What Are The Best Night Sights For Glock

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OLED night sights

what are the best night sights for glock

LCD (Organic Day Night) sights are becoming more and more prevalent in the world of Glock innovation. OLED night sights give you a much clearer view of your target at all times.

OLED stands for Electro-Luminescent and it is the technology used to create your night sight. When activated, this technology illuminates the area around your target making it much easier for you to hit your target.

When deactivate, this technology goes dark and you have a much more clear view of the scene around your target. This technology does not effect the accuracy of your gun, it just gives you a better view of what area looks like before you shoot.

You can find OLED night sights for glocks everywhere now. Some are integrated into the frame and some are add ons.

Trijicon night sights

what are the best night sights for glock

The trijicon sight is one of the most recognizable night sights on the market. It is a small button that can be pressed to activate a red dot on your gun. The red dot will show you where the target is in relation to your target and give you an opportunity to shoot it!

These sights are very easy to use. You just need to remove the battery from your gun and place it into the new gun with the power cord connected. You will then have to turn on your gun’s power and wait for it to register as being in battery mode. From here, you just point and shoot!

These sights work great for shooting at night because they give you a light directly in front of you that you can see through.

Iron sights

what are the best night sights for glock

If you are looking for an untapped performance upgrade, then a iron sightsttle is the way to go. Being able to clearly see your target and determining how to breathe life into a shot are major upgrades in your tactical arsenal.

For those who do not want to mount a flashlight or cantenna on their Glock, this is the wrong article! There are many resources that teach you how to properly setup and use a iron sightsttle.

Fiber optic sights

what are the best night sights for glock

Fiber optic sights are one of the most advanced sighting systems on the market today. They allow you to know your target very accurately due to their invisible nature.

By using a fluorescent template to designate the sight pattern on your target, the Fiber Optic Sights can be placed on without problem. Once in place, you can point and shoot with ease!

There are a few different brands of fiber optic sights, but two that are very popular are BLU Glock sights and RAT grips. Both of these sights use a red rhodium coating to designate the fiber optic component.

If you want something more basic, then just use a regular handgun barrel.

Radiance Tech sights

what are the best night sights for glock

Radiance Tech sights are a brand name used for illuminated Glock night sights. They are one of the more popular styles of night sights today.

Being that it is dark out, having enough light to aim is important. With these sights, you will have enough light to aim your gun and stay put.

They come in several sizes so you can find one that works for you. Most are between five and seven dollars at local gun shops or on Amazon. This is a great way to improve your pistol shooting skills as well as earn some extra money while you do it.

While these look cool, they must be used when the weather is cold because the heat from your body creates some light which creates outlines on the firearm.

XS Sight Systems sights

what are the best night sights for glock

XS Sight Systems sights is one of the leading manufacturers of Glock night sight products. Their XS 25+ sight is one of the most popular options for Glock handguns.

So what is a sight? Well, it’s a device that allows you to see your target at night. A sight works by changing the brightness of the environment around you, making it easier for you to see your target.

While most people find night sights useful, they can be hard to use. Some people cannot read a foreign language without a foreign languageNight Reading glasses! Night reading glasses are useful if you have trouble with nighttime vision and glare. Sometimes having something that helps focus and read your target is all that necessary!

Night sights are devices that change the brightness of the environment around you to make it easier for you to see your target.

Concealed Articling Devices (CAD) sight set

what are the best night sights for glock

The concealed articling device (CAD) sight set is one of the most impactful night sights available for Glock models. CAD sight sets are becoming more and more popular as individuals look for a higher visibility solution on night trips.

CADs were originally created as a way to visually identify yourself in a dark environment. As the name suggests, a CAD does indeed add a distinctive arc to the eyes when looking at their target.

As the person shooting is looking at their target, they will be seeing an even sharper line between their eyes and the target. This is what gives the term “arc” to CADs, as they give you when looking at your target.

The advantage of CADs over traditional pistolsights is that they are easy to move with. With no change to your grip or hand placement, you can switch between them. Furthermore, due to their shape, they are more comfortable than square positioned handguns in the hands.

There are many kinds of CADs, some being completely hidden models, like those used by journalists for stories about crime and crime prevention.

Tru-Dot sight set

what are the best night sights for glock

A new addition to the Glock lineup is the Tru-Dot sight set. These include a standard low dot and a high dot version. The high dot is a little harder to see, but gives you more flexibility in placement.

The Tru-Dot feature tiny tritium gas molecules that change color when hit. When the gun is placed in the glare, it becomes easier to locate your target. This sight set comes in three different configurations: low, medium, and high.

The medium looks almost identical to the standard Glock night sight, while the high gives you a much higher profile of your target.