What Is A Specified Felony In Michigan

The term specified felony describes a high-level crime that is either considered particularly serious or unique in nature, or that has a very long history in the community.

Typically, a police officer or other authority figure recognizes the specific nature of this crime and works with local criminal justice officials to determine if it is a special felony.

Special felonies are more serious than other crimes and are often considered higher-level crimes. For example, breaking and entering is considered a special felony because it has such historical significance.

There are many reasons why a crime may be designated as a specified felony. For example, some crimes can go beyond ordinary criminal charges resulting in incarceration, purging of records, and additional costs.

This can affect whether or not they are convicted of another crime as some charges may not apply when being sentenced.

Examples of specified felonies

what is a specified felony in michigan

In general, a felony is a crime that involves serious hurt or damage to a person or property. When charged with a felony, you are also charged with other related crimes such as burglary,ioting,or computer crimes.

However, not all crimes that are considered minor in nature or charge as misdemeanor crimes may be considered a specified felony. For example, the unauthorized use of an electronic device is a relatively minor crime that does not require removal of funds from your account.

Similarly, petty theft does not require the removal of funds from your account as it is only the taking of an amount of money rather than full coins or bills. These two examples show why it is important to do your research before committing to any court proceedings.

If you have recently been charged with a specified felony in Michigan, do not assume that all counts must be dropped because of your upcoming court date. A qualified criminal defense attorney can help determine if any charges are reduced on account of ineffective counsel.

Serious violent crimes

what is a specified felony in michigan

A serious crime is very serious and may be considered very serious even though it is not a felony. A felony conviction can impact your social, economic, and criminal rights for years to come.

A serious crime is usually categorized as a:

Felony , which is a more severe offense than a misdemeanor. A felony can be punishable by prison or probation for years

, which is a more severe offense than a misdemeanor. A felony can be punishable by prison or probation for years High Crime , which may only be consideredeworthy if it was the start of a much longer criminal career

, which may only be consideredeworthy if it was the start of a much longer criminal career Extremely Serious Crime, which may only be considered worthy if there was some kind of leniency in the past for offenders like this.

Property crimes

Property crimes like burglary, writing or signing a bad check, or selling illegal substances are some of the most common crimes in Michigan.

These include things like parking a car in someone else’s driveway, selling bags of groceries at the grocery store, or running a small cash business. All of these are illegal actions that put you at risk of arrest and criminal charges.

If you are charged with a property crime it is important to understand what it means and what evidence may make the difference between a charge of petty theft and a charge of felony.

There are several reasons that evidence can make the difference in whether or not an accused receives a minor charge or felony. These include:

Size and age of property stolen (petty theft is considered a civil offense and does not qualify for legal representation under Michigan state law) Materiality of property (how important it was to the alleged crime) Variation in sentencing between petty theft and felony situations.

Drug crimes

what is a specified felony in michigan

Penal code sections known as drug crimes are some of the most common criminal charges in Michigan. Penalties can be harsh and/or long-lasting.

Most drug crimes are Classification A, or lesser Federal Drug Felony, charges. These involve possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use or financial profit.

Classification A drugs are defined as having alow potential for addiction. However, possession of relatively large amounts of MDMA (3-Hydroxy-Methylphenethylamine), a psychoactive drug commonly known as methylone, is considered a felony offense.

This type of crime can have serious consequences: loss of liberty, severe costs to your finances, and even death! Contacting any kind of drug hotline can have devastating consequences for you and your family.

What happens if you are found guilty of a specified felony?

what is a specified felony in michigan

If you are convicted of a specified felony, you can lose your rights to own or possess a firearm in Michigan.

Specified felonies include:

Selling weapons without a license, which is the most common breaking rule.

Possessing firearms in violation of your license or permit, which is the second most common break rule.

Being found guilty of Felony Assault with a Weapon, which is the third most common felony conviction.

Will I be able to apply for parole?

what is a specified felony in michigan

You may be eligible for parole after a felony conviction, if you serve a substantial amount of time in prison. This is called parole eligibility after participation in the community.

To be considered for parole, your minimum sentence must be less than or equal to five (5) years. After that, your scores on the Parole Exact Evaluation Scale decrease and it becomes more of a probability of release rather than incarceration.

If you are found eligible for release, you will go before a parole board to determine if you should be released on parole or remain imprisoned. The board can only hold you accountable for five (5) years before they determine your score needs to be increased due to your behavior in the community.

If you are able to receive minimal sentences and still have an unblemished record, you may be eligible for early release. Early release is when someone is released on their first day of freedom.

How long do I have to file for bankruptcy?

what is a specified felony in michigan

It is a good idea to write down your goals for how you want to live your life. It can help to look back and see how far you have come.

To make sure you can file bankruptcy in Michigan, you must be able to document that you have made all of your payments for at least two years. Thus, it is important to check your finances regularly.

There are several ways to file for bankruptcy in Michigan. You can go through a bankruptcy attorney, you can fill out a self-filing form, or you can take the Third Party Bankruptcy route via an agreement with another entity.

Each has its own set of benefits and risks! If you are planning on taking the Third Party Bankruptcy route, be aware that there may be some hiccups as to who gets what pieces of property but that is nothing compared to the institutionalization of the guilty.

Can I get disability benefits?

what is a specified felony in michigan

If you or a loved one is severely injured in the crime of terrorism, you may be eligible for disability insurance.

Terrorism comes under two categories: foreign and domestic. Foreign terrorism includes terror committed by groups such as the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL).

Domestic terrorism includes acts of violence committed by an individual who does not belong to a formal organization, but does so based on their beliefs. These individuals may include religious extremists, political activists, and criminal gangs.

If you believe that terrorist injuries you suffered are related to your faith, you can apply for disability insurance. This insurance can help pay for your everyday needs such as rent and bills, groceries, and transportation costs.

Disability insurance is usually paired with retirement savings plans like 401(k)s or Fidelity Investments investment accounts.