Water Cooled Screw Conveyor?

As the name suggests, the Water Cooled Screw Conveyor is cooled by water flowing through it. This is a unique way to cool your room or entire house because you can use a few large containers of water to create your own waterfall!

This system was inspired by popular cloud computing platform, Amazon Web Services. In essence, it works by using large storage units called “data lakes” to store your cooled room or house. Each data lake is connected to an overhead flooding system that purportedly cools the water as it flows through the system.

This system looks fantastic and is usually Custom fabricated for clients, so do not worry about making one quickly.

2) Benefits of water cooled screw conveyors

water cooled screw conveyor

Despite being less popular than belt conveyors and gravity-based screw conveyors, water cooled screw conveyors can offer some attractive benefits. These features include:

Lower complexity Low cost of water cooling required Higher efficiency due to improvements in reliability and efficiency Overhead cost of power Location-sensitivity Increase in productivity due to better logistics systems such as hotel rooms, conference rooms, or even a food court style area.

Softening the impact of heat

water cooled screw conveyor

When your screw conveyor is hot, it can feel like it is burning you. This is a phenomenon called thermal shock. To prevent this happening, we recommend using softening agents in your screw conveyor.

Some manufacturers use a stabilizer to add a little moisture to the screws that are passed on the belt. This helps to soften the heat that is passing through the screws. If you use this, you will need to reduce or remove this during storage and assembly!

Parallel bars are another way to add moisture to your conveyors. By placing some water in these, your conveyor will appear more wet and heavy.

Helps reduce material damage

water cooled screw conveyor

As we mentioned before, hard materials like steel and concrete can easily be damaged by heat. This is not a problem if you do not have a water-cooled screw conveyor, but you can still help reduce material damage.

When painting or milling wood, concrete, or other materials that require special care, it is important to always let them cool completely before handling. If you need to move the piece with the piece of wood or concrete in place, make sure it was painted and checked for quality before placing it in storage.

Similarly, when masonry work such as laying drywall or another wall covering, make sure there are no sharp edges and that there are no heavy items involved.

Keeps product moving smoothly

water cooled screw conveyor

Another important part of a screw conveyor is the moving parts. If the conveyor system is not keeping the product moving smoothly, then your customers will be stuck waiting a little bit before receiving their order.

The weight of the product must be sufficient to prevent the system from jamming. Some systems can even have guests help move the food to keep it working. This way, people can see and admire their order being moving quickly, and they can ask for anything if it tastes or looks better than expected.

Making sure the system is sturdy enough to hold its weight is the next important part of a solid screw conveyor. As we mentioned, some systems may require help with movement, but neither person nor machine should go!

Lastly, make sure you get your design seen by anyone! A high-quality design that gets picked can increase your business in this way.

Less need for lubrication

water cooled screw conveyor

The water inside a screw conveyor is usually too cold to require any lubrication. This is thanks to the coolning mechanism. The water keeps tightly regulated by its temperature!

This saves you time and energy that would be used to cool the conveyor which would require additional energy to keep flowing. Plus, it saves you space as well! Less liquid needs storing and transporting which saves you money in the long run.

Water cooling systems are super efficient. You will find some companies that use one as small homesize systems or for hotels and resorts due to its portability. It also allows you more options for layout including where the water sits and what color it looks with.

Some systems even have controls on them so you can access them without using an external unit.

Less noise production

water cooled screw conveyor

Making a conveyor belt sound like a blender or chopstick grinder is one of the hardest things to do in audio. You need very hard, loud, or abruptly loud sounds to make this sound look glamorous!

Luckily, we have some great tips to help with this. Look to old movie theaters and TV production studios for inspiration. Many of these buildings used extremely loud noises to draw people in and then hype them up for an event or product.

So, when designing your new watercooled screw conveyor system, look for ways to add noise into your system to create hype or justify the cost. These can be chunky speaker cabinets, compressed air tanks, or even streamlining the screw conveyor itself with computer generated noise.

Can improve gas flow rates

water cooled screw conveyor

So, you know how a refrigerator or a water cooler works? Well, imagine having one of those in your kitchen, but with much faster refreshments! That is what a water cooled screw conveyor can do for you.

It uses an impeller in the middle that spins when the refrigerated or cooling dishes are placed in it. The impeller then rotates the reservoir to keep freshness constant.

The motor and housing can be replaced by the person having the screw conveyor. This gives you more options on how to use it. You can have people serve drinks or food, put dishes was done for cooking or entertaining. You get the picture!

This cool tool is perfect for anyone who works with food or hospitality.

Less need for mechanical parts

water cooled screw conveyor

Another way to reduce the need for mechanical parts is by using advanced technologies. For instance, some conveyors use laser technology to measure the distance traveled by each piece and then adjust the speed to match. This way, less material is need!

These advanced technologies add cost, but can save you a lot of time in processing and shipping your items.

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