What Color To Paint Shutters On Brick House

Choosing which color paint to use on shutters is a part-legitimate, part-not so. There are both green and black shutters available, making it a choice of which side of the window you want displayed.

For example, a traditional white shuttered window can make a nice contrast to the colored interior and exterior. A black shuttered window complements the interior very well and adds some mystery.

A complementary color painted on one side of the shutter makes a nice contrast to the colored interior and exterior. These colors are typically shades of gray or cream!

These colors create different looks in how they reflect light and how they sound when opened and closed.

Buy the right color of paint for your house

what color to paint shutters on brick house

If you are planning to paint your shutters, then you should buy the right color of paint for your house. It would save you a lot of money in the long run since you will have to buy new shutters every year.

In the past, people have been buying different colors of paint for their houses and mixing them up on their windows. You will need at least two applications of paint to fully apply the color onto your shutters.

First, make sure that your brushes are soft and smooth. If they are, then pull back the strokes slightly. If they are hard, then pull back the strokes slightly still. They must be less soft and rough on spots than others so that it applies evenly.

Buy the right color of paint for your shutters

what color to paint shutters on brick house

When you buy new shutters, the manufacturer will usually tell you which color grade of paint they are and which colors they can be.

Most paints are considered neutral, so there is no one color that goes on. Therefore, the new shutters can be painted in any of the normal colors such as gray, red, or dark green.

However, if you have a bright window or area that needs lots of light, then a colored shutter can help make it easier to see what is going on inside. A dark brown or black shutter would look good for a brick house.

The trick is choosing the right color for your house. Let us say your house is very white-colored, so you choose a really bright shutter color to match.

Make sure your brick is clean

what color to paint shutters on brick house

Before painting shutters, make sure the brick is clean and free of cracks, dried drops, and other defects.

When paint is applied, it usually stays on the brick for a short time before falling off or disappearing. However, during winter months, this can be helpful. By painting the shutters in two or three colors to match window sills and flooring, you can create some value in your shuttles.

Some issues that may cause paint to break off of a brick are: using soft chemicals such as wallpaper adhesive, being rough with the paint gun, or too little paint used to cover one square of brick.

Make sure your shutters are clean

what color to paint shutters on brick house

When choosing a shutter material, there are two main things to consider. The first is how well it resists dirt and stains. The second is whether or not it is year-round material.

Sterling silver is one of the harder materials on which to determine if it will resist dirt and stains. More importantly, some departments will require winterized shutters, which are black with a frosted finish.

While this Materialize shutter does not apply for the year-around style of blinds, you can still make this decision for yourself. You can go with vinyl or canvas as the material used to cover the window and block out the weather.

If you want to save money, then laminated shutters are your best bet. These can be bought in several materials, so that you do not have to spend too much money on one type of shutters.

Prepare the surface you will be painting

what color to paint shutters on brick house

When painting bedrock, you must prepare the surface by scraping the chalk or stone before painting. This allows for a better paint job and prevents dry patches where the paint does not stick.

You can also prepare by sweeping or vacuuming the area to ensure there are no pockets of debris that could prevent the paint from sticking.

To create enough space for your nails to grow, try using two different kinds of nail polish: one darker and one lighter. The darker can be painted over the lighter in order to create a stronger, more consistent look across all of your shutters.

Another way to prepare the surface is by wearing gloves. If you are very touchy about contamination, then avoid using any kind of soft, rough surfaces such as blankets or clothes as instead of skin being exposed, the shutter is being touched.

Use the grid method to ensure straight lines

what color to paint shutters on brick house

Using a computer or tablet as your main source of information can also help you achieve this. You can call out values and lines to the family member or person helping you, using the grid method.

The grid method works by placing lines along a standard patterned framework to create a three-dimensional space. By placing these lines in a specific way, you create unique rooms and spaces.

To use the grid method to paint shutters, first measure and mark off where each shutter should go. Then, using a marker or pencil, make small symbols around each shutter to indicate where it goes.

Use a low temp wax or paint solution to safely seal the shutters, making them looking straight and smooth.

Double check your measurements before you start painting

what color to paint shutters on brick house

When painting shutters, you need to check your measurements before you start. Wider or thicker shutters will require more shingling wood and thinner shutters will require less. Also, if you have lighter colored shutters, then the lighter color of the lumber will show through in the painted areas.

To make sure your cut-outs are large enough, start with about a third of the estimated length of the shutters. If you end up with too short shutters, we can exchange them for another set of doors or a closet as funding allows.

This is also worth checking when painting doors and windows! If they are small enough to be painted on, then they can be started right away and no further funding is needed.

Use primer if necessary

what color to paint shutters on brick house

While not necessary for brick house shutters, a bit of primer can help reduce the chance of water seeping into the cracks. This is especially important if you are using vertical or lightweight sliding doors as water can easily pass through it.

To make the difference in primer required between brick and wood, wrap some painter’s tape around the outside of your doors to prevent them from moving when placed on the floor. Add some more painter’s tape around them to ensure they are set in place.

If you need to add heavier protection such as a heavy-duty vinyl liner, do so before applying any paint. The liner must be able to withstand heat and long-term exposure to water and dust particle. If you need less protection such as wood grain patterned wallpaper, do so before applying paint so it does not fade with time.