What Headphones Does Leafyishere Use

leafyishere is a brand that makes high-quality hearing devices. They focus on giving their users the best experience possible by testing and listening to their products to see if they work and make a positive impact on users.

These headphones look almost exactly like traditional headphones, but with a small sensor in the middle of them. This sensor changes color when it is heard and touched, showing that it is a proper device for your ears.

They use sound to touch and hear the device, so anyone can make changes for you! You can turn up the volume or remove an audio track if that’s what you want to do.

These devices are great for people who struggle with hearing things in general or who are deaf or severely delayed in how they communicate with technology.

Bose QC35

what headphones does leafyishere use

Another headphones option is Bose’s QC35. These headphones are known for their noise cancelling features and quality sound. They are also touch-screen controlled which allows you to change tracks and answer calls.

Like most headphones, you place them on your head and then connect them using the cable that comes with them. The weight of the headphone makes it feel solid in your hand which is nice as it helps keep you relaxed.

The weight of the headphone also helps prevent movement of the music or phone app which would help reduce sound quality issues. These also have an ant-noise feature which helps combat outside noise issues such as cars or phones talking during music play.

Overall, these headphones are a good option for anyone looking for quality sound at an affordable price.

Beats Studio3 Wireless

what headphones does leafyishere use

The next headphones we are going to discuss are the Beats Studio3 Wireless. These headphones are very similar to the foregoing headphones, but with a wireless option. The key difference is that these do not have a cord that you can put around your head, but instead are plugged into a monitor or computer system via an included cable.

This feature makes them much more portable and easy to just throw onto anytime without having to worry about charging or wearing them out. They also look a little bit better when initially paired with your phone or computer system due to the silky matte finish.

These headphones require a little more setup than the foregoing ones do, however.


what headphones does leafyishere use

The Sony MDR-XB950BT/B is the most expensive headphone on the list. It costs $200 dollars more than the next closest model. This is because it features a larger headband and a longer wire.

The XB950BT/B has an integrated wi-fi system to connect apps and devices. You can also download music apps like iHeartRadio or Pandora, which would be great to have if you didn’t want to listen to the headphones themselves.

These apps would work on your phone, computer, or handheld device and let you listen to the music without having to wear them. Since these devices are very expensive, we are going to keep those for special cases.

Sennheiser PXC 550

what headphones does leafyishere use

While not an exclusive model offered by most headphone brands, the Sennheiser PXC 550 is one of the more popular models of headphones. This model features a high-fidelity audio performance and solid build quality, making it a worthy purchase if you want an extremely premium option.

While not the most comfortable headphones out there, the PXC 550s feature some very high-quality materials such as leather and metal. They also come with fashionable colors so you can switch them up!

The main reason people buy the PXC 550s is because they are very thick and heavy. Because of this, they require special earbuds or cartomizers that fit into the right ears for comfort. People with very small ears may find that the Pxc 550s do not fit because of their thickness.