What Do Male Flamenco Dancers Wear

The flamenco dance is a dance style that dates back to the 14th century in Spain. It is usually performed in groups, called fandangos.

Flamenco is a very specific dance style that uses multiple steps and different positions during the dance. For example, during a dance step, you must hold your position for a certain amount of seconds or minutes before moving onto the next step.

It is very difficult to do well at flamenco dancing events, so really working on your posture and shape while walking and standing can help make a difference on how well you do!

Many people dress in colorful sombreros or woolen hats to denote their role at the event.

Pashmina scarf

what do male flamenco dancers wear

The main male fashion item is the pashmina scarf. These are very expensive and often used in montreal and canada. Because they are so expensive, many garment manufacturers use it as a way to promote their brand.

The pashminas are made of high quality synthetic material and are costly to buy compared to the natural wool ones. However, because they are more costly, they must be better quality than what you can get at Walmart or Amazon.

The best way to invest in a cheap but effective pashmina is by buying one that is about 2 feet long and has about 5 layers.

Bolero jacket

what do male flamenco dancers wear

The bolero jacket is one of the most popular male fashion wardrobe staples. They are very easy to style and always a hit!

Bolero jackets are typically short, thick, lined vests that are lined with some kind of material. These ones look like black leather ones with a white cloth top.

These tops can be cropped or full length, making them different from leggings. Leggins can be solid or combination colors, making these a part-legging dresser.

The key to wearing a bolero jacket is finding a way to match the thickness of the lining. Many sellers offer two kinds of linings—one thinner and less noticeable under thin jeans, shorts, or an athletic shirt; the other more heavyweight and strong looking under everything.


what do male flamenco dancers wear

A waistcoat is probably the most essential piece of clothing for flamenco dancers. A waistcoat can add inches to your body, making you look longer or thicker!

Many styles of waistcoat are available, some more traditional while others are more modern. Most are made out of leather or wool with a fashionable design print on them.

Waistcoats are usually worn over a shirt with a tie, giving you more flair in presentation. Some dancers wear them under a shirt and shorts!

Elastic bands are used to keep the waistcoat in place, making it very easy to fashion into and out of the trouser style dress pants.


Most male flamenco dancers wear dark trousers, usually jet-black or midnight grey. These should be fairly long, having a belt or similar piece around them to hold them up.

He may also wear a shirt under the trousers, or no shirt at all. Neither of these looks good!

If the dancer is wearing no shirt, it is better to have some form of skin-tight pants with a high rise on the top to give some shape to the dancer.

The same goes for shoes- if the dancer is wearing cheap shoes, get better ones that are durable and strong.

Sock suspenders

what do male flamenco dancers wear

While not a fashion staple, socks are very handsome on the flamenco dancer. Using a long, coarse sock as the base, you can create any type of hairstyle or patterned pants. Add some cowboy boots to go with the hat and you have something nice and fancy.

Bullet point: flashy attireë

The main reason why people wear tight, expensive leather outfits is because it is easy to change how it looks. With some simple jewelry and professional-looking sprays and colognes on hand, people can create some nice looking clothes.

With the right attention to detail, people buy flamenco dancer costumes that look cheap but are well-made. They are comfortable and fit well, which shows that they are quality clothing.

Heel taps

what do male flamenco dancers wear

The heel tap is one of the more recognizable dance moves. It consists of a dancer in a flamenco costume raised on one foot and then softly placed back on the ground. The move is similar to a ladies walk but with less swaying of the hips and less flexibility.

Because this move requires flexibility, not all dancers can do the move. If you cannot do it, try doing some easy versions first. The easiest way to do the move is by holding one foot down on the ground and then stepping up onto one foot and then off of that foot.

Another type of clothes worn by men in flamenco are shirts with long tails. These shirts have the appearance of being baggy but are actually very tight-fitting. People who tend to play in these kinds of fashion is because they look like they are wearing more clothes than they really are.

Button hooks

what do male flamenco dancers wear

A flamencillo is usually worn in the back of the head or underneath a bandanna. The length of the dancer is how long he or she wants their flamenco to be.

lengths are not recommended, as it can create stress on the neck and shoulders. It is also a good idea to avoid wearing tight clothing because it will likely not fit well if you fall over, which is how people dance at festivals and such.

Vintage looks are perfect for dancing in, so keep that in mind when choosing clothes. Materials look better in dye, so you can get some fun patterns into your wardrobe.

Frills and flounces

what do male flamenco dancers wear

When flaring, the female dancer raises one leg in the air and flounces several times around to add more volume to her skirt or dress.

The gesture is called flouncing and it adds a sexy, playful attitude to your dance. It is a way of showing off your legs as well as adding some flair to your performance.

To implement this into your dance, you must know how to do it!

When doing this at home, have a pair of cute little baby shoes that you can put on before you fall asleep. When you get up in the morning, get out of those shoes and practice! It may feel awkward at first, but with some patience, you will see the benefits.

The best way to learn how to do this is by watching some YouTube videos or doing it in class with someone who does it naturally.