What Airport To Fly Into For Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a religious site in Peru and is also known as the Kingdom of the Sun. The area around Machu Picchu has been a sacred place for years, and tour groups have been lining up for years to visit this enigmatic place.

Many people choose to fly into Machu Picchu airport rather than the nearby city of Cusco, which is a short car ride away. This is because Machu Picchu is far more centralized and easier to reach. Many tour groups offer transportation to and from airports in Lima or Cusco, so checking with a group should be easy.

If you are going to Machu Picchu on your own, here are some tips on where to fly into and what airport to use for your arrival and departure procedures.

Cusco airport

what airport to fly into for machu picchu

When you arrive in Cusco, the first thing to do is find your hotel. Once there, relax and enjoy your stay.

Machu Picchu is a 7-hour drive from Cusco, so make sure to set yourself up for this in your schedule. If you have a morning or early afternoon appointment, make sure to get off of the late morning and early afternoon hours to make the most out of your visit.

If you have a late evening or early morning appointment, make sure to be ready for departure by noon the next day! Keep in mind that Machu Picchu is closed on Monday and Tuesday, so don’t plan on any visits then.

The airport is named Ciudad Periferia Periférica de Ciudad Periférica, or PERIFERIA Airport for short. It is located about 10 minutes outside of downtown Cusco.

Pisaq airport

what airport to fly into for machu picchu

Pisaq is located in the city of Pisa, which is the largest city in Ticino, Switzerland. The airport is also referred to as Pisa Airport or Pisa Airfield.

As the name implies, this airport is named after the city of Pisa. It was built next to an artificial lake so that water could be treated before being pumped out to supply towns and cities throughout Italy.

Since this is a medium-large airport, it can be a little tedious to fly into. There are transportations systems set up in order for you to get from the airport to your destination quickly.

There are some pretty nice restaurants and shopping districts set up in order for you to reach your destination quickly.

Chinchero airport

what airport to fly into for machu picchu

Machu Picchu is one of seven major Incas spiritual and religious sites. It is located in a remote area, so you will need to fly into the city that houses it, Cusco.

The nearest airport is Cusco, which is around 4 hours away by bus or plane. If you are flying into Cusco, look for the city’s main airport instead of the smaller Andean terminal.

Cusco has a number of interesting sights to see, so if you are travelling on business or have a VIP ticket, visiting one of the main airports might be better than the Andean one.

Aguas Calientes airport

what airport to fly into for machu picchu

Aguas Calientes is the primary airport for Machu Picchu, and is served by many international airlines. It’s also a very good airport for quick flights as it is in remote location.

Many smaller airlines serve this beautiful airport which is on a river, making it challenging to locate adequate space for aircraft. This can be an issue for companies that need enough space to safely accommodate travel clients.

For example, a company that runs customized travel services may need a dedicated area to prepare their clients for their trip and receive medical attention if needed. Both of these areas require enough space to safely accommodate several people at once.

Ollantaytambo airport

what airport to fly into for machu picchu

Machu Picchu is about an hour away from Cusque in a good driving condition. If you are flying into Ollantaytambo airport, you will need to book a private transfer to the city.

The airport is located in the middle of nowhere and looks like it belongs on a different continent. It has a very distinct red roof and single terminal layout.

The biggest challenge when planning your trip is deciding where to stay. There are plenty of resorts near the airport, but how much money do you have to spend? Do you want comfort or want more adventure?

These are all good questions that demand thoughtful discussion and debate.


Machu Picchu is one of the most iconic places in all of Peru. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that was once a major city with more than a thousand years of history.

If you go, you’ll want to visit it on your own. You can’t see Machu Picchu on FBI Game Watch!

But if you have someone else to spend time with or you don’t have time to make your trip to Machu Picchu very serious, then going to Cusco is a good choice.

It has plenty to offer even without Machu Picchu, so why not try something new? Go to the zoo! Or the amphibian and reptiles center in Cusco? Or the aquarium? They both have foreign speakers working there so it is easy enough to get out of the house and see for yourself.


what airport to fly into for machu picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world. It’s located in the Peruvian Amazon, so it can be visited in either day or night.

Because Machu Picchu is such a revered ancient site, it never appears to be too crowded! That makes it a powerful selling point. Many travel agencies and hotels offer package deals that include Machu Picchu as part of your vacation.

However, if you are planning on staying at a hotel in Peru, you will need to book a room well in advance. Because of the religious significance of this place, no single hotel or company can accommodate visitors on any given day.

Many people travel to Machu Picchu two years in advance and rent high-end 4-wheel drive trucks so they can get up as early as possible to enter Sacred Mount Altoiblings Site and climb its peaks.

Puerto Maldonado

what airport to fly into for machu picchu

Puerto Maldonado is the most popular flight destination for people visiting Machu Picchu. It is also an excellent place to start a bike ride or stroll as it is a small city with a big park, lots of WRW sights, and plenty of restaurants and shops to keep you busy.

There are several flights per day from Lima so there will be some travel time between your arrival and departure. Because of the long flight times, some travel companies offer their Machu Picchu tours on Sunday or Thursday instead of Saturday which is nice.

Most visitors arrive around day four of your trip as there are four sunrise visits and four sunset visits! There are guard posts every few miles that you can visit if you need help getting up or onto the trail.