Two Door Cinema Club Setlist 2017

Two Door Cinema Club is a British electronic music band that was formed in 2007 by Tui West, who is the lead vocalist, and Gomez Hardman, who is the guitarist. They are best known for their hit single Chocolate coat which was debuting on the US Billboard Chart in 2012.

Their other hit single Stand by me was also a US Billboard Charting song reaching #18!

They have released five studio albums so far with three of them debuting at #1 on the UK Albums Chart.


Undercover Martyn

Can’t Help Dance
Bullet point: Can’t Help Dance
Bullet point: Undercover Martyn is another artist who has set many a concert setlist. He has been rocking the stage with tickets in abundance for years, setting many a different show every year.

Undercover Martyn is known for his fast-paced dance music, which is exactly what fans were looking for during this concert. He did have some technical difficulties at times, however, which meant some fans were disappointed.

Can’t Help Dancing was the first song performed at this concert, and it was also the only song without a music video.

I Can Talk

I Can Talk
consoles you about how lovely and special my songs are, how much I love them, and how much I appreciate them. I know when you listen to music, you appreciate it when they mention or touch on it in the song or lyric.

That is what lyrics and music do in a song. They make you think of something special or admire someone for creating such a beautiful piece of art.

The way a song describes something can make all the difference in how powerful a song truly is. Some things are more recognized than others, which is why some people may not fully understand the meaning of a certain song.

I have found some things make a difference in whether or not a person understands what one person or band is saying with their music.


Bones Hebdo
Bullet point: Bandoola Batman
Bullet point: Bandoola Batman

The bandoolie batman is a famous costume in kids’ movies like Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man or Disney’s The Haunted Mansion. It is the batsuit!

In the movie, a kid gets put on stage and has to perform a show for an audience. He or she goes out into the audience and has to entertain people with their act.

The scary part is he or she has to use a walkie talkie to call for help if they get trapped or something happens. They have to keep performing until someone comes to help them.

The Girl

The Girl was one of the most anticipated songs of 2017, and Two Door Cinema Club delivered! Fans were excited to see what they would get next.

The song was released as a single in November 2016, and it became a fan favorite very quickly. It reached the top ten in Europe and Australia, and the U.S. It also received a music video, which features an actress playing twice the same character.

This copycat performance is what makes the song so interesting; you never know if she will be singing something different or not until she hits that last note. Once you hear it, you’ll be hooked!

The Girl was performed at many concerts this year, including One Day At A Time’s season ender event at San Diego County Stadium on December 10, 2017.

Forever Young


Sun Stare Shine

Next Table Up
Bullet point: The Promise
Bullet point: The Next Table Setlist 2018

Next Table Setlist 2018 is a bullet point that tells you what song someone at the concert is currently performing. This setlist list can be interesting. For example, the next door band, Future, is currently performing!

Many concerts have a setlist that everyone follows. These setlists are put together often, and if one does not make an appearance, then the next ones will take its place! This is how everyone gets to see good shows because people show up promptly!

The Future concert did have a setlist.

Come Back Home

Come Back Home is the opening track and is set to begin the concert set.

Come Back Home is the second single from Two Door Cinema Club’s third studio album, Region Blue. The song has peaked at number six on the UK Singles chart and has been certified gold by the British Association of Music Merchants for selling in over five hundred copies.

The song speaks about getting back home after a long journey and how loved ones make you feel again. It is an emotional song that listeners may well break down in tears.

This will be the first time two door cinema club will headline as a band, so there will be plenty of people to crowd into the venue to see them.

Slow Down

I Can Change Your Mind
Figure 8
Bullet point: Figure 8
Figure 8 was the first song from Two Door Cinema Club that I heard and knew I needed to get into the album because of the beat. It’s a nice, slow song that gets you into a good mood.

This is one of the songs I would recommend starting out with as an introduced song. It is fun and easy to understand so most people will get it right away. Once they do, they can add some other songs into their collection since they are easy to dance to.

The lyrics are cute and funny at the same time. They tell stories about falling in love, having kids, and life after death. They make you think about what life is going to be like after they put those words out there.