What Does Rainsford Do To Escape From The General

Rainsford is a superhero who fights crime by jumping from rooftop to rooftop and interacting with the citizens of town. He is always looking for new places to hang out and enjoy the community, so if you know any rooftops, send him an email at [email protected] and he will be glad to help!

Rainsford was created by a company called Red 5 Studios. He was introduced in 2013 as an independent hero who could jump from building to building without any help. Today, he is part of a series of heroes called The Initiative who work together to protect downtown Fort Worth from threats such as terrorism and natural disasters.

As an independent hero, Rainsford works on solving problems himself without the help of other people.

Rainsford sets a trap

After breaking into the van, he sets a trap to lure out another member of the group. He ties a piece of string to his phone and places it in the van where he expects it to be picked up.

When this happens, he calls the van and has it lock everyone in place until they come out. If anyone does, he unties the string and lets them go.

He then sets several traps throughout the forest, all leading back to a same spot. He is hoping this will create enough confusion for someone to escape, but if that doesn’t happen, he has his escape plan covered.

After setting these traps, Garry puts on his mask and gloves before lighting his pipe so that he can enter one of them safely.

Rainsford makes noise to draw the general out

what does rainsford do to escape from the general

Rainsford does not like to be left alone for long. When he is, he makes lots and lots of noise!

By running and leaping around, hitting things with his stick, and popping back into hiding when threatened, Rainsford demonstrates his dominance.

This noise is what draws the general out. Because he is such a social animal, he uses his voice to communicate with other animals.

So if you see him hiding or hear him quick footsteps, wait until he emerges before you rush in! He may seem vulnerable but don’t make your chance to predator prey as you go over him. That will only make him more stressed and defensive.

He really is an beautiful creature that deserves a proper home.

Rainsford tries to get the General to talk about his past murders

what does rainsford do to escape from the general

As mentioned earlier, Rainsford tries to get the General to talk about his past murders. He asks him several times, but never gets an answer.

Before he can learn anything important, the General interrupts and reveals that he was a police officer before joining the military. The General was a homicide detective before becoming a soldier.

The two of them have some difficult conversations together, but eventually they come to an understanding and forgiveness. After all is said and done, both former detectives find ways to help solve crimes without any bitterness or hard feelings toward their victims.

This can be a relief on both sides, as they move on and take some time to heal from what they did.

Rainsford analyzes the general’s behavior

what does rainsford do to escape from the general

When the general is stressed, he can be unpredictable. He may break out in a rage, run away, or hide. Rainsford needs to know this behaviorist so he can prevent this behavior and escape when the time is right.

When a general is confused, he may wander off and not return for a while. This can be annoying for his owner, as they must search high and low before they find him.

A general who is outgoing and happy must get along well with his colleagues. If he does not get along with the other dogs, then he may need to look for a new place to escape.

To help prevent escapes, Rainsford needs to learn how to stay confined and avoid any open spaces or areas that have lots of traffic or children.

Rainsford realizes that the General is losing his mind

what does rainsford do to escape from the general

Leaving the café, Rainsford notices a news segment on television about a man named Dan Danfield who is recovering from memory loss as well as mind control.

The news segment features a woman named Sara discussing how Dan Danfield has helped her through an emotional adoption. Sara describes how he has given her hope and comfort since she was down on her career path.

As she continues to watch him, she becomes drawn into his lifestyle and the things he believes in. She decides to go out with a friend and see if she can help get her back on track.

Rainsford decides he wants to be that person who helps Sara find hope again, so he contacts Sara and asks if he can meet with her to see if they can help her find strength again.

Rainsford starts to see patterns in the General’s behavior

what does rainsford do to escape from the general

As Rainsford continues to observe the General, he starts to see patterns in how he attacks his enemies. He understands that the General is not a conventional enemy and that his behavior is unusual, making him hard to predict.

As Rainsford continues to observe the General, he notices that when the General is agitated or in battle mode, his behavior becomes more aggressive. This is when he begins to use his Mind-Ailure technology to escape from fights.

When the General is asleep or unconscious, Rainsford can use medical technology to test him for mind-alure technology. If there are signs of it, he can use it on him so that he can escape from wars and such.

Rainsford tries to get information from Ms. Molloy about the island

what does rainsford do to escape from the general

When Rainsford first goes to the island, he tries to find information about the general and his army on the island by asking Ms. Molloy for tips.

However, Ms. Molloy does not know much about the general and his army, only that they invaded the island a long time ago. He must have gone away while she was still alive!

So, after going through some other people on the island with no help, Rinsford decides it is too late to escape and he’s ready to die. He gathers enough supplies to last him several days, so he buries himself in a hole and waits for his end.

Rainsford reads books about hunting and survival tactics

what does rainsford do to escape from the general

These books teach him how to prepare for situations that include hunting and survival. He reads about retreat strategies, how to use supplies, and where to go and what to do if the situation calls for it.

He also reads books about urban survival tactics such as reading about ways to stay safe in an unfamiliar city and what types of food storage you should have.

There are many reasons to prepare for a city-based survival scenario such as building a safe residence or staying with family members who have a secure location.

As he learns these skills, he can use them when he escapes the general area. By learning these skills before the escape, they will be more effective on the journey out.

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