What Can You See With An 8 Inch Dobsonian Telescope

A Dobsonian telescope is an easy way to see starry sky. It can be enjoyed by both new and experienced astronomers! Unlike a telescope comprised of computer software and instructions, a Dobsonian telescope is made with actual lenses and mirrors that are adjusted to fit into a housing.

This allows for much more precise positioning of the lens and base, making it much easier to see distant objects such as planets or stars. The additional complexity results in more cost!

Mostly used for looking at galaxies, they are also called deep-sky telescopes because you can look at very far objects. You can purchase them in small or large sizes, depending on how much space you have in your house!

An easy way to start using your new 8-inch dobsonic is to figure out what type of object you want to observe. Then, find an open location where you are comfortable enough light can come in (usually outdoors).


what can you see with an 8 inch dobsonian telescope

An 8 inch Dobsonian telescope can be the difference between looking at stars and reading a book. A Dobsonian telescope is intended to be adjusted by hand. This means you can try out different locations and telescopes in your home or outdoors!

With a Dobsonian telescope, you do not have to worry about retuning the focus after a place of interest was found. The front focus and back focus buttons on the telescope control where the image will focus, making it very easy to find.

The front focus and back focus buttons also allow for rotation of the instrument so that new areas are pointed down and up, respectively. This allows you to look at things from above or below!

As mentioned before, the 8 inch Dobsonian telescope can be combined with another object.


what can you see with an 8 inch dobsonian telescope

When you use an eight-inch Dobsonian telescope, you can see lots of things. You can look at the stars and try to find planets, comets, and asteroids. You can look for deep sky objects like nebula’s or galaxies. You can even study the stars and their orbits.

One of the things you can’t do with a five-to-eight-inch telescope is study the orbits of satellites. With a ten-to twelve-inch telescope, you can do just that!

So what can you see with an eight-to ten-inch telescope? Well, if you want to learn more about deep space objects, then an eight to ten inch Dobsonian will not be enough. You need a twelve to sixteen inch telescope!

You might be wondering why such a big telescope needs such a large housing? The short answer is cost. The longer answer is that it allows for more light to come out which enables you to see better details in the sky.


what can you see with an 8 inch dobsonian telescope

Another thing you can see with an 8 inch Dobsonian is moons. There are many sites that show you pictures of them and the viewing experience is similar to using a telescope. You put the telescope in your driveway and then you can walk around or toward the telescope and look at something mysterious.

One of these things you can see is with this 8-inch Dobsonian is planets. You can look at satellites, asteroids, and even comets. You can even find yourself feeling like you are looking at the stars from another place.

The biggest problem when looking for moons is seeing if they are dark enough.

Shooting stars

what can you see with an 8 inch dobsonian telescope

Another popular thing you can observe with an 8-inch Dobsonian telescope is shooting stars. While this sounds like a strange way to enjoy the telescope, it is quite fun to look at the stars and watch they move as you change focus.

To see shooting stars, you need to be careful about your distance from the star. A planet or moon passing in front of a star will cause it to look like a fast-moving light source.

When a bullet is moving at such a high speed, it can look similar to another moving light source, perhaps in your foreground. You can sometimes see if one object passes in front of the other as it brightens and darkens in slow motion as it rotates around its axis.

This is what causes them to look like a broken up fast light source slightly offset from the center of the frame.


what can you see with an 8 inch dobsonian telescope

The term asteroid means a heavenly body that is close to the Sun, and is defined as a object with a diameter of approximately 60 feet.

Dobsonian telescopes are best for looking at asteroids, dust grains, and other small objects. Unlike a compact telescope, which can be squished into a smaller format, an 8-inch telescope can have a dynamic range above 90%!

A typical 8-inch Dobsonian has an objective lens made of glass or plastic with a precisely ground surface. The objective lens focuses the light from the telescope onto the eyepiece.

An eyepiece is whatlooksthroughtheobjectiveelastelodobistones. An amateur would not make such an expensive mistake by using an uncorrected Eyepieces must be correctable or un-corrected eyepieces. For example, they may not have good vision in general or when viewing in dark skies!

of light to get out! An experienced amateur would use slightly thicker plastic or metalEyepieceswiththickerformulaforbettervibrationandrelief.


One of the most exciting things you can see with an 8-inch Dobsonian telescope is spacecrafts or spaceships. If you look close, you can see their trails in space!

If you are not familiar with a Dobsonian telescope, these are typically shorter and more expensive telescopes. The shorter height and cost-savings of a Dobsonian make it a popular entry into astronomy.

The 8-inch sized Dob also makes a great starting telescope as there is not much additional size to learn with. You can buy a basic model that has one mirror, one lens, and one steel tube for only $19.95!

Many people find the smaller size appealing as it is easier to control its movement and finding objects.


what can you see with an 8 inch dobsonian telescope

One of the most exciting things you can do with an 8-inch Dobsonian telescope is look at the stars and constellations. With a little effort, you can see many interesting stars and constellation.

Many amateur telescopes are not powerful enough to view planets and other orbiting bodies in space. The smaller Dobsonian telescope is the perfect tool to learn how to use a telescope.

By looking at several different types of objects and changing where the telescope is positioned on the mount, you can learn how to use a telescope. You can even build this hobby yourself!

There are many websites that have organized beginner telescopes so there is no hard or soft for people who have experience with small telescopes.


what can you see with an 8 inch dobsonian telescope

The best way to observe the universe is with a Dobsonian telescope. Unlike a standard optical lens, a Dobsonian telescope has one complete round of components that focus light onto the photodiodes in the telescope. This means you can see more galaxies, stars and other celestial bodies!

One of the most recognizable stars in the universe is bright Orion’s constellation of the Belt. The constellation is known for its three large belt-like objects: The Musketeers, Dactyls and Cyiths. All three are visible to naked eyes in about an hour after sunset.

If you are looking to add a second telescope to your home, an 8-inch Dobsonian telescope is perfect! It can handle more objects per day because it has more space between them. You can also purchase 12-inch models if you want even more viewing area!

Do not let the small size of your new Dobsonian frighten you.