What Are Stoma Caps Used For

Stoma caps are a way of managing food and drink while with a long-term colostomy or polyplectomy. They were originally created to reduce the chance of choking while eating and drinking, which is why they are often referred to as food & drink management (food & drink) caps.

They can be worn anytime, but they most commonly are worn during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some people keep a few foods and drinks in their bag or pouch all the time, so having the cap available is a quick fix.

To be effective, stoma caps must be in place for at least six hours per day for three days per week. If someone has limited access to bags or cans of foods and beverages, then using stomacap is an easy way to limit intake of bad foods and beverages while on the go.

their uses

what are stoma caps used for

Stoma caps are a reliable way to prevent jumbled and messy stomaches. They are not a one and done solution for most, but they can help improve your overall health and wellness.

Stomach acid increases the rate at which blood flows throughout the body. When this blood flow is decreased, it can cause other parts of the body (such as your legs) to feel dry and detached.

how they work

what are stoma caps used for

stoma caps are a method of cleaning your stoma. There are many companies that offer products called “stomacy caps”. These caps can be downloaded and placed on your stoma to help with cleanliness.

The purpose of a stomacy cap is to place a device inside your stoma that creates suction to allow water and/or food material to escape. This water or food material then descends down the pipe and out of your stoma.

This process helps remove any foreign objects that may have entered your stoma and also provides some privacy for those who suffer from public health guidelines such as geriatrics, homelessness, and drug use.

Because this process can be difficult and/or uncomfortable for some, certain technologies have been developed to put inside the cap that makes this process easier for someone with minimal medical training. These abilities can range from nothing to small changes in the cap size or texture.

who can use them

what are stoma caps used for

While most people can use stoma bags, there are some conditions where additional bag sizes are needed. These include when eating bagel or toast, drinking coffee or tea with milk or sugar, or eating any kind of doughnut.

In order to use a stavelESS stomapad, you must be at least 5ft tall and have access to a bath or shower to wash your hands and face before and during your feed. You also must be experienced in removing and replacing the pad to keep it custom fit.

To keep the cost low for everyone, only sell one size at a time.

what type should you get?

what are stoma caps used for

There are two main types of stomataproof bags: pressure-relief stomataproof bags and sipper type stomataproof bags. Both have their benefits.

Pressure relief stomataproofs are usually rectangular in shape and have a raised floor to help prevent water from entering the bag. They are often labeled “mouthwash” or “dental hygiene” because they are used for cleaning the mouth and teeth and preventing bad breath.

Sipper type stomatoproofs are usually ring-shaped and may have a flat top to help prevent leaking of fluids into the bag. These types of stomatoproofs must be held inside the bag while cleansing as they must be able to hold enough water to remain secure during washing.

what should you know?

what are stoma caps used for

While still a growing trend, stoma caps are falling out of style. Instead of a full seal around the mouth and nose, patients are requiring lids to be removed.

The term ‘stoma’ has been applied to the opening in the lid that receives food and drink. When eating and drinking, medication is removed from this area as it passes through the digestive system.

By keeping the lid on while receiving medication, patients are saving themselves both time and money by not needing a prescription drug flutic-idol or other medication to prevent the lid from falling off.

tips for using a stoma cap

what are stoma caps used for

Most people who use a stoma cap have a few tips that can help make the product be more versatile. These tips include using it on its own, mixing it with another wipe, or adding it to something else.

To get the most out of the cap, people suggest using the small amount of wipes that come with it. This includes cleaning your mouth, nasal passages, and chest where the wipes are placed.

Additionally, people who use the cap should take care to keep track of when and how much they use it. Because it can easily be forgotten about, people may develop dryness or irritation around the mouth or nose where the wipe is placed.

Dryness or irritation can be signs of impending dehydration and/or abuse.

examples of stomas that may use a stoma cap

what are stoma caps used for

Some people have trouble eating or drinking because of a defective stoma or damaged stoma. If you are one of these people, a stoma cap can help restore your health and happiness.

For people with a normal or corrected stomal shape, a flat, plastic cap can be placed over the top of the stomal opening to restore healthy fluid and food intake and drainage of waste.

For people with a curved or complexstomal shape, a non-plastic plug may be placed in the affected area to restore proper drainage. A wrap may also be used if breakers are not an option.

As they wear out, these devices must be replaced with new ones that have more secure features.

when should you use one?

what are stoma caps used for

Stoma caps are typically not recommended when your stoma is close to or fully healed. This is due to the risk of fluid collection or over-healing causing more wall damage.

However, for those with a smaller stomatitis, or who do not need a seal around the mouth, these can help prevent leaks!

For example, someone with sclerosing stomatitis has a very painful and heavy stomatitis. This may cause them to leak even when a cap is on, which could lead to water sitting in the stomatitis for longer than necessary.

Using a stoma cap can also be useful for preventing discomfort when going bald.