Total Protect Home Warranty Reviews Bbb

Total Protect is a home warranty provider that specializes in computer, electronics, and home insurance. They were founded in 1999 and have been steadily growing ever since. Today, they have over 1,000 locations across the United

around the world. Their mission is to help people save money by providing high quality insurance and services at affordable prices.

Home warranties are a great way to get some extra protection on your belongings. If your electronic device or appliance gets damaged, you can easily get it replaced or updated at an affordable cost with this warranty.

By obtaining this warranty on your item, Total Protect protects you against any expensive repairs or replacement fees because of a covered damage.

Is it worth it?

Total Protect is a great warranty company to work with. They have a no pressure, easy process to acquire a warranty.

Total Protect offers full coverage on all items and devices in your home. You just need to register your home warranty with them. They also offer non-Home Warranty products such as teddy bears and blankets to gift wrap, as well as furniture covers and cases.

Total Protect is great for those who spend a lot of time traveling or those who don’t live in the same area of the house. You can get your warranty from different companies and transfer it to another residence if needed.

Overall, the Total Protect Home Warranty is an excellent way to cover yourself and your home during an incident.

Who is the company?

Total Protect is a home warranty company based out of California. They were founded in 1991 and have grown into one of the largest home warranty providers in the U.S.

Total Protect offers both standard and extended warranties, as well as discounts for large groups of people. It also provides additional cover such as Flood & Storm Protection, Home Energy Assurance, and Personal Insecurity.

Its WEA offer between 30-60% off premiums compared to the standard warranty which is only 20-30%. The WEA covers up to five years on a standard warranty which is only for one year.

Total Protect also has an online portal where members can easily apply and purchase their products.

What are the coverage limits?

Total Protect Home Warranty covers up to $5,000 per person in property damage and up to $1,000 per day in personal expenses. In total, this covers you for about 90% of all damages.

The remaining 10% are covered by your home warranty provider. So, if your home warranty provider covers only $2,500 in damages, then the remaining $1,500 must be covered by Total Protect Home Warranty as well.

Total Protect Home Warranty does not cover uninsured or unauthorized persons or situations when someone is inside your home during a disaster. Those things must be covered by your home insurance or landlord policy.

Are there any exclusions?

Total Protect offers a few exclusion types. The first is if your home is the subject of a crime or unauthorized activity occurs in your home.

If a perpetrator forces their way into your home during an insurance claim, there is a potential exclusion for them. If someone doesn’t have insurance to cover their home, Total Protect can add their property as a additional exclude.

The second potential exclusion is if total protect finds bedbugs in your home. If they do, the property cannot be sprayed until they are gone.

How do I make a claim?

If a Heating Element malfunction or breakage occurs in your Total Protect system, you can make a claim by calling the Total Protect Hotline at 1-800-393-9653.

You can also file your claim online at, via email at [email protected], or by visiting your local Total Protect store to experience firsthand how the system works and make a claim.

Once your claim is verified, you will be notified via email whether or not you have been paid in full. If so, you will be given an R&R date and time to return back to your home to resume normal activities. If not, you will need to purchase another heating element or re-start the process of installing a new one.

What if my repair takes longer than seven days?

If your Total Protect repair or service is needed longer than seven days, you can call a customer care representative to see if there is something more that needs to be done.

If the repair or service needed is out of the warranty period, you can call Total Protect to see if they will honor the warranty. If not, you can look for another home warranty company.

Total Protect does have a cancellation policy, so you cannot just cancel unless it is an emergency. You can either send an email or mail them back within seven days of signing up with Total Protect.

We found one review which stated that they had to wait weeks for a technician and the repair took much longer than expected.

Can I add additional items to my warranty package?

Yes, you can! After your initial warranty package is created, you can add additional items to your warranty by calling the company at (800) 745-4289.

Adding items to your warranty requires a lot of communication between you and Total Protect Home Warranty. They will need access to your home to add the items into the package.

Some of the things they may ask for are things like furniture protectors or cases for electronics or toys, clothes that prevent clothing from getting wet, and specific items that represent yourself such as a clean shirt before an event.

If you have some of these things, chances are higher that Total Protection will agree to add them into your insurance policy.

How do I purchase a Total Protect Home Warranty?

Total Protect Home Warranty is a reputable home warranty provider. They have a number of channels where you can purchase their warranty, including your local home improvement store, by mail, or online.

When you purchase a Total Protection Home Warranty, you are required to have it installed by a professional contractor. This is to prevent someone from taking out the protective paper and exposing the structural integrity of your home.

However, since this product requires professional installation, you will need to have the cash for it. It does not cover furniture or fixtures, only the primary residence.

Primary residences are considered more valuable than pieces of furniture because of insurance purposes.