What Is Lapping Scope Rings

Lapping scope rings is a method for fixing minor problems with your scope riing. Lapping frequencies can be changed based on the type of scope ring you are using.

Low-grade lapping will not increase the lifespan of your scope ring. Instead, it can make your rings look better at a superficial level, but will not help maintain a flat focus and zero.

High-grade lapping can improve the lifespan of yourscope ring, but only to a certain degree. A good guide is to buy two different brands ofscope rings and try to get the best grade on one pair and the less on the other.

Lapping process

what is lapping scope rings

The process of removing material from the rings before re-engraving is called lapping. Before any threading is done, the rings must be re-lapped. This means that the threads on the nipples of the die areometer must be removed and replaced with fresh, properly prepared dies.

Lapping is performed either by hand or with a lathe. Either method can be difficult and time consuming. Because of the complexity of lapping, it is usually only done on high end guns that need very precise work done to the nipples.

Hand lapping can be tricky. Some common problems arise when one does not measure correctly and attempts to re-lap a gun that has already been worked on.

Combination lapping kit

what is lapping scope rings

If you need to replace the rings on your scope but want new, sharp, precise angles on your gun’s Scope Ring needed, then a combination lapping kit can help. These kits contain both a washer and a ring. You will need to purchase one of each size and shape for this to work.

When using this, you will first have to remove the barrel from the rifle and then proceed with the lapping process. This requires taking out both the safety and firing pinblocks to accomplish this. Once done, turn on the air pump and let it do its job.

After that, take out the barrel and check it with an ohm meter- it should register below one ohm! If it did not work throughly, try another brand or size of material.

Diamond lapping film

what is lapping scope rings

A diamond-coated silicone film that is placed over the scope ring when lapping the rings. This prevents any polish or other materials coming into contact with thescope ring.

When installing a rings, it is important to make sure that you are lining it up properly. If it has not been installed properly, such as a offset or improper angle on one end, then this will prevent it from seating fully and wrapping around the center of the ring.

By lapping the rings with a diamond-coated silicone film over them, there is a less chance of an issue occurring like polishing or scratching. By having a film over it for safety purposes, there are no worries of damaging or removing it.

There are many sellers on Amazon that offer these films for their own use.

Double-sided lapping film

what is lapping scope rings

A double-sided film can make a big difference in how your scope looks and performs. One side will protect the scope from scratches and scuffing, the other will remove minor dust and oil deposits.

Scopes that are not flushmounted can be wrongly advised on the correct way to mount it. A slightly elevated mounting system will help push the scope into the rail as it fits into its slot, creating more room for lapping.

A common tip is to use a solvent-based polish to clean the scope, followed by a dry polish to re-stock any residue. Locating a gunsmith that has done some double-proofing is also helpful.

What to expect from the process

When the time is right, a lapping should be done. This process strips off some material from the ring and makes it shine like new.

When you need to lap a ring, the first step is to determine if there are any deep grooves or valleys in the ring. These are typically used when setting new rings on old rings or removing existing rings.

If these areas are needed, they should be lapped out thoroughly to ensure no hidden flaws are revealed. Once this is done, the ring can be reassembled!

A hot metal can sometimes damage a diamond, causing it to shatter! This must be prevented by giving the ring a second pass with a hot metal. Make sure to check your rings status regularly to see if this was needed.

When should you lap your scope rings?

what is lapping scope rings

Most beginners make the mistake of not lapping their rings. This can cost you big time!

When your scope rings are new, they should be snugly engaged on the scope, but not too tight. For best results, a little bit of pressure should be maintained.

After several hundred rounds through the rifle, the rings may need a little more pressure to maintain their shape. Many times, this is because the round went into a target and failed!

If you have been shooting low strength ammunition in your rifles, then you may need to use some stronger rings. If you are using thicker ring material in order to save weight, then use some thinner ring material so that it does not cutoff the adjustment on the scope.

How to lap your scope rings

what is lapping scope rings

When the scope rings are secured on the barrel, it is time to lase. This process can be done at any time, even while the rifle is firing!

Mostly during winter times or when you are out of heat mode, you can do a quick lap of the scope rings to bring some needed warmth. This is also a great way to check your ring lay and make sure it is flush with the barrel.

Some people use this method and then do a second lap to be sure it was properly fixed. If you did not do this before, now is the time! Using some warm water and a soft cloth will quickly correct any dryness caused by weather or winter storage.


Slow and steady wins the race

what is lapping scope rings

There is a rule that every driver should follow at all times: never run out of gas while driving.

While this may sound like a good idea, it actually can get messy, fast. If you are not careful when you are driving, you can run out of gas during a lap or two of the field.

This happens more often than you would think! Many drivers lap their scope rings several times per minute to keep them from moving. This helps to make sure they have a perfect ring on every bullet and that there is no air in it.

Lapping your scope rings can help make sure they stay on smooth and steady as you drive. Try doing this once per day to keep the effect effectual.