Watching Youtube On Gear Vr

Now that you have a VR headset, you are ready to start watching videos! There are many video platforms available such as YouTube, Google Play, and Apple Video. You can also go to the Youtube website and create an account to add videos to your headset!

Many video creators make their content very accessible via their comments and tips. By mixing your headset audio with the content, you make it easy to follow along.

By leaving the content audio off, you can increase your awareness of how sound effects and music help tell the story. You can also try looking for video clips or songs that help convey what the message or message is of the video.

Update app

As of this article being published, you can now update your Youtube app on Gear Vr if you had to uninstall it earlier. The app has been updated to support Gear Vr!

There is a new download link for the app that includes the VR functionality. You can access the video playback and change your view angle via the new mode button on the headset.

This functionality works in both full screen and mobile-optimized format, making it compatible with any device. The only restriction is that it must be presented in 360 degrees, no flat images or videos will work.

Once you have updated your app, head back into your Youtube account and you will be able to test out Gear Vr mode! It should work without any issues, and if for some reason it does not work please contact us at [email protected] so we can look into it further.

Set phone to Gear Vr mode

Set your phone to Vr mode and you will be able to watch videos on your phone while you are wearing the headset. You will need to have a data plan on your phone to be able put it in Gear Vr mode.

There are a lot of video content available for Vr. Some of them include video games, movie content, and educational content. With this being an early edition, there are still some exclusions such as porn or material like sexual education or instructional videos for household chores like vacuuming or washing.

However, this content is not available in full quality so do not get distracted by how good the vr effect is because it is not going to work in busy environments where people are trying to take care of each other.

Open Youtube app

Once your vr headset is connected, you can start opening up new websites and Youtube apps on your vr headset. This works even if you have a different account set up for your Gear Vr account!

You can also go back to using your regular computer browser app to open up the website. This is great for staying connected while you try out Vr technology!

Vine has been made compatible as well, it was the first app to be opened on the Vr platform. Similar to Youtube, you can still use a regular computer browser app to open the video file.

Select a video

Now, select a video, or a section of a video. Now, select a section of a video. Now, pause the video til you have completed all of the inputting.

Now, switch between headphones and speaker to hear whatever sound the video is projecting.

Put phone into Gear Vr headset

When playing Youtube or even just browsing the internet on your phone, you will need to link your Gear Vr headset to your phone via the device connection feature. This is due to the headset being offline when the phone is connected.

When doing this, make sure to select your phone as the source and leave off any other options like audio, video, or email! This is important as if you enable other sources, your Vr card will not connect to your phone.

If you have a lot of content to load up on your Vr card, consider investing in a new card rather than changing the setup on the headset. Newer cards have better signal quality and response!

Using this method will also ensure you do not lose data or connection to your Vr session due to overloading the card with content.

You can move your head to look at different videos or your hand to click on a video

In addition to being able to enjoy video games on your phone or computer, you can also watch videos on your Gear Vr

Videos are viewed in the same way as traditional media, with the exception of being able to pause and stop the video. When watching a video, you can also click on various parts of the video to engage in additional content.

Some videos do not play correctly on Gear Vr. If a video doesn’t load or move around properly, try turning up the volume and responding to comments more slowly. This may be a hardware issue or software issue, depending on how you turn it around.


A lot of people say that watching Youtube on a Virtual Reality headset is fun and immersive. It gives you a new way to enjoy your favorite content and makes the experience more VR-y!

Some people even go out of their way to test whether or not it actually works due to the relatively cheap price. If you do too, then congratulations! You are one of those people.

Many videos are in French so that makes sense to test out as well. Many are in English, so no problem there.

The quality can be lower than on a regular monitor or television, but this is only because they have to reduce the size of the video. It is still very easy to view something and completely lose control of your Vr gear.