What Do You Get If You Pre Order Battlefield 1

Battlefield is one of the most popular gaming genres right now.

While not alone, playerbase and popularity rise with each new release. This is a phenomenon seen in many genres, making Battlefield an influential title in today’s gaming market.

With so many players joining together to play as a group, it only makes sense that they get together to share new gear and updates. That is exactly what happens when people buy new items for Battlefield 1 and DICE updates it!

New gear comes out around two months after it is released so you have plenty of time to start collecting it! As previous users of the game will know, starting a new game was an old tradition we all used to do before consoles were wired with graphics cards and computer hardware.

Unique cosmetic items

what do you get if you pre order battlefield 1

When playing Battlefield 1, you will come across some items that are hard to find. Some are quest rewards and some are available exclusively through retailers and online stores.

Some of these quest rewards are cosmetic in nature and can make or break your battlelust. If you do not want to see the same soldiers wearing identical gear as you, then get into line for these exclusive items!

Moreover, some of these items cannot be found anywhere else and are only available through specific retailers and online stores. If you do not want to miss out on this chance, get into line fast because they sell out fast!!

When looking for these unique items, try looking through Xbox Live or local gaming communities to see if anyone has this item and if they can get it at a good price. Some may even have stores or websites where they sell their gear.

Exclusive content for use in multiplayer

what do you get if you pre order battlefield 1

A lot of games offer free content for using their early pre-order bonuses, but Battlefield 1 includes a massive collection of cosmetic upgrades for players to utilize.

Most of these upgrades are for weapon skins, which can make or break a match as how you look impacts what weapons you will use to fight your opponents. Weapon skins cost credits, the in-game currency.

Since credits are not widely available, many players purchase weapon skins with credits from online marketplaces like Amazon or Steam.

A free game

what do you get if you pre order battlefield 1

Ditch waiting and pre-order Battlefield 1 to start playing on February 20th! You will receive an early access code for the game once it is released, and you will have full access to the game for the duration of its release.

The complete first episode of The Giant Robot Walks Among Us

what do you get if you pre order battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is a military shooter video game developed by DICE and released in 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was released as a launch title for the console versions two weeks after it was released for desktop version.

This game is very addicting so be careful if you do not get enough action then you have to play it again because it ends soon! It is very realistic looking compared to other games so if you like that then this will definitely look great on you.

There are four different modes of play in this game: competitive, co-op, free-for-all, and deathmatch. In competitive mode, teams have to work together or against each other to complete objectives or kill enemies. In co-op mode, you can go against the AI or other players.

Immediate access to the full game once it is released

what do you get if you pre order battlefield 1

This is the best thing you can do if you want to play Battlefield 1 early. You can pre-order Battlefield 1 at any time during its release period, and once the game is released on March 17th, you will be able a quick-access to the full game once it is released.

Pre-orders get you an additional week to play before they land on store shelves, as well as some exclusive in-game items. Week one of the game was very buggy and took awhile to settle in, making this an excellent way to start playing.

ividually, players can gain access to the weekend of March 15th through 17th by pre-ordering before then! Week two of launch goes live on Friday, March 17th at 10AM PDT/12PM EDT/2000 CEST.

A CD with the game’s soundtrack

what do you get if you pre order battlefield 1

If you pre-order Battlefield 1 and live within the US, you will be able to receive a CD with the soundtrack as well as access to the game’s online multiplayer mode. This is called a Battlefiely 1 Online Add On or Bonfire Add On for short.

The add on costs $5 and can only be purchased once per person so you must pre-order it before it’s released. It will also only be available until November 14th so get your orders in soon!

Online multiplayer is something that really separates Battlefield 1 from other games.

Printed collectible art cards depicting characters or scenes from the game

what do you get if you pre order battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 comes with a small set of collectible card art cards depicting characters or scenes from the game. You can purchase them through premium download codes or as an Amazon Prime Exclusive prior to release.

Like many video games, Battlefield 1 has a pre-order bonus offering that gives you access to the game early. This bonus is sold as an exclusive cosmetic add-on for the game, but in truth it is almost just the standard version of the game.

You do get some exclusive content perks such as being able to play with your character’s partner or having a map pop up when you need it. You also get some free weapons and gear from previous games like being present and correct.

The part that makes this special is that you can’t find these extras through the normal Battlefield 1 gameplay however. You have to purchase them during the pre-order bonus period.

New challenges and rewards for players that have already downloaded and are playing the public open beta

what do you get if you pre order battlefield 1

Challenge #1: Run!

If you pre-ordered Battlefield 1, you will get access to the running challenge. You can play this challenge as often as you want until October 13th, 2017.

To complete this challenge, you must run around a battlefield at least twice. The first time you must be escorted by an enemy and must hide behind a hill or some other cover. The second time you must run alone and unescorted.

You can choose between short or long runs, so if you are really focused on your speed, you can have a short one.

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