What Is An Oxymizer Nasal Cannula

an Oxymizer Nasal Cannula is a relatively new piece of equipment for allergy and asthma patients. It has gained popularity due to its ease of use.

Nasal cannulas reduce nasal pressure by moving the tube down the nose. This allows more air to be inhaled and then expelled through the mouth.

They are often used with asthma or allergy medications, immuno-suppressants, or drugs for depression or pain management. Because they can be used so easily, many people discover their first nasal cannula is too complicated and they want something more basic.

The most basic oxymizer nasal cannulas have only a short length of tubing and no headband or handle. These can be removed and replaced with a longer tube and/or headband if necessary. Other less than subtle features include the absence of an instruction sheet, dispenser, or printed page describing the drug/s you are taking, etc.

Made of soft plastic

what is an oxymizer nasal cannula

an oxymizer nasal cannula is very durable and sturdy. It is made out of plastic, which makes it resistant to many things. These can be a little tricky to use at first, but with a little practice, you will get the hang of it.

Mostly used for allergic reactions, the oxymizer cannula is shaped like a trumpet. This makes it easy to use- you just slide it over your nose and into your mouth. It connects to a mask or other device through a tubing system.

When needed, you simply slide the cannula into the unit and connect the tubing system. You can then use it for hours or days without changing anything about your breathing routine.

With enough usage, you will learn how to use an oxymizer nasal cannula. Most people just start with taking a short breath on one side and working from there until they get their breathing pattern down.

Helps deliver oxygen directly to your nose

what is an oxymizer nasal cannula

An oxymizer nasal cannula is a small, flat, devisable piece of technology that helps you deliver enough oxygen to your body. Oxymizers are usually around 1-2 inches in length, and come in a variety of colors to help designate how much air you are receiving.

They can be placed either as an insert into your nose, or under your chin. An insert can be used for people with nasal passages that are very narrow, or who have a hard time using traditional nasal respiratory devices.

A portablechinaclavemorecapacitytogivemoreoxygen than a standard nasal resu-rant device. This is important to give someone who has difficulty breathing with only a resu-rant device or one that is not too big and heavy.

They are also very useful for people who need more oxygen because of breathing problems.

Keeps your nose free for breathing

what is an oxymizer nasal cannula

an oxymizer nasal cannula is a small, thin nosepiece that is placed over the upper part of the nose to allow you to breathe through your nose.

Nasal cannulae were first introduced in the late 1920s as a way to provide nasal insufflation for patients with severe allergies. At the time, it was believed that placing a nasopharynx inside a sealed container and activating an airflow system through an opening on the outside was beneficial.

However, due to little to no evidence of benefit, at that time only one type of nasal cannula was available: The metal snubber type. These types of nasal cankillas were typically hard and thick. They were also typically taller than wide allowing for adequate insufflation of the nasopharynx.

This is what makes them helpful for certain individuals with breathing problems such as people with breathing difficulties or those with poor insufflation such as people with trace lung disease like tuberculosis (local effect).

Comes with adjustable straps

what is an oxymizer nasal cannula


Soft plastic keeps the nasal passages open

what is an oxymizer nasal cannula

Most nasal cannulas are made out of metal or hard plastic. These canisters keep the nasal passages open by preventing air from entering the tissues that hold the nose and mouth together.

If your nasal cannula is made out of metal, it may be worth investing in a tissue case to protect the piece while not in use. Some plastic nasal cannulas even have a guard that fits into this to make sure it does not come off.

The guard also prevents damage to the nose during use. When inserting the cannula into the user, there is a guard that has to be popped on and off. By putting this on and off before using, it less hassles when using.

To keep the soft plastic nasal cannula intact, users may want to save some money by not using protective cases or losing it when pulling up and down on it.

Oxygen flowing into your nose helps reduce dry mouth

what is an oxymizer nasal cannula

When you sleep your mouth gets dry and tired, which can be very uncomfortable. Because the oxygen cannula is placed in your nose, when you sleep it reduces breathing which in turn reduces hydration intake.

When you are awake, your body is not receiving the water and nutrients that are flowing into your system. This can be dangerous as it can lead to dehydration and exhaustion which is not good for you.

An automated system such as an oxygen tank allows you to set alerts to notify you of changes in supply or emptyness. This helps build a safety net of sorts by having someone on hand should something happen.

As with any technology, there are some things that need to be done with them. There should be a place where users can charge their cannulas so that they can keep track of them.

Reduces the risk of oral cavity damage

what is an oxymizer nasal cannula

an oxymizer cannula is a nasal tube that connects to an oxygen flow. You can use it for both inhale and exhale therapy, making it a versatile piece of medical equipment.

Nasal tubes have been around for a while, but only recently have they become popular. As someone who regularly uses oxygen therapy, you would know that at first you do not really know how much air you are using because it seems like not much is coming out.

With a nasal tube, you can adjust the pressure to how much air you want to use. You can also rotate the direction of the airflow which is different with each side of the nose. These features make it fun and easy to use.

As someone who often uses this piece of equipment, there are some things that you must train yourself to do such as changing the tubing size or adding an add-on cannula.

Helps you get the most out of your oxygen therapy

what is an oxymizer nasal cannula

an oxymizer nasal cannula is a small, thin metal pipe that is inserted into the nose and used to administer oxygen.

When used in conjunction with an oxygen tank, an oxymizer can be attached to a flow rate of one to five liters of oxygen per minute (l per minute). This allows for proper distribution throughout the body and provides your treating physician with additional data to help guide treatment.

The term oxymizer was created by physicians to describe this device. When looking for this device, you will see the word oxy as the initial letter and mizer as the last letter.

Most devices are around 6 inches long, 2 inches wide at its thickest point, and 1 inch thick. They are usually white in color with a black tip.