What Is The Temperature In Jamaica In January

January is the coldest month in the year in Jamaica. There are two main seasons in Jamaica, winter season and spring season, and January is the middle month of both seasons.

Therefore, January is the perfect month to enjoy the snow! Tourists flock to ski resorts throughout January to enjoy winter sports.

Ski resorts offer beautiful places to stay and are an experience in themselves. Some popular ones include Blue Mountain Resort, Westin Grand Bay National Park Hotel & Resort, Eagle River Resort & Spa, and Green Mountain Hot Springs Resort.

Temperatures in Jamaica in January

what is the temperature in jamaica in january

In January, the temperature in Jamaica can range from a low of 18°C ( 68°F ) to a high of 35°C ( 95°F ). January is the coldest month of the year in Jamaica, with an average temperature of 22.6 ± 0.4 °C (71.1 ± 0.5 °F).

Most places experience temperatures near freezing during this month, so you will not need to worry about your clothes being wet or heat exhaustion. However, there are some areas that see warmer temperatures due to snowfall during December and January, which can be scary if you are winterized.

What to wear for Jamaica in January weather

what is the temperature in jamaica in january

When is the snow in January in Jamaica? The average high temperature in January is 32°, with a low of 18°. The average coldest temperature in January is 10°.

The average length of winter jacket and pants are about 6 feet, making this season the second longest. Most popular clothing seasons are grouped together at Christmas time, so buying some nice pants and a long jacket will not break the bank!

The length of winter coat may depend on where you are looking. Some shops do not allow shorter coats because people may get stuck with -20° weather! Most towns have a school or church that has a long coat contest, so being invited does not matter too much if you are short on funds.

What is the temperature in Jamaica in February?

what is the temperature in jamaica in january

In February, the temperature in Jamaica is very important to remember. While it is not the absolute freezing temperature, a low of 14 or a high of 44 or a high of 47 is very rare.

When combined with January, February has a treacherous combination. The low is usually accompanied by snowfall and the temperatures can reach 44 or 46 degrees Fahrenheit! This is not for comfort but for safety as snow can be really hard to melt.

To help ensure you are prepared, Gizmo’s recommend checking on January first and preparing for the cold weather on February first.

Is it safe to travel to Jamaica?

January is one of the coldest months in the year in Jamaica, so it is important to know how warm your home feel while you are on vacation.

A typical January day in Kingston will be around 22°F, with a slight chance of snow. This is lower than summer when it can reach 34°F!

This is a big deal as SKYHALACO does not recommend being outdoors in winter, and only swimming at hotels that are heated. Hassling for water temperatures is an early-winter tradition as a way to stay warm.

Another tip is to stay inside unless its directly freezing outside. This helps prevent water damage and overheating! Keeping active habits like exercise and drinking enough water are also important to prevent water loss and overheating.

What is the weather like in Jamaica in March?

what is the temperature in jamaica in january

In March, the weather is generally milder than in January and February. March is also the month for Easter, so there is a social event called Easter egg hunt. This is a very popular event!

March is also when the winter season starts, so you can expect snow at this time of the year. The average temperature in March is around 30°F with a high of 37°F.

The winter season lasts from early December until late January and February. There are three ways to stay warm during this time: invest in thermal shirts or pants, if possible, stay at a hotel with a Jacuzzi bathtub!

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What is the temperature in Jamaica in April?

what is the temperature in jamaica in january

In April, the temperature in Jamaica is around 22° C (72° F). This is a warm year and there are certain plants that come into season, like trees and vines that grow.

This is why there are areas with warmer temperatures during the winter months, like 30° to 32° C (86 to 88 °F). These warmer temperatures can last for a few days or weeks as well.

A Warning: Do not try this at home! Trying this tip will cause you serious heat stroke or re-declaration of summer. Instead, go to a certified cooling center or hospital where you can be cooled down.

These locations have equipment to prevent people from trying to use them at home, such as ice baths or fan/water sprays.

Should I travel to Jamaica now?

what is the temperature in jamaica in january

If you are looking to visit Jamaica in January, now is the time to do so. The temperature in Jamaica in January is around 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

January is a cold month in Jamaica, so if you are planning a trip, make sure you know how warm it will be. A low of 16 degrees Fahrenheit and a high of 66 degrees Fahrenheit are two examples of temperature ranges that happen during this time of the year.

These temperatures do not last for more than a week, as February brings with it clear skies and warm temperatures. If you are planning a vacation near Christmas or New Year’s, then you should go ahead and visit!

Should I Travel Now? has thousands of visitors who would like to share tips about what countries have bad weather during this time of the year and how to determine if travel is for you.

What is the weather like in Jamaica in May?

what is the temperature in jamaica in january

In May, the weather is nice and mild. There is usually a sunny day every day and none of the seasons are changing. You can expect to be outside for a long time!

There are several times of the year in Jamaica so it is not always possible to determine what the temperature is for each one. The highest temperature recorded was 43°, while the lowest was 14°.

The average temperature was 28°, with 1 day at 0° and 0 nights of darkness! This may sound cold, but it is in fact warmer than where we live in Canada where we live.

In January, there can be a cold spell that lasts for several days. These can occasionally last more than a month due to how much snow fall during that time.

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