What Does God Require Of Me

Unconditional love is one of the most important concepts in theology and life. We can talk about love for hours, days, and years.

But what does it mean to God? How do we know that God loves us with an unconditional love?

In this article, we will look at the four ways that God requires of us a sense of his unconditional love. We will begin by discussing how we can start to experience his love in our lives right away. Next, we will discuss some specific ways that he asks of us his love. And lastly, we will discuss some practical steps that you can take to demonstrate your faith in him by living these out in your lives.

This article is going to focus on the ways that God requires of us a sense of his unconditional Love for us. To help you read this article, please click here to go through the next few paragraphs.


Obey God

what does god require of me

No matter what circumstances call you, you belong to God. He is your creator and he calls you to him. You were created in his image and for him- not sin or circumstances or man.

As a created being, you have a purpose. You were made for something more than this world and your job is to fulfill that purpose and return to heaven.

You were put on this earth to live a life that pleases others, reflects your faith, gives you community support, and allows you to contribute financially. Whatever role you have in society, God wants you to be successful at it.

If you are looking for some help with this, don’t go straight to the ministry; find someone who can make YOU feel comfortable enough to share their faith with them and make an impact on your life.

Come to God

what does god require of me

In the preceding bullet point, we discussed why it is so important for us as humans to find a god beside ourselves.

As mentioned before, there are many gods. For example, there is the god of business, the god of family, the god of football, and the god of fashion. To worship each of these gods individually is not only wrong, but also unlawful.

To learn more about what God requires of us as human beings, visit the next article which is titled Come to God Although This Is Certainly Not for Everyone


Trust in God

what does god require of me

We are called to trust in God, and doing so means different things for different people. For some, God is the ultimate provider, who will always give us money to spend.

For others, he is the ultimate sacrifice for our sins, who has no place in our lives except when we need him most. For still others, he is the source of all goodness and joy, and that’s what we must focus on.

To focus on God requires a level of trust. We can’t rely on ourselves or anyone to make us feel joy or feel good when we believe in God. He has to be our source of light and comfort when we are most lacking in light and comfort.

We can only truly rely on ourselves when they are present in our daily lives. We must put faith in things that are more than our own ability to fulfill these things.

Love others

what does god require of me

In order for God to show his love for you, you must love others. You can love people based on what they look like, how they act, or what they believe.

But in order for God to show his love for you, you must also be willing to love others. And this is a process that goes throughout your life, not just at times of rejoicing or tragedy.

It’s important to remember this as we begin our Lenten period, which begins with a visit from the Easter Bunny. We are all very much wanted in The Village at the End of the World, where we will find refuge from all that’s going on around us.

Wherever you are found, find some time each day to do some kind of volunteer work or go to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen; these will make a big difference in how much you connect with other people and help them in their needs.

You will discover that even while spending time helping others, God will also be demonstrating his lovingness towards you through his Spirit.

Serve others

what does god require of me

In the New Testament, we find the term ethische ( εθικη ). It describes a set of values or principles that represent right behavior in society.

We can think of ethische as the code of ethics that defines good and bad behavior. In fact, it is the second set of rules after the moral code (the first is the moral code).

It defines what good people do versus what people do. It asks us to be aware of and concerned for others and how they experience life, rather than merely focusing on ourselves.

At The Crittendis Group, we believe in serving others because we believe it demonstrates genuine love and an ability to be involved with other things and people. We also believe it builds confidence in ourselves and our capabilities, which help us perform our roles at work and personally.

Share your time

what does god require of me

Now, back to the main topic of this article. Now that you have identified your time zone, it is time to find the hour upon which God deems your time well spent.

God created each hour of the day with unique characteristics and calls to us. Many of these characteristics are hidden and unnoticed until we deliberate and choose to accept them.

For example, in the middle of the night when you are completely focused on keeping your mind active and sleeping, someone on a mission will enter your room and demand your time. This can be very confusing at first, but once you allow yourself to value the opportunity to be in complete darkness for a few minutes before getting back into bed, then I promise you that you will start to appreciate the rare opportunity that God is giving you.

Share your money

what does god require of me

Your money is a gift from God. He created it for you to spend and use as He sees fit. However, you can only do so if you know how to manage it effectively.

There are many ways to invest your money. You can’t force your money to grow, but you can control how fast and how much it grows. By investing your money in different places with different people, you are expressing your covenant with God about who He should use and what they should do for Him.

In the Bible, people were given slaves (Gentile) and possessions (Jewish). Slaves were considered worthless and Jewish people would never allow someone like that into their house. However, when someone like that becomes very rich, they may posses something that shows them who God is and what They want them to be: A slave worth nothing is given his freedom, but a rich man is sent away with just his clothing on! (19:9-10)

The more expensive the possessor of the slave was, the more valuable their possession was to God.

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