What Happened To Nesquik Banana Milk

Nesquik is a classic treat that everyone loves, and for good reason!

Nesquik is a soft, squishable milk bar with a crinkly top. It’s usually coconut-based, which makes it very creamy and buttery. It also tends to be very sweet, so it is hard to imagine how delicious it can be.

Unfortunately, like most products that look sweet but contain questionable ingredients, Nesquik is low in fat and calories. This can be problematic when you are trying to stick to a diet or when you need calories for energy during weight loss.

Customers changed

what happened to nesquik banana milk

As time went on, customers started to switch to another beverage called Coke Classic. This beverage was very similar to Nesquik but had less milk and more sugar. This was an easy fix as sales fell after the addition of almond flavoring.

This was a large influence because of the number of drinks people were drinking. With more than one cup of coffee per day, it is important to have a quality cup of coffee. With only two cups per day, it is even more importance!

This drop in sales caused Nesquik to lose some investors and distributors which could have serious consequences on your company.

Lack of marketing

what happened to nesquik banana milk

As mentioned before, the average person does not know about Nesquik banana milk. There are a few select places where you can buy it, but it is very limited.

There is a reason for its limited availability! It is a high quality product that people love. It has a smooth, vanilla and banana taste that goes well with many things.

Its popularity makes them run out rapidly! Which is a shame, because this cleverly designed beverage is delicious. We recommend the vanilla and banana flavor combination to all our customers because it is so good.

It makes a great post-workout or breakfast drink and you will not be disappointed.

Competition got stronger

what happened to nesquik banana milk

As demand for milk grew, so did competition for the market. Several brand milks were launched, and several formats of milk Introduced.

Nescafé came out with their iconic milk in two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. Several new packaging designs were introduced, such as glass bottles instead of cartons.

Non-dairy milk brands like Coca-Cola’s FPL surfaced to compete with dairy milk. Even old favorites like Evaporated Milk were revamped and released as an alternative to regular milk.

Despite all of these changes, demand for cow’s milk remained high. Today, almost every product that contains cows’ milk has a switchable version to help appeal to the intolerant or allergic to dairy.

Prices went up

When Nesquik banana milk was first introduced, it was very affordable. You could pick up a bottle for around five dollars!

Then, it cost more and more every year. In fact, it cost an average of seven dollars per bottle in 2016 and 2017! This is crazy to think that you spend just under six dollars for a full bottle of milk.

Why did the price rise? Because the company had to pay more royalties to use the phrase nesquik in its name. They had to use their money from that phrase to cover the increase in price.

This is a real bummer because the phrase nesquik is so fun to say and put on clothing, merchandise, and other items with it. It seems like nobody was taking care of themselves but instead just spending money on something new.

Bottles became smaller

what happened to nesquik banana milk

When Nesquik began its transition to smaller bottles, it did not immediately effect the size of theheimers. A small bottle is pretty much the same length as a regular sized bottle, right?

Well, it did until about a year into its transition period. Then, things got smaller! At first, they were just moving up the age range for which they offered bottles, but also changing up what they offered in regular bottles.

Then, there was a phase where they only offered half-gallon jugs of milk instead of original containers of milk. Then, there was talk of eventually offering only that type of milk in those types of containers!

Either way, both people and companies found ways to move onto the less bulky new style of container and nipples. People took advantage of being able to see and use theoriginal material to pitch new products or introduce current ones at events and such, too.

Demand for banana milk fell

what happened to nesquik banana milk

As more people discovered that wasn’t their go-to milk, demand for the flavor fell. In fact, it dropped so much that demand has almost disappeared!

At one time, nesquik banana milk was a ubiquitous treat. Introduced in the 1980s, it was an integral part of mixed drink box sets sold at grocery stores and food stores.

To make nesquik banana milk, ingredients such as sugar and vanilla were240mLofnapkake style, mixed with water and stirred until combined. Then, the milk was poured into the drinks container and voila! You had a beverage made of something else.

In its original form, nesquik banana milk featured yellow or light orange liquid inside of it. When tasted, it tasted like a mixture of bananas with some vanilla flavor.

Sales slowed down

what happened to nesquik banana milk

As the craze faded, sales of banana milkhetti slowed down. Many people who had been eating it since it came out stopped eating it due to the lack of demand.

Many companies replaced this craze with other products such as ice cream or cookies which are similar in taste and texture to the milkhetti mix. This was a big hit product for Nestlé so they kept producing it until they ran out.

Some people did not realize how popular the mixture was until they no longer saw it at grocery stores and specialty stores. Once it went away, people would be more aware of what they were missing out on if they didn’t have it already.

Overall, the mixture was nice to see become rare after people started asking for it by name and sharing pictures of it on social media.

Customers changed their tastes

what happened to nesquik banana milk

After the introduced Nesquik in the 1980s, consumers were disappointed for a few years until new flavors were introduced. Then, they grew to love the refreshing flavor of the milk chocolate and vanilla chips that came together to create the nesquik experience.

Then, a company launched another nesquik product, which was said to be diet nesquik. People did not seem to miss it as much as the original version, so it did not reach the same popularity. People continued to enjoy both versions side by side for years until one disappeared into thin air!

Diet nesquik was a hit or miss type of flavor. Some people could not stomach it and would search for something else that was diet, because they missed out on what was originally supposed to be nesquin-k.