more force.

This system is calledOverrideElevationControl and it works like an override on your vehicle’s navigation system. When you need more speed, just crank up the steering or throttle harder!

However, when drivers want smooth operation, they should set theirOverrideElevationControl to minimum and maximum settings respectively.

Possible drawbacks

While adding stability and control to a ride is whatère, it can cost a lot of money. As more systems are installed, cost increases.

Many of these systems are add-on upgrades that require additional funding to implement into your Volvo. Some of these include: active steering, collision warning, and adaptive headlights.

Collision warning detects a car coming into contact with you and alerts you with an automated guided message (AGM) or manual override. The driver can choose to let this happen, or there is an option to have it prevent you from hitting something if you switch your attention to the road ahead.

Active steering allows the driver to keep their hands on the wheel without having to use the steering wheel paddle-shift system. This reduces fatigue and helps preserve handeye coordination needed for driving conditions.

Interactions between cars and drivers has increased over the past decade due to technology.

Who came up with the idea?

what is volvo drive e

The term drive e was first used in the mid-1980s to refer to a technology developed by Volvo called pulse torque vectoring. This system allows a driver to maneuver a car in response to changing road conditions or traffic patterns.

Pulse torque vectoring was developed as an alternative method to controlling a vehicle in slippery or hazardous conditions. It utilizes computerized control systems that activate and deactivate the tires and steering respectively as needed, depending on the terrain they are driving over.

With this system, drivers do not have to learn new procedures or Procedures for Assessing Driving Skills—or PADS for short—when they upgrade from standard wheels and brakes to drive e power.

Does it work?

what is volvo drive e

If you’ve ever seen an elderly person walk, they usually use a sort of shuffle step. This is called a kinema step.

That is how they keep their weight balance and momentum while walking. The same thing goes for driving. You have to keep an even pace while driving to stay balanced and in control.

With Volvo Drive E, you can program your threshold speed on the go by computer or via smartphone app. This allows you to quickly switch between walking and driving at will. Plus, it saves you from having to get out of your car at a higher speed when you realize thatyou don’t have the footpedalsto stop or turn left or right.

Is electric driving for me?

what is volvo drive e

There are many reasons to drive a combustion-engine vehicle. These include: reaping the benefits of improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, maintaining or increasing your active lifestyle, reducing your carbon footprint in the long run, and providing you with powerful transportation.

For example, vehicle pollution is one of the fastest growing threats to our environment today. Even though overall gas prices have dropped over the past year, people are still looking for ways to increase their green status while driving.

With new technologies like electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, their longer battery life allows for drivers to go beyond the normal commute length. This extra time spent commuting can be enjoyed playing games or watching TV if the car isn’t used.

This is a great way to save money and energy while still getting your daily activities carried out.

How do I charge the car?

what is volvo drive e

You can charge the car by connecting an external power source to the car’s battery. This is useful if you did not have a charger orapter at home, because then you can connect the car to a charger and take it for a drive!

This type of charging system is called a plug-and-play model. It requires no installation in your car, only connection. You will need to choose between regular and depth-charge formats for your chargers.

The depth-charge format requires that you purchase a special adaptor that is compatible with your device. The standard plug-and-play format does not require this adaptor, which can be confusing at first.

Because of this, some chargers do not work with new cars that have heavy rims or heavy tires.

Can I take long trips?

what is volvo drive e

Yes! You can actually take long trips with the Drive E. When you drive it at high speeds, your car locks into its target speed. This allows you to go for hours without worrying about your car being too fast for the road.

You can also use the Drive E as a mode_invitation reminder system. The Ride Mode feature automatically adjusts the steering and accelerations to match your route. The Active Lane Assist keeps an eye out for cars and changes lanes quickly.

As with all electric vehicles, don’t jockey yourself into the fast lane. Drive slowly and pay attention to your surroundings to avoid having any accidents or getting cited by authorities.