What Happens When Apple Music Trial Ends

Apple Music is an Apple-owned music streaming service that launched back in 2015. It was the first dedicated streaming music service to target the young generation, with access for children as well as older users.

Apple Music currently has a trial version which lasts for one month before you have to purchase it. During this trial version, you can listen to one song per day but cannot download any of the song’s and put it on your phone or computer.

This is how people who have Apple Music go through trial and paid versions interchangeably. The difference between the two is that users who do not want to pay can sign up for the free version, which allows them to listen to one song per day but cannot download any of the song’s.

Update your payment information

what happens when apple music trial ends

After your trial has ended, you should update your payment information to make sure that you are still receiving updates and alerts for new music and videos.

By continuing to receive updates and music and video content alerts after your trial has ended, it shows that you are taking care of your account. An account cantermsite change or be taken care of after this process.

Many people don’t take the time to update their accounts after this trial has ended, making it difficult for Apple to take care of your account. It is always advisable to do so immediately after the trial has ended in order for Apple Music to continue taking care of your needs.

Contact customer service

In the event that your apple music trial ends, you will want to contact apple customer service to resolve this issue.

After your trial period has ended, you can still come into contact with apple customer service. Most of the time, this happens through online chat or via telephone.

If this does not work for you, you can file a claim with Apple which will send you an email with more information on how to do this.

Subscribe to a different plan

what happens when apple music trial ends

After your trial period has ended, it is time to switch plans. If you originally opted in for no-cost account set up, then you can do this easily. If you initially chose a discounted plan during your trial, then you can also switch plans without having to pay the extra cost.

If not, then you will need to return to your regular monthly billing cycle to make the change. This may seem complicated at first, but it gets easier as you practice.

Once this has happened, then Apple Music can be used on any device and app. You do not need to have it installed on your phone to listen!

If you are still interested in trying out Apple Music, then it is best to return to your regular monthly billing cycle because the new plan will come with an additional charge for Apple Music.

Transfer your account to family member or friend

what happens when apple music trial ends

Once your Apple Music trial ends, you can no longer use your account on your device. It is locked in your account and cannot be transferred.

This is the best way to keep a record of your subscription payments as they go into your account. Any future memberships can be done through this account!

If you have paid for more memberships than you actually need, it is worth investing in Mac or an iPad to save them. You can purchase them at an app store for like $30-$50USD but hey, if it makes you feel better then fine.

Apple Music provides great music streaming, however, it does have some restrictions which may or may not be removed in the future.

Download your music before the trial ends

what happens when apple music trial ends

If you have already subscribed to Apple Music through your iTunes account, you should still take advantage of this offer. While the trial lasts, you can download and have on-demand access to a limited amount of Apple Music songs.

To access these songs during the trial, you must pay for Apple Music at least $9 per month. After the trial ends, you can download as many Apple Music tracks as you want without having to pay anymore.

This is true even if you delete your iPhone or iPad during the trial, because only new subscription accounts cannot be installed until later.

Try another service like Spotify

what happens when apple music trial ends

This can be a smart move if you are getting started on your journey to get paid work as an artist. Due to the elevated fees, it may not be worth it until you get some recognition and audience support though!

If you are already successful at getting work through Apple Music then there is no reason to switch. They will handle your music and provide fair compensation for it. Try trying some of your more popular songs and see if someone will buy a song or two!

If you are not currently involved in the music industry but you enjoy working with music and seeing your work on the app then try trying out TrySomeOtherMusic to see whether you can find another audience.

Try some of the free apps like Singer & Songwriter or Jammy Jammer to start building your audience.

Listen to ad-free radio stations until trial ends

what happens when apple music trial ends

After your trial ends, you can no longer access the radio through Apple Music. This is because only playable on mobile devices at this point, you can now listen to the radio through your iPhone or iPad when Apple Music is enabled.

By having the radio app included as part of Apple Music, it makes it easier for listeners to get hooked on the app and its offerings. Once someone becomes frustrated with limited availability, they can easily disable the app and re-add it later.

This is also why there are no limitations to the number of songs a person can have in their possession on their iPhone or iPad during trial mode.

Pay for the full app instead of using the online service

what happens when apple music trial ends

After your trial ends, you can still use the app through the online service by clicking on Your Account in the Apple Music app. You can also go to your account page and click on Manage My App to update your account status.

This allows you to continue using the app on your mobile device as well as via the online service. However, if you want to purchase the full app then that must be done via the app rather than web site.

You will need a paid account on Apple Music for full functionality which is why there is no free version.