What Essential Oil Turns A Woman On

finding what brings you pleasure is a part of human experience and sex is a part of every person’s life, so why not have some fun?

Some people find the thought of another body being penetrated with their own penis or vagina arousing, while others do not. For some, it is a part of the enjoyment and experience.

As humans, we make use of many things. Some people use sex as one of those things. For example, someone might enjoy using oral sex but not intercourse; that person would prefer only the penetration. Instead of having a full-body massage, someone might only want the attention paid to the feet and hands.

However, there are some who feel that having intercourse is too difficult and/or painful and does not satisfy them enough. There are people who do not enjoy either the difficulty or pain associated with this desired activity.

Rose oil

Another favorite of women is the smell of roses. Most importantly, nail artists use rose oil to create beautiful nail art.

Parfaitly blended rose oil and coconut oil create a solid base for the nail art. When mixed properly, it can look like a single layer of roses with leaves and a corset style outline.

To create different shapes, add more rose oil and/or another liquid solvent free material such asJojoba or Teak Oil. Or use just one type of oil, like Canadian Laurel or Apricot Kernel Oil.

These types of nails are often criticized for being too expensive to buy every month.

Lavender oil

Lavender is one of the most popular oils used in aromatherapy. You can make relaxing baths and massage techniques, choose to diffuse it into the air to breathe, or add it to lotion.

But did you know that lavender can also create a sense of lust? Yes, you read that right! In fact, a study published in the Journal of Sex & Sexuality found that adding lavender to romantic couples’ sex toys was as good as adding an extra condom.

So, if you are ever feeling frustrated or intimate with someone else, give this little-known oil a try. It may just bring you both relief and pleasure in equal measure.

Tee tree oil

Tee tree oil is one of the lesser known oils found in the market. However, this may be due to its low popularity or omission from most aromatherapy products.

Like many other essential oils, it can be used for self-lubrication. Using a few drops of Tee tree oil on your hands can help prevent hand-transfers with ease. It can also be used as a hair care oil to style your hair and add some dimension to your beauty look.

As its name implies, tee tree looks like a traditional tea tree plant. It grows in woody stems and is dark green with leaf-like projections. Because of this, it may seem like you are drinking a herbal tea when using it.

It has been found to be beneficial for skin problems such as acne and dry skin .

Lemon oil


Peppermint oil

peppermint is one of the most iconic aromas of the world. While many people associate it with minty taste, few realize that peppermint oil can make you sexually excited.

Peppermint is a mood changer, so its surprise popularity as a sex oil is no accident. It is also an effective stress relief tool and can even be used as an appetizer or starter before or during sex.

Since it has an undertone of chocolate and coffee, it goes well with someof the top sex oils: cocoa, coffee, and tea blends. Because of its versatility, cocoa, coffee, and tea mixes are great base oils to start with.

As mentioned earlier, coconut does not have a scent but does contain three scent codes: coconutty, fruity, and floral.

Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon is one of the most popular additions to oils. It has a medium heat level and does not require flash burning. This makes it a very versatile oil.

Like all oils, when used properly, it can be an invigorating experience. Some people find it pleasantly sexy or even exciting to use cinnamon. This is totally up to you!

As with any oil, using too much can lead to burned skin and increased fat tissue growth during orgasm, which may not be what your partner wanted. As the technical term states, this may not be the right thing for an oil that helps fix problems like sex drive and communication.

Ylang ylang oil

Ylang ylang is a dark, rich oil that makes a great female stimulant. This is mostly due to its vanilla and chocolatey scent.

When using ylang ylang oil, it is important to use a large enough bottle for the application rate. A small bottle will not hold enough oil to stimulate the woman you want to penetrate.

Ylang ylang can be expensive, so it is best to use it only as needed. Some people use it in the shower as well, but this should be used separately from other shower products because it may contain shampoo or hair conditioner.

By using a smaller bottle of oil, you are also able to control how much you apply for each application.

Cedar wood oil

Cedarwood oil is one of the most popular oils for adding to fragrance oils. However, instead of being applied to a surface as a scent, it is added to fragrances as an additive. This adds several benefits, including creating a wood-like aroma when mixed with fragrance.

As an additive, Cedarwood oil does not have direct contact with the fragrance molecule. This can make it differ from other wood oils that do have direct contact with the fragrance molecule. For example, almond and coconut oil contain trace amounts of cinnamon, which makes some people feel like they are eating an apple or coconut!

Because it is added to fragrances, Cedarwood oil does not have any national regulations on what content it can contain. As a result, some countries have restrictions on how much or what brand of cedar oil you can use.