What Is A Concealment Wing On A Holster?

The concealment wing on a holster is one of the most popular concealed carry methods.

Helps keep the gun in the holster

what is a concealment wing on a holster

Another tip is to put something else in between the gun and your body. This something can be a thin layer of cloth, leather, foam, or paper. These protect the gun and yourself from damage because of the movement of the gun.

These layers also help keep you calm while you wait for the next sign, like a decrease in blood pressure or increased heart rate. When these occur, you can quickly raise your arm to show that you are armed and defend yourself.

You can also put these layers on at the same time as the holstering process. Once it is on, let it sit for at least five minutes before trying to remove it.

Helps keep the gun oriented correctly

what is a concealment wing on a holster

A typical concealment wing on a holster is 0.125 inches thick and helps keep the gun oriented correctly. This prevents the front of the gun from being pointed down when holstered.

This prevents a situation where the gun is pointing down and you have to pull up to draw your weapon. It also helps keep the gun oriented correctly when firing due to its slightly greater width at the back.

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Bullet point: You can do this easily! Simply take your new 0.125-inch thick concealment wing on a holster and cut it slightly smaller than your current one! This will give you another 0.

Conserve space for another gun

what is a concealment wing on a holster

When you’re carrying a concealed firearm, you’re also carrying another gun. The one you hold in your hand has a barrel and a handle. The other one is in your pocket or on your holster.

That extra gun is the reason you bought your new gun and why you should have it. But it might not be the best idea to put it to use just yet.

Put those extra guns in their own case, organize them by who owns them and why they need their gun, and put them in their own place to ensure they are always accessible. This will help keep everything organized and safe.

You might think having two guns is enough, but that is not true. You have to know how to carry both at the same time so that they are available when needed.

Can use a wing with different guns

what is a concealment wing on a holster

Most people only ever think of the example above where two guns are concealed. This is a good example, because it is going to help people understand how to use a wing with different sizes andGun leather has a product called gun leather. This is typically used for holster edges or sites where a gun is inserted.

This material can be traced and worn, which is what gun leather is typically used for. Gun leather comes in many different widths and textures so it is not an essential part of making a concealment wing. Some brands use it as the base layer of the wrap!

Overall, making a concealment wing takes time and effort, so do not make sure to buy one immediately after creating it! Most wings are made in stages, requiring you to have some kind of start and finish note.

Can use a wing for different circumstances

what is a concealment wing on a holster

Most people who use a wing for the first time are surprised by how easy it is to use. It is just like using a regular pistol magazine, you get the hang of it after a few tries.

You do not have to be nimble or skilled with your hands to use this product. A simple hand-job should be enough to teach you how to use a concealed pistol wing.

The key is to keep the tension on the wing until you hear a click. Then relax and shoot! This takes about 3-4 shots per gun, depending on how fast you are with it.

After shooting in low light conditions, people often feel compelled to put on some glare reduction glasses or an eyeglass cover.

Keeps the gun from shifting

what is a concealment wing on a holster

When you wear your firearm in a holster that has a concealed wing on it, your gun will remain stable. This is important, because if your gun moves when you shoot, it may shift in and out of position in the holster.

A successfulhesionbetween thegunandtheholstermustbeseasantothis effect. If the guns don’t fit well or are too large for the holster, they will not stay seated well.

How It Works

Using small Allen keys or similar objects, you can attach one or more concealed wings to a handgun Holster. The hidden areas of these wings prevent sudden changes in shape or position as the gun is fired.

Protects the finish on the gun

what is a concealment wing on a holster

A concealment wing on a holster is a small, flat piece of metal that is attached to the bottom of a handgun’s grip. The idea is that if your handgun falls onto a hard surface, it will protect its finish from getting scratched or scored.

The benefit of this feature is that if your gun gets knocked off a table or shelf, it will still protect its finish because it is on the table or shelf.

The best example of this feature is in the movies where someone has their gun trained on someone else and pulls the trigger. If the person gets hit, then coursefulness washes out with blood coming out.

Since there isn’t enough material protection for firearms with non-reflective finishes, most manufacturers offer some kind of concealment wing on their handguns.

Ensures proper grip of the gun

what is a concealment wing on a holster

A concealment wing on a holster is a small, flat, rigid piece of material that is attached to the gun via a clip. This ensures a proper grip on the gun and reduces chance of the gun moving while being carried.

The concealment wing on a holster helps ensure correct grip as well as prevents excess movement of the gun while being carried. This is important, as if the firearm moves end-of-cycle, it could shoot itself in the foot or stick in an unsuspecting person’s hand without their knowledge.

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