What Bra To Wear After Breast Reduction

reduction is a procedure that occurs when the doctor removes some of the muscle under the skin around your breasts to reduce the size of your breasts after they are overweight. Reduction can be a little scary at first, but correct bras can help you feel more comfortable and in control.

Many patients find that control over their body is a big win for confidence. When I speak with patients about this, it is important to note that patient satisfaction does not depend on which bra they choose. They can have any size, material, and style of bra.

Many patients report feeling more self-confident and in control when they are in control of what bra they want. This is something that can be started but not ended on! Once patients are in control, having them tell themselves they are in control of their body again is powerful.

Find the perfect fit

what bra to wear after breast reduction

After having a full breast removed, you will need to find the right size and fit of surgical bra. Searching for the perfect fit can be tricky, especially if you are a new user to surgical bras.

Some women prefer the more padded look of a surgical bra compared to others. Some prefer less support than a standard maternity-size surgical bra has while others do not find any maternity sizes adequate enough support.

If you do not feel like finding the perfect match for your shape and size, there are several ways to find the perfect fit. Check out local stores that offer helmer-sized bras; they may have some help finding the right size!

Look on websites that have this product and see if they have someone with smaller sizes try them on to see if they work for you.

Choose a softer material

When breast reduction surgery is not enough, patients may be excited to try a more soft material such as foam or vinyl. These materials can feel more comfortable against the skin and can help make a difference in how you feel.

But there are some big warning signs: If the band of your bottom feels tighter or if it shifts when you walk, these may be signs that the foam or vinyl is not entirely sinking into the body.

Typically, it takes about six months for a new material to fully redistribute and for old tissue to break down and wear down, along with any implants. During this time, you should continue to look for changes in your body.

If you want more room or want something less restrictive, then fleece or thermal shirts are helpful materials to use.

Go for a demi cup or no bra at all

what bra to wear after breast reduction

After breast reduction, the best choice is to go for a full or no bra. If you are going for a less pronounced reduction, then a standard size large or medium perky bra would work.

If you have lost some volume in your chest, then a demi cup or non-padded small size maternity bra can work. Some surgeons even allow patients to wear a largersize maternity bra because of convenience.

Demi cups can also be helpful when it comes to shirts that need to be packed into pants because of the shape of the stomach and legs. A demi cup can help with this!

Finally, if you have more fat in your legs and feet need bigger shoes, then go for closed-toe shoes like sandals or feet bed exercises to help with this.

Buy a bra that fits properly

what bra to wear after breast reduction

When you have breast reduction, it is important to find the right size bra. There are several ways to measure your chest and backside, so do some research to find the best size for you.

Many times, a smaller size bra is recommended when a larger bottom and bigger backside is present. This is due to the fact that when the bigger top and smaller bottom meets, there is more space to fit into.

There are several places to check when looking for the right sized bra.

Make sure the band is snug but not too tight

what bra to wear after breast reduction

After breast reduction, it is important to make sure the band is still close but not too tight. If it is too tight, you may find it difficult to move or look over your chest because of the limited space.

If the band is too loose, you may find it difficult to keep your back support and/or sit comfortably in a chair. We recommend having a Band Sizer at your practice or chiropractic office to make this easy.

Both options are important for looking and feeling good! If you have lost weight, have beautiful curves or a strong shape, then choose a band that feels more like what you look like without looking like an inflated water balloon.

If you are looking for some extra support and/or want a different shape, then choose a band that feels like your body supports and sits on so well.

Use sizing inserts to keep your bra snug

what bra to wear after breast reduction

If you have a large diameter band on your current bra, try a size insert to increase your comfort. If you have a small band on your current bra, increase the size of the insert to improve comfort and fit. Both options will keep your clothes looking and feeling great!

Alternatively, if you are having trouble with baggy or loose clothing, then get some material cuter or tighter. Clothing has always gotten more tight as we get older, so this is a non-problem.

If you want more support or shape control, then add weight to your clothing or shoes. Extreme examples of this are when someone wears thick leather shoes that are six feet tall, or someone wears very sturdy cloth clothing because they are naked underneath it.

Try tapered water bras

what bra to wear after breast reduction

Instead of a full, tall top that falls just above the knee, try a water brathat is topped with a pair of slim-legged pants. You can still wear leather shoes, but if you wanted to add some comfort, these may be the way to go.

Similarly, when in need of a bigger busted shape, try a smaller-busted water brathat is topped with a tight-fitting top. You can still wear leather shoes, but if you wanted to add some comfort, some soft fabrics may be better suited.

A tapered shape may also help with weight loss and maintenance.

Opt for a sports bra

what bra to wear after breast reduction

A sports bra is a tight-fitting, padded garment designed to protect the muscles underneath the skin from injury while sheared or boundeuti-up during exercise.

Because it is held in place by bands along the bottom and up the sides, it provides much more support than a ordinary maternity bras. Because it is sheared, there are no exposed wires or straps, which can be painful or even embarrassing when sheered.

Because it does not have any exposed sides or wires, a Sheared maternity bra can be worn at any time except during pregnancy and breastfeeding. When pregnant, babies are born very quickly without pain and support from the shearing of the milk.

Most sports bra brands offer Sheared versions of their products, making it an easy choice when looking for maternity bras after breast reduction. Sheared maternity bras can be bought brand new or through seller sites such as Amazon where someone has had reduced breast volume restored by a sports bra.

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