What Does Destiny Legendary Edition Include

The Destiny franchise is a popular first-person-shooter series. It has been around for almost a year now, making it a very popular game right now.

The series has five main games, which are Destiny, Guardians of the Earth, House of Dread, and The Dark Below; plus Year One edition, which is just the original game with added story elements.

The new game is called Destiny 2. This new one has added content such as story missions and playlists to mix up the experience. These can be played either offline or online!

The key feature of this bundle is the DLC package. Each release adds new levels to your game and comes with its own costs. However, you get some bonus content in the form of an elite cache versionofthegamethataddsmorecontentandaccess tonewlocationsandthingstobringupwith.

Expansion packs

what does destiny legendary edition include

There are a few different ways to gain content in Destiny. You can buy new guns and armour, you can play with the free tokens that come with new gear, or you can pick up expansion packs.

The most common way to get expansions is through buying them in the game store. The store is located at all major Guardians locations and sells different items such as weapons or armour.

Most of the time when an expansion is released, they add more weapons and/or armour so that there is always something to buy.

Exclusive content

what does destiny legendary edition include

While the majority of content in the legendary edition is available in every version, there are some exclusives. The Destiny Legendary Edition includes six exotic weapons, two exotic armor sets, and two master engrams.

These pieces are not random either; they are common on other maps, but these get special in raid and PvP environments. These special skins make each piece unique and desirable to look at.

The six weapons included are Sword of order, Cinder John, Dawnshadèr, Imperator, Dawnblade, and Tron zephyra. The two armor sets include Voidstalker and Nightfallen. Both of these pieces have special abilities that activate when a player is under attack or if they are killed during an event.

The master engrams included in this edition include one for voidwalker (voidwalker mythos), one for strike team member (strike team legendaries), one for firearms expert (firearms expert mythos), and one for sniper (snipe legendaries).

New textures

what does destiny legendary edition include

The texture for the floor in the big room is gorgeous. It looks like a rolling hill with plants and decorations. It makes the area feel more dynamic and alive.

Another addition is the white color scheme. This gives the impression of a grand palace or high council chambers. Most public spaces are bright and colorful nowadays, so it is nice to see this added into an end-game map.

The white also works well as a blind spot filter, so if you are playing with a partner, they can hide behind something to look down and find anything important.

The third new texture is for doors and entrances. They get some nice details added to them like intricate latticedways or ornate wooden doors.

New maps

what does destiny legendary edition include

The new maps will be introduced as a DLC when the game launches. Currently, they are Mercury and Moon. Both maps are focused on urban areas, which is a nice change of scenery.

When players purchase the map pack, they also get to play as an early version of the map called Nightshade. This map was very dark and featured lots of shadows and geometry that stood out against the inky blackness.

Nightshade was a cool map to play, but it would not appeal to everyone. Some people might like how mysterious and imposing Nightshade is versus how safe and familiar some other maps seem.


what does destiny legendary edition include

The main feature of the missions in the Destiny Legendary Edition is the return of a traditional end-game structure. This is something that has been missing from Destiny up until now, which is something to look for!

While not quite as structured as a level-1 to level-40 structure, there are still rewards at every stage of your journey. From maps and story elements to random rewards, there’s a perfectly placed incentive for returning players.

Returning players will also be happy to find that the rewards in the new raid are just as good if not better than what they got in lower difficulties of regular missions.

There are three different types of missions in the Legendary Edition: Public, Prestige, and Prestige Prestige. Public missions can be played with anyone, but they have a lower reward target than prestige missions do. (For example, taking down 5 enemies on Normal or Hard does not get you more Venerableium.


what does destiny legendary edition include

A Strike is a dynamic gameplay experience that changes with each visit to the Destiny map. There are 6 Strikes currently in Destiny, and they all have unique objectives and rewards.

Strikes were introduced in The Taken War, where players could gain new Hubs and Strike missions. These hub-and-Strike systems remain intact in the new strike system.

However, these new strikes have unique objective sets and rewards compared to the normal missions. For example, one might seek out Power Relics that yield powerful rewards, while another might look for Vaccine Modules that increase your armor or firepower capacity, respectively.

These differences make each strike special, as each visit brings you something new and different you could get. Each one also has its own community created content, known as strikes.


what does destiny legendary edition include

A new feature in Destiny is allies. Allies are special characters that can help you out in your adventures. Allies can give you gear, extra tokens, or even help with random events throughout the game.

By placing a loyalty point toward an ally, you can earn some exclusive equipment and/or small favors. While placing a favor doesn’t require an alliance, it does!

The one major problem with favors is that they are rarely enough to justify the cost. Especially when you take into account how often they need to be replaced (once a week is plenty) and how often they need to be gained (once per week is enough), it becomes clear why this feature is so popular.

Armory and loot drops

what does destiny legendary edition include

The new Legendary Edition includes a game disc, a steel case, and a loot box. When you purchase the legendary edition, you will receive a disc and case in your rewards.

The steel case helps protect your Disc when not in use. The disc can be played at any time, or you can enter a multiplayer match with your case on to ensure quality play.

When playing with your case on, you will get some good ol’ fashion joy as the disc will stick to the case when it is inserted into the controller. This makes for a nice nostalgic feel to playing with it, since you are still receiving the same enjoyment without having to pay for it.

The loot box comes in the form of an Armor Bank.