What Does Planned Parenthood Do

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization that provides sexual and reproductive health services. They do this by funding facilities across the country that provide abortion care, birth control, STD testing and treatment, and other sexual health services.

At Planned Parenthood, menial tasks are not neglected in order for someone to help you. A trained professional works at each site in order to learn your personal health goals and to help you achieve them.

Because of the wide array of services Planned Parenthood offers, people find different ways to come into contact with the organization. Some people use their sexual or reproductive health services at Planned Parenthood, while others use their medical care.

Provide cancer screening

what does planned parenthood do

Screening for cancer is important as many American women are too busy to get a regularly scheduled checkup. Nearly one in three American women (1/3) is not taking the time to get their monthly health care needs attended to.

Approximately 18,000 women in the United States receive Planned Parenthood’s cancer screenings annually. The majority of these women are middle-aged and older, making this an important service.

This service also provides STI and pregnancy tests, STD treatment, birth control and other preventive measures, STD treatment, and sex education. It also offers abortion services if needed.

Provide birth control

what does planned parenthood do

Planned Parenthood does not offer any birth control methods through their website or in their services. All of their birth control methods are sold in the marketplace andatives, including the newest forms.

Many of the older forms of birth control have side effects that make them less convenient to use. These newer methods do not have this weakness, making them more convenient to use.

Because these types of birth control are more expensive than the traditional types, Planned Parenthood offers them for people who need a more luxurious treatment for a period of time. People who would prefer a shorter term solution to hormonal contraception should look into emergency contraception, which is available for about an hour after unprotected sex is finished.

Help with unplanned pregnancies

what does planned parenthood do

About one in four women will have a unplanned pregnancy. If you are looking for ways to prevent a pregnancy, Planned Parenthood can help with that.

Under certain circumstances, including if the woman is past her childbearing years, birth control is available from a local pharmacy or via the Internet.

Some organizations also offer preconception and continuing fertility treatment, such as artificial wombs to help with childbirth. These materials are often expensive!

If the woman needs to go through with birth or adoption services, Proton Beam irradiation is an efficient method of sperm destruction.

Offer sexual education

what does planned parenthood do

Planned Parenthood offers a variety of sexual education materials, including Playbook: A Guide to Your First Time, theStep-by-Step How to Have an Orgasmic First Time Sex Toy Experience, and The Complete Beginners Guide to Sex.

These materials help educate people on how to have better sex, including on how to recognize your body during sex and how to make sure you are informed about each step. They also provide information about how to prevent sex from becoming a routine part of dating relationships, as well as ways to enjoy having sex again.

These materials are great resources for people who might not be ready for a full oral or anal orgasm, but can still enjoy having sex. They also help educate people about what ifs when it comes to orgasm and sex, helping them discuss what might happen if they do not reach climax.

Help with gender identity issues

what does planned parenthood do

Around the world, people face discrimination and violence against those with gender identity issues. At Planned Parenthood, we help patients with gender identity issues by addressing isolation, providing resources for legal and medical care, and teaching them about their own health and rights.

We know that having access to care is important, so we run a referrals service to other institutions that provide this type of care. In addition to our referrals service, we also run a support group for individuals who have struggled with their gender identity over the years.

These support groups are very helpful as they can be a safe place to gather and share stories. A lot of our patient’s say they feel more comfortable being in the community where they can go without any judgment or formal recognition of their needs.

Having access to quality care is important when you need it most. As someone who has struggled with my health status at times, I know how hard it is to come across quality healthcare services that are willing to address your needs on a regular basis.

Help with HIV and other STDs

what does planned parenthood do

About one in five American women report having had sex, and about one in ten American men report having had sex. Among those who have sex, injuries or difficulties with an erection or vaginal penetration are the most common health issues.

HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases can be serious, even life-threatening. So when problems occur with an erection or sexual interest, it is important to get help from a healthcare professional.

Many times the healthcare provider will refer you to a urologist or another doctor who specializes in male medicine and medicine in general, but in case that does not work for you, Planned Parenthood can help with HIV and other STD testing and/or treatment.

Provides prenatal care and delivery services

what does planned parenthood do

During pregnancy, your baby’s health is of the utmost importance. You can give your baby the best start with healthy growth and development.

If you have a hard time getting your baby out, or if you need help with labor and delivery, Planned Parenthood can help. They offer numerous birth techniques and services to help you feel more in control of the situation.

In fact, they offer many different services during childbirth including pain relief, support devices like a epidural, support bars or blankets to put on the mother during part of the process like pushing or breastfeeding.

After birth, if needed, you can receive care for your newborn such as diaper changes and feeding. Most hospitals have outreach programs where they visit new parents to provide information about their plan for care and how to communicate with them during their child’s first day.

Offers breast and cervical cancer screenings

what does planned parenthood do

Planned Parenthood affiliates offer breast and cervical cancer screenings, as well as other medical tests. These include tests to check your vitamin D levels, electrocardiograms, and pregnancy tests.

All of these services are highly recommended for people who exercise often, or who have high exertion needs. In addition, people with high blood pressure or heart problems may find the breast and cervical cancer screenings helpful.

Many of these services are offered in-center, which makes it particularly convenient to get a quick screening. You can also go at a reasonable hour and still be able to get your test done quickly!

These kinds of screenings are not meant to diagnose cancer, but rather to check for any changes that indicate the beginning of an infection or cancer. If you have any signs or symptoms that seem related to cancer, you may want to schedule a screening.

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